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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hack orkut account with community links

Are you curious to hack an orkut account,Here is a method which hackers use to hack orkut with community links,Beware of this orkut hack,my pupose of producing this post is to make you aware of orkut hacking,If you are curious to protect your orkut account kindly read my post on How to protect your orkut account

For Orkut community hacking you must require :-
A Fake Orkut Sign in Page
Some social engineering skills

Method :-
First of all make a
fake orkut page and  after that test your page by yourself After u have completed this open your account in orkut and scrap any of your friend whose account you wanna Hack,Intelligent Hackers just ask victim to join this community when ever you will click on the link you will be redirected to Orkut Fake login page where you will loose your Orkut password.

I just saw this type of Link in one of my friends scrapbook here is the screenshot

To view 'UnDefeatAble(or any other name u wanna choose)', click on the link below:
[Ur Name] .. !! has invited you to join 'UnDefeatAble'.
To view 'UnDefeatAble', click on the link below:
To see [ur name] profile click:


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hack orkut account - Breakng Princple

Are you curious to hack orkut account then this post is just for you.
This is my Brand new post to hack orkut account ,I have posted many ways to hack orkut account..Here is the new one

Update:This hack is now fixed by orkut and does not work now  but you can read it for  extending your knowledge you can see orkut hacking section for more Hacking tips

Well, just as something to do with my free time today as my brain was unable to solve a bug in my current code, I decided to break open the filter settings of orkut being inaccessible-Hacking orkut account has never become so easier


Need to keep trying and trying hard @ breaking stuff
A lil bit know-how of using computers… Essentially the mantra of Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V
Ability to browse
That’s right - anybody with the basics of browsing can break open the filter for orkutting

Principle behind the breaking:
This section can be skipped by the people who are not interested in learning why you can break open a filtered site! Essentially what your filter is checking for is the domain name to be blocked. IOW, the filter would search for ur HTTP header for the domain name to be say and will block any headers from proceeding to the website :-)!

Now, how can we hack this?

The answer is much simpler than it seems actually. At least for my case, I just replaced the domain name by its corresponding IP address. For e.g. the time when I wanted to access

I went to Convert Host Name to IP Address or Find IP address of a host - e.g. find IP address of host name of and found out the IP address of

Replace the occurrence in the URL on your web-address by the corresponding IP. Boom, everything starts working!!

Instructions specific to accessing orkut

With orkut you require a little bit more patience…

Step 1: Get the IP address of from "", and let’s say it’s named X.X.X.X

Step 2:
Type and replace “” with the IP address you have located. So, the address should be http://X.X.X.X/GLogin.aspx?done=http%3A%2F%2FX.X.X.X%2F

Step 3: This would lead you to another blocked page, wherein the site address on the top/or the URL that was blocked needs to be retrieved… Usually it’s of this type -

Step 4: Replace with the IP address and the ::weirdnumberhere:: with your unique XID [Everybody has a unique id], and click on enter.

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