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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Animated Pictures in Your Facebook Status

These days , you might have noticed that many people are posting tiny animated images in their Facebook status updates. Particularly on Facebook Pages,this turn is growing day by day. I have already posted about How to use Stylish Fonts in your Facebook Status but what about using both Stylish font and Tiny Animated Images together.They will create more fun. Those tiny animated pictures which we are going to add are called "Emoji art". Actually, Facebook doesn't allow to use them so you can't post those pictures directly to your wall,although ,any Facebook developers have introduced some applications on Facebook and by using them you can easily post those animated pictures on your Facebook walls or even can send a message to your friend.
NOTE : While writing a status you will see some sort of unsupported codes and you wouldn't actually see those pictures BUT once you have posted those weird-looking codes in your Status, they will automatically turned to animated pictures.
There are two applications which allows you to post Emoji art on your Facebook.Lets check them one by one.

1) Emoticonize your Post

"Emoticonize your Post" is one of the best,most used and popular application to post animated pictures in your Facebook status updates.This application has around one million likes.Not much difficult to use,Just follow the simple below steps and you are on :
  •  Choose any of them and it will be automatically posted in the area below Select anyway you want to write by selecting these icons.
  • Once you have done adding them, Click on POST.
  • Now press Ctrl+V and copy all of them and paste the content in the next popup box as shown below :
  •  Now as I have said above in NOTE, you wouldn't see images, but don't worry they will appear in the status .... :))

Animated Pictures

Let's come to the second application named Animated Pictures.Same This is different from the above application in the sense that ,in spite of allowing to post animated pictures in Facebook, Animated Pictures also allows you to write your favorite lines in Facebook and use animated pictures where ever  you want.

  • Go to Application page and allow the Application
  • Now Click on Emoji animations as shown in below picture :

  •  In order to load more animated pictures click on "X" button and close the advertisements.
  •  Now in "Message" box, write whatever you want. 
  • Click on the desired image,when you want the animated picture to appear in your message.
  • You may also click on Preview to see how this will look like.
  •  Now Select the option where you want to share this Animated Message i.e. friends wall,your wall,  group, pages etc. as options are given.
  •  Now click on Send after you have done with your message.
  • Press CTRL+V and click on Share.
  • Thats it !
My experience : Personally I like the first application more than the second one.Well try both and do let me know,which one you like most...... :))

Hack website completely using SQL Injection - Video Tutorial

I have posted a complete  tutorial about How to Hack Websites using SQL Injection . But man guys are having problem using SQL so here's a video tutorial in which I have hacked a website completely using SQL Injection. Just follow this simple steps and hack that site . If having any problem then ask in the comments. Make sure to write the code as it is,particularly take much care of spaces as they are really confusing where we have to add space and where we dont need to add space.

Hack website completely using SQL Injection - Part 1

  • First part of Video Tutroial :

Hack website completely using SQL Injection - Part 2

  • Second part of Video Tutroial :

NOTE : This tutorial is only for educational purposes and the team of HWS is not responsible in any way for how this information is used, use it at your own risk.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

  • Giveaway Page:
  • WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is your must-have for enjoying an unforgettable Halloween and the upcoming holiday season. 
  • It works as the video converter, DVD burner and YouTube video downloader. 
  • All your readers can free get WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe (Original Price: $49.95) as the Halloween gift to burn their videos to DVDs or put them on iPhone/4S, iPad, iPod, PSP, PS3, Xbox, Android, Blackberry for playback on the go!
  • Besides, they have prepared other three mainline products big discount. More info about the Halloween giveaway and discount you can get:

WinX Blu-ray Decrypter

  • WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is a professional Blu-ray decrypting and copy tool for users to decrypt and backup Blu-ray to M2TS video file or Blu-ray folder (compatible with Win7 Media Player). It is able to remove and decrypt encryption (AACS MKB v25), BD+ copy protection, etc. in Blu-ray disc. With this program, you can effortlessly protect your beloved Blu-ray discs from scratch or loss.
  • WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is an ideal Blu-ray backup solution which supports both Full Disc Blu-ray Backup and Title Copy modes. It allows you to decrypt Blu-ray Disc with all known copy protections and encryptions and backup 3D Blu-ray to 2D video in only 3 clicks. It also brings fast decrypting speed while preserving original video/audio quality. If you are looking for powerful software to backup and decrypt Blu-ray video disc, WinX Blu-ray Decrypter is the way to go.
  • Product Page:
Note : Post your emails in the comments or send me your emails through Contact Us form and the first 10 will get the free license codes of WinX Blu-ray Decrypter.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Preview YouTube ‘Like Bar’ On Video Thumbnail

We normally click on a YouTube video thinking that it is interesting because of the thumbnail preview and it turned out to be either boring or useless and just a waste of time.That's why YouTube has a like bar which tells the users whether the video is good or bad but the problem is we don’t see the like bar until we click on the video. The Search results only show us the views for a video and we probably think that so much views the video must be great.So lets get rid of it and use YouTube Ratings Preview.

What is YouTube Rating Preview

YouTube Ratings Preview is a Chrome extension and by using this extension we can see the like bar on the thumbnail of a video in both search results and suggested videos,and we can easily judge that whether the video is worth watching or not.

Note : This extension works only for Chrome.

Change IP Address using Ultrasurf

In the last post I have told about What is IP address ?? and How can I change my IP Address?? and then we discuss What is TOR and how to use TOR to change IP Address .Now in this tutorial I am gonna tell about another software similar to TOR and function is also same named Ultra Surf . This software is used to change your IP Address like if your current IP is showing that you are working from a city in Asia then after using ultra surf ,it will be shown that you are working from suppose Canada . In other words ,it will totally change your location and no one can find your real location using your IP . Its the best way to secure your PC and serve internet anonymously.

Ultrasurf is totally free software . It is better than any other proxy softwares because of its light weight and easy to install properties.

Installing Ultrasurf

  • First of all download Ultrasurf.Search it on google you will easily find.
  • Nowopen the software.
  • Now log on to whatismyipaddress and check your IP address
  • Now Run u.exe and a window like this will open :
  • Now, there are total three proxy servers with their speed percentages.
  • Select any one of them but better to select which is showing max speed.
  • That's all.
  • Now just log in to Whatismyipaddress and see your newly changed IP Address.
NOTE: If you are using internet explorer then your proxy will be changed automatically but if you are using Mozilla Firefox then you have to manually change your proxy in settings .

How to bypass/hack a Firewall

Firewall is a basic and main component for securing a network . The basic purpose of a firewall is to isolate one network from another network so that networks can't make effect on each other.Hackers often bypass Antiviruses and Anti-spywares by some methods Like Crypting,Hexing, File-pumping etc,but it becomes very difficult for a Hacker to bypass a Firewall that's why I am writing this article about How to bypass a Firewall easily.
Firewall is often called Hindrance(Obstacle) by hackers. In the below chart ,the complete working of firewall is shown :
The method which is mostly used by Hackers to bypass firewall is known as SSH tunneling.

What is SSH Tunneling?

  • Well according to wikipedia:
A Secure Shell (SSH) tunnel consists of an encrypted tunnel created through an SSH protocol connection. Users may set up SSH tunnels to tunnel unencrypted traffic over a network through an encrypted channel.
For more information on SSH Tunneling See it on Wikipedia Here

Reason to Bypass firewall

Firewall is always a problem for Hackers.Particularly if you are in university or working somewhere,you have examined that the network administrators deny access to file sharing, instant messaging or social networks such as facebook or myspace with a firewall or proxy server.So when ever you want to connect to them a message comes that these services are unavailable or something like that.To avoid this ,we have to break firewall so that we may access these services.

SSH Tunneling

Now we will see How to Hack or Bypass firewall using SSH Tunneling
  • First of all Create an account for SSH access.There are many sites which provide paid and free SSH access.One of them is Superprotocol .
  • Now download an open source SSH Client named Putty .
  • After downloading ,execute the software and run it.
  • Now you will come to this configuration settings page.
  • Now in the host name,enter the server through which we can connect SSH access.make sure SSH is selected using port 22.
  • Next, in the SSH options,click on Tunnels,here we will set up a Tunnel.
  • Change the Source port to 8080 and then click on Dynamic.
  • After doing all this click on Open. 
  • Now login in with username and password which we given in SSH Provider.
  • Establishing the tunnel part is completed now.

Wire Shark Instalation

  • Now we need to Download another software named Wire Shark and execute wireshark.
  • Now start Packet capture,in the beginning it will be empty.
  • Open in your browser and then packets getting captured by the software.

Configuring Mozilla

 Now the next part is the configuring of Mozilla Firefox so that we can use SSH connection.
  • Open the Mozilla browser and open "Tools" menu and then "Options".
  • Click on "Advanced" button tab, and then "Network" tab, and then click on "Settings".

  • Now you are in Connection Settings enter "localhost" as the "Socks Host and port number, such as "1080" into the "Port:" field.
  • Now come back to wire shark you will see some SSH connection but now there's no information about what is being sent from server to client.
This tutorial is quite difficult for the newbies. I think its on intermediate level so guys give it a try and tell us how's u find it .... :>

Thursday, October 27, 2011

How to use proxy easily in Backtrack 5

Hey guys how u been ??? hope u enjoying , huh !!!
There are a lot of ways to hide your identity , either by single proxy or by multiple proxies like TOR which Xeo Hacker explained in a recent post.

But if u have BackTrack then nothing to worry about you can use proxy very easily and u can use multilple proxies also.

Well its called proxychains ..

So lets get started

wat it does

Well proxychains is a inbuilt tool in backtrack to let u use proxy very easily. It uses proxy according to the configuration file , which we gonna config and it takes u to any address or url via multiple proxies.

proxychains intro

well actually there is a configuration (.conf) file in etc folder . its named proxychains.conf . This is the file where u will do all ur stuffs and u'll hide your identity just by typing a single command once you configure.

Go to terminal and type following command then hit enter
gedit /etc/proxychains.conf

Wat happened ??? there is a gedit window opened with some text in it ... its actually ur config file

Modes or types of proxychains

There are 3 modes of proxychains
  1. dynamic_chain:This uses the list of proxies in the same order as u placed
  2. strict_chain:almost similar to previous one except it will not work if it gets any dead proxy server
  3. random_chain:this is the best .. this chooses and uses proxies randomly

Configuration of the file

u have to open that file with root privilege to edit that file so first issue following command
sudo su
then issue this command
gedit /etc/proxychains.conf
now you have to follow these steps
  • comment out the mode u want to use

as u can see i have commented out random_chain by "//" .
  • now go to any proxy server list .. just google it .. i'll be using socks4 proxy servers so search on google .. then copy some IPs and their port no. and then  paste it where it says add proxy here . refer the pic at last i have added some IPs.

Now your configuration is done .....

How to use proxychains

to use proxychains just have to issue some commands as listed below.
proxyresolv [the site u want to open]

proxychains firefox [the site u want to open ]  (for firefox)

Hope you enjoyed this .. thanks for reading :)
Stay Tuned !!!
(comment and like plz )

" Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved by “Kumar Sourav" & "xeo hacker" "

What is TOR ? How can I change my IP Address using TOR

In the last post I have told about What is IP address ?? and How can I change my IP Address?? . Now in this tutorial I am gonna tell about a software named TOR . This software is used to change your IP Address like if your current IP is showing that you are working from a city in Asia then after using TOR ,it will be shown that you are working from suppose Canada . In other words ,it will totally change your location and no one can find your real location using your IP . Its the best way to secure your PC and serve internet anonymously.

What Does TOR do ?

First I want to tell you that its just for extra knowledge I just want to explain the importance of this software but you can skip this section and move on to next to know how to install TOR.TOR hides our computer identity by acting as an intermediary between us and the web server that we are accessing,just like a hinderance.Suppose we break into a server using a proxy server thinking that we are anonymous. But what if owner of web server starts enquiring about the clients connecting to it using the proxy server  and it is possible that owners of proxy server might  reveal our identity. So now the problem starts that we are not save even using proxy but this is resolved by TOR .So,here comes the concept of THE ONION ROUTING (TOR) into picture. By using this , the client traffic is supposed to be passed from three different servers or nodes before reaching to actual web server. It may randomly take any path through any three nodes.

Lets consider it has taken path shown by green arrows. Now
  • Node 1 knows only actual origin(client) but not actual destinantion(web server).
  • Node 5 neither knows actual origin nor actual destinantion.
  • Node 9 knows actual destination but not actual origin.
Thus no one exactly knows which client is accessing which web server. So it is highly anonymous and you can serve net without any problem. Now Lets come to main Section.

How to Install TOR

Installing TOR is not much difficult ,just follow the simple steps :
  • First of all, download the TOR Software.  (You can also easily download it from their official site as its totally free to use).
  • Now Install it Click on NEXT as shown in below figure. 
  •  It will ask for components to Install .Check all and click Next.
  • Now give the location where you want to Install it.
  • Now Install the Add-on for browser.
  • Now restart your firefox and You have completed installing TOR Software .

How to Start TOR Software ?

  • Open the 'Vidalia Control Panel' from the task bar.
  • Click on 'Start Tor'.
  • When it shows Connected To The Network ,it means now its connected/
  •  Now open Mozilla Firefox browser, single click on red highlighted 'Tor Disabled' on right corner of browser and it will turn to green highlighted 'Tor Enabled'. 
  • Now your TOR is connected and your can search on net with the proxy of TOR.
  • Now to check whether your TOR is working fine just log on to Whatismyip and you will see that your IP is changing continuously after some intervals of time .
NOTE : Whenever we use proxy software , our net speed drops as now our net is divided into routes ,first it is going to proxy server and then coming to you.

How to Know the IP Address of Your Friend

Hey guys , how u been ??? how was diwali anyway !!!!
i didnt have that great diwali .. :( ,anyway ... some were asking about finding IP addresses , but they didnt tell about whose IP address to find and where so m trying to make a post on this .IM (instant messangers ) like Facebook , gtalk , MSN , or any local IRC .. all of these have different topology or architecture or algorithm for chat function lets first discuss about it .

MSN or local IRC

When u chat with your friend using MSN or local IRC , behind the scene you are actually directly connected to the person's system itself .


When you start chat with any of your friend , first the chat server connects itself to you as well as your friend and when both connections are fully established , it removes itself from the middle and connects both the system's to one another.

In this case getting IP is very easy , follow these :
  • before starting chat issue a command netstat -a or netstat -an or netstat -an -p tcp in ur command prompt .(i'll explain)
  • now start chat and after exchanging 2-3 messages again issue same command .
  • now compare both results .. is there any new connection in 2nd scan which was not there in previous scan !!!
  • thats the IP of your friend.
[PS: make sure no other connections are opened in your browser]
Explanation of the commands : (you can get this by typing netstat /? in your command prompt :P )
  • netstat -a : this command is used to display all connection and listening ports (this command takes time )
  • netstat -an : this is almost same as netstat -a but it works faster as it diaplays data in numerical form
  • netstat -an -p tcp : this command is an extension of netstat -an just a filter is used by adding -p tcp in it , it displays tcp connections only . (u'll need this)

Facebook and Gtalk

the topology in this is something like below :
Your system <===> facebook/gtalk server <====> your friend's system.

so if u use above method in this u'll end up getting no result , even if u get any result that will be the IP of the server so wat to do in this case ???
well u can use this method :
  • go to .
  • there you'll find 3 fields
    1. Link for the person
    2. Redirect URL
    3. Link for you
  • Field 1 for the person you want to get the IP of , give that link and say something so that he'll go there
  • field 2 is for you to choose ... enter any url u want to redirect that person to .
  • field 3 is for you to use ... save that url in field 3 and keep checking for your victim's IP

By E-mails

Well this is a bit complecated so i'll cover this on next post

So guys thats it .. these are some ways to get their IP. Let me know if you know some other methods .. whoops i forgot to mention something

"trick: if u own a domain .. and u want to know about someone's IP .... just give him a address of ur domain which doesnt exist like .. provided something.jpg doesnt exist . then check ur log u'll find a IP who visited that fake url :)"

Hope you enjoyed this .. thanks for reading :)
Stay Tuned !!!
(comment and like plz )

" Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved by “Kumar Sourav" & "xeo hacker" "

What is IP Address and How can we Change it

What is an IP - Address and what is the purpose of IP - Address ?? This question is asked by me several times so today I thought of explaining this concept in simple words.

What is an ip address ???

Whenever we use internet on our computer, a unique IP- address is assigned to our device alongwith a port number . This assigned IP address is just a unique number called Internet Protocol (IP). IP addresses usually consists of four numbers separated by dots which normally called as 'dotted-quad' and it looks something like that
These numbers are usually assigned to internet service providers according to region in which they are operating , that's why an IP address can easily be used to identify the region,country or even the city from which a computer is connecting to the Internet. In fact an IP Address is mostly used to check the location of he user and so if you are using your original IP Address then its not much Difficult to track you .So first we discuss about how can we check our IP Address . Its not a much Difficult task to check your IP Address .

How Can I Check My IP Address ?

  • Click on Start Button in the bottom left side corner.
  • Now Click on Run.
  • Type in cmd and hit Enter.
  • An MS-DOS Prompt Screen will be opened.
  • In MS-DOS , just write this command as it is ipconfig and you will get some data.
  • Search there and find IP ADDRESS and the number written in front of that is your IP Address.
Now the thing is how we can change our IP Address and remain save in internet world . There are many software which can do this task quite easily.But in this tutorial we just check that how can we change our IP Address :

Changing Ip Address

Here are simple steps to change your ip-address:
  • Right-click on Network Places or My Network Places on your desktop. 
  • Click on Properties.
  • Now a new screen will be opened titled Local Area Connection .
  • Right click on Local Area Connection and then click on Properties.
  • In the General tab you will find an option Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) ,just Double Click on it.
  • Now in the General tab Click on Use the following IP address.
  • Create an IP address .
  • Press “Tab” and it should automatically fill in the Subnet Mask section with default numbers.
  • Hit the “Ok” button here twice,you should now be back to the “Local Area Connection” screen.
  • Right-click back on “Local Area Connection” and go to properties again.
  • Go back to the “TCP/IP” settings.
  • This time, select “Obtain an IP address automatically”.
  • Hit “Ok".
  • Hit “Ok” again.
  • You now have a new IP address
In the next tutorial ,I will completely explain how can we Change the IP Address of our computer using TOR and can serve internet anonymously. Then no one can trace our location using our IP Address.  

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Dewali Mubarak To Everyone!!! Year 2011

Hello guys , today is Dewali day, a day of Happiness for all our Indian friends and reader.I wish all my beloved Indian friends and readers particularly our admin Kumar Sourav Happy Dewali and the happiest of moments. May peace and blessings be on you and your family. Shed all your worries during this festival and hug everyone around. Trash out hatred and remove all misconceptions if any between yourself and others. Forgive all for their mistakes and mark the beginning of a new life. For this is Dewali where there should exist nothing but love and brotherhood. Wishing you just love, peace and  success. God bless us all! :D

 I always believe in friendship of PAKISTAN and INDIA as its in favor of both the countries and again a very Happy Dewali to all my friends and readers ..... :))

Monday, October 24, 2011


The Beginning

Hey guys ... how u been ?
Well I am Kumar Sourav from Orissa,India .

I have been posting in Hack With Style for a while. U guys might have been read some of my posts. Anyway its very good to write for this blog. A sincere thanks to Xeo Hacker. He chose me and made me admin ....

A little bit of myself

I haven't given my intro ever and Xeo suggested me to do so and i liked it so here i am presenting myself.
M currently in 3rd year B.Tech in College of engineering & technology ,bhubaneswar,Orissa,India. My branch is Information Technology... but m from Jamshedpur , Jharkhand ,India.


About my skills .... its hard to describe :D :D :D ..
lets see .... i love computer networks and read many books by many authors on this topic. I have got certified by some of organizations like Kyrion , Appin etc.

And hacking is my all time favorite . I have been dreaming about it since i was in my 8th grade.
I love programming too , specially "C" .

You will find my posts are on various topics so cant say my specialization ... (m still learning anyway :P ).


mail id :
facebook : [use this]

Feel free to contact me :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Check the Profiles of Founder of Facebook - A simple Facebook Trick

Today i am just gonna post a simple trick related to Facebook . I really enjoyed this trick about half an hour so thought of sharing it with you guys ...... :))

Do you want to meet the founder and co-founders of Facebook.Here's a simple fun .

  • Just edit this id and add numbers after it.
  • Like 3 ,4 ,5,6 and check the profiles of founders of facebook.
  • I dont know why it doesn't work for first three ids e.g. 1,2,3 but if u enter 4 after it then the profile of Mark Zuckerberg ,the founder of facebook,will be opened e.g.
  • I tried it many times and check the initial members of facebook.
  • Its really intresting .... :))
By the way whats your facebook ID .
Thing to Notice : All the initial members have disabled the facebook add friend button and I think they dont need to add it ..... :))

Facebook Messenger Application Updated - New Features Added

facebook messenger updated

Hello folkes. You would have heard about the Facebook Messenger that has been released lately. Facebook Messenger application covers the live chatting part, plus it supports normal messages too. I have already posted about 3 Ways To Use Facebook Chat On Your Desktop But now its for mobile application.Whats the reason behind an individual chat application when we already could chat from the native Facebook for mobile app?

Facebook Messenger chat

Still blank on that part, personally. Facebook messenger was available for iOS and Android before they launched it for BlackBerry too, recently. The application now supports many new languages. In an all 22 new for Android and 12 new languages for iOS version.

The native Facebook app had the chat feature but it was pretty laggy. I could often get the message of a particular chat faster than the chat window updated itself. At least now with Facebook Messenger we are able to get the chat updates in real time.

Facebook has really done hard work on improving the overall Facebook experience, specially after the launch of Google + and its various popular features. First the Facebook for mobile app got an overall with huge changes to the app. Finding stuff is now a whole lot easier and notifications, friend request etc are all easily accessible. Good Work Facebook.

And yea one thing more, in the Messenger app, you can add the location too. :)

Download Facebook Messenger :

For iOS | For Android | For BlackBerry

BACKTRACK 5 : The credential harvester attack with video

BACKTRACK : The credential harvester attack

Hey guys .. how u been ? so enjoying . huh ?? well m back with another Backtrack post . Its called credential harvester attack . By this u can get id and passwords of any user in ur lan u want.
Follow these steps:

Starting SET

Well in Backtrack there is an awesome tool called SET (Social Engineering Toolkit).
  • To start this toolkit login as root by issuing command sudo su .
  • Then issue following command:
    cd /pentest/exploits/set .
  • Now u are in SET directory , again following command and hit enter: ./set.
Now you are in that tool kit.

Using SET

In SET you can navigate through your number pad . To navigate press corresponding keys. OK now about The credential harvester attack .... follow these steps and u can refer to pics also.
  • Select option no. 1 which says Social Engg toolkit .. if your SET is updated or select credential harvester method directly
  • now select option no. 2 again which says Website Attack Vectors (for updated SET).
  • Select option 3 which says Credential Harvester Attack Method.
  • Now select any of options .. for now select option 1 which says Web Templates.
  • Now select any of the templates , i used gmail .
Now it may ask for your interface address , put your lan ip there ... in my case it was

Final Step

Now give your ip to anyone in your LAN and somehow make them open it .. (that depends on you..lot of ways are there).

Now you will get every entry that person does in that attack.

Video For Backtrack 5

Feel free to ask doubts.

Guys plz comment and share and like .... thanks
Stay Tuned !!!!

Copyright © 2011. All rights reserved by “Kumar Sourav" & "xeo hacker"

Introduction Of new Admin

Salam ...
My name is optyx (Salman Altaf) .. New admin of dis blog ... :) ... i am a hacker , programer , security provider and web developer ... ma fan page ... here i will teach you some cool methods how to hack webs , accounts , pc's ... stay connected and u will be having lot m0re to learn ... regards Optyx
Ask google to know more abou me :) fanx ... stay connected and keep rocking ...
Fan page
Pak Cyber Army

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Play your songs in GTA vice city

Do you want to play your favourite songs in gta vice city.Here is the trick to do that :
  • There is a folder inside the GTA Vice City game folder called MP3. 
  • You can place your own MP3s into this folder (ur selected songs).
  • If u hv installed the game in it's default location then it's path would be C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto Vice City\mp3.
  • Inside the game, scroll through the various radio stations until you get to the one that is usually the last one ("Wave 103"). 
  • There will now be a new station listed as MP3 Player after the Wave 103 station. 
  • Select this,and you're now listening.

Latest way to Earn Money throuh incoming SMS - mGinger

Hello guys here is a new trick to earn online money through your mobile.Create an account on mGinger and start earning. mGinger is a free site to Earn online money . After signing up and verification they send you sms and emails and you will earn money just for receiving sms on your mobile. Once you reached a balance of Rs. 300 they will send you a cheque.Other services provided by mGinger are as follows :

Services Provided by mGinger

  • Get Paid
For incoming SMS on your mobile. Accumulate Rs. 300 and receive a cheque.
  • Free SMS
Send free SMS to your friends and save on your mobile bill.
  • Deal-a-Day
Irresistible deals on branded products. Free doorstep delivery across India.
  • Mobile Games
Download free mobile games. Play and have fun with your friends.
  • Get Great Offers
In your locality on variety of brands and save tons of money.
  • Be informed
On various events, deals and discounts in your city and locality.
Note : Please verify your mobile number , if u don't , they will not send u msg or ads and money and this deal is valid only in INDIA.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Switch and Create Between Profiles Easily in Firefox Using Switchy

Firefox saves your information about bookmarks, passwords, and user preferences in your user profile; nothing but a set of files which saves all this information. While this makes perfect sense for a single-user scenario, having two different people share a computer will become a nightmare because of continuous conflicts with each others’ preferences.

What is Switchy

Switchy, a Firefox add-on, allows you to create new profiles with the option of adding your favorite URLS, and makes switching between different profiles a breeze.

Steps To Follow

  • After installation, the Switchy button is added right next to the the URL bar. 
  • Clicking this button opens a set of options, where you can open the profile Manager and change various parameters. 
  • When browsing a particular website, you can add it to any of your chosen profiles by using the Add this website to a profile button.
  • There are two basic options when you start Firefox. 
  • You can either choose to Work offline using a profile, or select Don’t ask at startup to allow Firefox to load the selected profile without prompting at launch.
  • The Switchy manger lets you add multiple websites to each profile. 
  • You can choose to start these websites at startup, or when set to exclusive, a notification bar will be shown when a website will be visited on other profiles.
  • Switchy is a multi-user-friendly add-on, offering better profile management and enhanced security. It can be grabbed at the link provided below.
Install Switchy Add-On for Firefox

3 Ways to Open MS Excel 2007 Files in MS Excel 2003

In MS Excel 2003 the extension of files is .xls but after the release of MS Excel 2007 ,Microsoft changed the extension of .xlsx and now we can't open the MS Excel 2007 Files in MS Excel 2003 Software,which causes a lot of trouble sometimes and there's a need to resolve this problem. So today I am going to share some ways through which we can easily open Excel 2007 file in Excel 2003. So here are some ways to do it :

Microsoft Compatibility Pack

Microsoft was also aware of this issue and was continuously getting negative response from the users,so they thought of making some bridge between between them and this gives birth to Microsoft Compatibility Pack . Through this pack you can save ,edit and convert your file from 2007 to 2003 easily.This pack also converts MS Word 2007 files into 2003 files.

Open Office Software

Open Office is a free software which is used to open the MS Excel files if you dont have the MS Excel 2007 software. Its an open Source Software from Sun Microsystems. It also has many other features like you can easily make presentations on it.

Excel Viewer

Excel Viewer is another product of microsoft which is used to open excel files of any format,if you dont have the MS Excel software.

Hope you guys like it .... Tell us which method among them you like the most :>

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rar Password Cracker Tool with Crack

It usually happens tha we download some rar file but it is password protected and we dont know the password, now what to do ??? Here is the answer to this problem by using this Computer Tool ..... Now you can crack any password of rar file quite easily .... So just follow these steps :

Steps to Crack .RAR Password

  • First of all,download Rar Password Cracker Software.
  • Now extract the software and install it.
  • After installing the software ,open the crack folder and copy the file in it.
  • Now go to the directory where you have installed the software and paste this crack in that directory.
  • When you paste the crack it will ask that this file already exist do you want to replace it ? Click Yes.
  • Now Run the software and Hurrah you have the registered Cracker for RAR files .
  • Now Click on open and select any password protected file .
  • Select the minimum and maximum length for password and START.
NOTE : As it is a cracker ,so it will take long time to crack any password so just be patient if you want to crack any password . If the password is alphanumeric then it will take much more time then simple alphabetical password.I cracked my password in 2 days .... :))

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

What is Adware and how to remove it

Adwares are the advertisements that popup in your computer screen in. These are different from viruses and malwares because most of the times it is installed with the user’s consent. If an adware is installed on your computer it will provide monetary gains to the publisher. Moreover these adware can automatically install keyloggers or other harmful softwares without the consent of the user which can send credit card details or other private information.

How To Detect An Adware

  • If you get popup windows when your browser is not open then your computer may have an adware installed.
  • If your are automatically redirected while visting websites then you may be infected by an adware.
  • If your homepage is changed then you may be infected.
  • If some programs startup automatically then you may be infected with an adware.
  • If your computer is running slow then this may be due to adwares installed in your computer.

How Does An Adware Work

  • Adwares are usually installed while surfing websites or while installing softwares. 
  • They are installed most of the time with user’s consent. 
  • Always try to avoid softwares that install browser toolbars. 
  • Once an adware is installed in your computer it can download keylogger or viruses from the internet and steal you important or private information that can be misused.

How To Fight/Remove Adware

  • The best way to protect your computer from adwares is to always run a firewall. A firewall will automatically block suspicious incoming and outgoing connections and would not allow the adwares to install keyloggers and other spying softwares. 
  • It is very difficult to detect and uninstall adwares manually and there are very good free adware removal tools available. Some of the best are listed below
  1. AdAware
  2. SpyBot Search and Destroy
I recommend you to run any of these softwares in conjunction with your antivirus for extra protection.

Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions? Feel free to post a comment!

Facebook For iPad Launched - Get Your Copy Now

Does this sound weird. Like what? Facebook app was not on an iPad? was not until now. Facebook recently launched the new application that could be installed on the iPad easily. Due to the devices massive screen, the Facebook app really shines high as compared to on iPhone. There are few differences in the iPad version where we get to have a more wider work space.

As shown in the picture above, the notification menu lays over the page, as a separate window which was not possible in iPhone due to the screen size. Scrolling through pictures is really easy and fun in Facebook for iPad. Simply scroll (wipe) across the page to change the pictures.

Navigate Anywhere, fast

With Facebook for iPad, now you dont need to look up for your notes, games, pages etc. Every thing is nicely lined up in the menu over left that is initiated with the blue button over top left of the app.

Other settings like friends requests, notifications and news feeds are right in front over the top blue tab. Every thing is accessable pretty easily with the new Facebook for iPad version. 
Facebook says: The app comes with a bunch of other new features: You can chat with friends right from your iPad, for example, or play games and use apps in full-screen mode. You can also watch high-res videos inline, record HD video and stream to Airplay devices.
So what to wait for. Download Facebook for iPad now. Do you guys really use Facebook or other social media apps on your cellphones? Or you prefer the text based updates option?

Disable Facebook Timeline Application - Recover Old Facebook Profile

Facebook timeline is a great way of displaying your old photos, memorable posts and apps with your friends and family. This feature changes your entire Facebook Profile layout into a more attractive look. I previously wrote a tutorial on how to Enable Facebook Timeline Feature and today I am sharing the tutorial on how to completely remove the timeline app from your profile and revert to older Facebook profile layout. Since this time-based story telling did receive mixed feedback therefore it would be really helpful for most of you to learn how to undo/delete this application.

How To Disable Facebook Timeline Layout?

  • Log in to your Facebook account
  • Then visit this page Developers
  • Towards your left you will see apps. Choose the app you created for timeline. In my case I named it Timeline Feature.
timeline settings
  • Click the Edit Settings link,
edit timeline settings
  • Then on the settings page towards bottom-left you will see many options under related links, Choose Delete App. Which will delete the timeline app.
delete timeline
  • Confirm to delete the app and Bingo you have successfully shifted back to the older Profile view.
  • Visit your profile to see it in its exact previous look and layout. 
My Opinion : Personally I don't like this timeline view of facebook. I always prefer the old look .... :))
Do let me know if you needed any help pals. Hope you find this helpful. :>

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