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Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Contact Facebook ?

Hello guys hope you all are fine and happy. I was busy in my MS exams because of which I couldn't write any article for such a long time. Anyways here I am with a new article. Hope it will help you in some way.

Have you ever tried to contact Facebook to report a problem with your account or report a bug? It can be as hard as trying to draw blood from a stone. Here is a list of links that can help make contacting Facebook a little easier. Just note that you are not guaranteed a response from Facebook as their motto is You get what you pay for.










News Feeds

Home Page



Disabled Account

Lost Content After Reactivated Account








Copyright Infringement

(These links are correct at the time of publication)
If you have found another Facebook contact form that I have missed.. please leave a comment below.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Earn online money in Pakistan

I have posted about earning through internet in Pakistan a few days ago and received a lot of response but that time I was really very busy so I have given just one class on it only to those persons who used Contact Us form and write to me directly but now I am totally free and I have decided an online class tomorrow at 8:00 pm according to Pakistan Times.

Its really easy to earn online money.We have seen a lot of things related to online earning but usually we believe that these are all scam .... don't pay .....

That's not right at all ..... people are earning handsome amount through online earning without any effort ...... particularly INDIANS .... they are earning a lot from internet ..... we are going to make a campaign through which we will make PAKISTANIS to earn big through internet so if u r with us then join hands .....


Timing : 8:00 pm according to Pakistan Times.

Please make sure to come online exact on time as I will not respond to late users.

Procedure to attend

  • You should be a PAKISTANI as this is totally about the people of PAKISTAN.
  • First of all come to the CHAT ROOM and I will ask some questions and will provide you the access to the main chat room if I find that you are really interested and not here for just time waste.
  • In the main chat room ,we will start the class at exact 8:15 pm (according to Pakistan Times) .
  • This class is only for 10 members and selection is on the basis of first come first serve because I dont want to handle more people ,it mostly creates fussiness ( my past experiences are really bad ).
  • You can also use Contact Form but in the message tell me in detail about your city and occupation and first preference will obviously be given to them. So hurry up guys !!!
Note : If you dont receive any invitation then dont be upset as I have said I am free these days I will setup at least 5 such meetings so to give this knowledge to maximum PAKISTANIS.

Check if your computer is infected or not using Backtrack [VIDEO]

Hey guys how you been ?
Hope everything allright :D

well here is another tutorial you might enjoy .. give it a try


For download links of those tools visit :

Stay Tuned !!
Thanks :)

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