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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hack orkut account - cookie hack

Are You curious to Hack orkut account?,here is the answer.
Procedure for Hacking orkut account cookie hack from mozilla firefox to hack gmail or orkut is given below.

"Hacking orkut account " or gmail by "stealing orkut account cookies" :

The post explains how one can steal cookies to hack orkut account or gmail account. No password cracking method required.

Update:This hack is now fixed by orkut and does not work now  but you can read it for  extending your knowledge you can see orkut hacking section for more Hacking tips

Steps to hack gmail or "Hacking orkut account by cookie hack " :-

1.Firstly you need have Mozilla firefox.
2.Download cookie editor plugin for Mozilla firefox from:

3.You need to have two fake orkut accounts to Hack Orkut or Gmail , So that you have to receive orkut cookies to one Orkut account and other Orkut account for Advertising your Script, Well it depends on your Choice to have Two Gmail(Orkut) accounts.

Cookie Script:


How to use orkut cookies script?

1. Replace your number "UserId.value=33454211"

How to Replace your Number
1. Go to your Orkut album
2. Right click on any Photo> Properties>55886645.jpg It will be a Eight Digit Value.
3. Now replace your value with the value in the java script.

Your script will look like.

2.Now send this Cookie script to the victim and ask him to paste in Address bar and Press enter.

3.You'll get his orkut account cookie in your scrap book.

4.After getting a orkut account cookie go to your orkut Home page , Then click on Tools tab and then go to cookie editor plugin( Tools--> Cookie editor) filter/refresh.look for 'orkut_state' cookie. just double click it and replace the orkut_state part with your victim's Script
put ur eight digit number in the place of (33444211).

Thats it your done with

Logout of your orkut and login again and you'll be in your victims Homepage.
Here is how you Hack orkut account by cookie hack

6.So remember guys...if you are having orkut account or having any other account....never use any suspicious script to prevent anyone from hacking/accessing with your orkut account

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Hacking myspace accounts - Myspace bug

Hacking myspace accounts
Recently while surfing on myspace i found a bug in myspace, with this bug the hackers can easily gain access to any ones myspace account.To prevent the damage i reported tis bug to myspace, i hope that they will fix the bug soon.Below I am writting the procdure to use this bug to hack a myspace account.


The following is a Mysapce bug with some editing using C++.

1.First open your browser and type in the following in the adress bar


2.Replace ACCOUNT with the Myspace disply name of the victim you want to hack, and replace USERNET with your Myspace disply name.

This will tell the Myspace bot that the account has transfered servers and the account will be re-registered and the password will be sent to the adress the

E-mail origionated from, it also edits Myspace cookies to make you log in to your victims account.

If you get an error, it is normal don't panic.

Now, log in to Myspace using the link below to accuire your victims cookies (YOU MUST USE INTERNET EXPLORER)

If the above link does not work try again after a while, or you might have done something wrong re do everything and carfully read.

When you log in, You will be logged in to your account, Log out then when it returns you to

There will be the victims E-mail and Password waiting for you!

Update:The bug has been fixed by myspace now, you can see my article on myspace phishing for more information on myspace Hacking.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Hack orkut account with greasmonkey script

Hack orkut
Sucess rate:70%

Update:This hack is not working any more click here to see the updated version of this post

Here is a new way to hack orkut,The requirements are a bit difficult,This post is purely for educational purposes,If your aim is distruction kindly leave this site now,Now here is the procedure on How Hackers Hack orkut password with Greasmonkey script
1) First of all, your victim MUST HAVE FIREFOX WITH GREASEMONKEY.

Download firefox at:-

Download greasemonkey at:-

2) Now, go to :-

Enter the email ID where you want passwords to come, download the file "multiple.user.js" and upload it on googlepages.


3) Now make your victim install this file. He will be able to install it IF AND ONLY IF he has FIREFOX

Once your victim installs this file, you are done !

4) Now the next time he opens orkut and logs in to orkut, his username and password will be emailed to you at the email ID you provided in step 2.

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