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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

EID Mubarak to all Friends .... 2011

Chand Raat Aur Eid ki khushion me Pak foj k jawano se le k mazdoor tabkay tak k logon aur unko jo watan e azeem aur apnay piaron se door hein,,un sb ko apni duaon aur musaraton me yad rakhyega,Donot Ignore them Instaed love them,thay need ur love & Affection,,,,, have a joyful Chand Raat & Eid Mubarik...:)

Finally the holy month of Ramadan ended and after 30 days of fasting the Muslims all over the world are now celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr. Eid is an Arabic word meaning "festivity," while Fiṭr means "breaking (the fast) so this EID marks the end of the month of fasting which is Ramadan. This year had been tough for me and my family but the good news of Eid do always take away all the worries within us. It's a day when we meet our closest ones, receive guests, server them with the best of our hospitality and we hug one another giving greetings of love and brotherhood. In my country we often call this Eid the "Chotti Eid". Because children are often the luckiest in these Holidays because they get gifts in the form of cash. Children are given small sums of money by adult relatives or friends(eidi). Some lucky champs do even collect a whole sum amount up to $100. :p

The day starts with prayers and after the prayers, we visit our relatives, friends and acquaintances or hold large communal celebrations in homes or rented halls.It is forbidden to fast on the day of EID so we celebrate this day with sweets, dishes and culture food stuff. It is a great event where we meet one another after months and spend some happy hours together.

I wish all my beloved friends and readers a Happy Eid Holidays and the happiest of moments. May peace and blessings be on you and your family. Shed all your worries during this festival and hug everyone around. Trash out hatred and remove all misconceptions if any between yourself and others. Forgive all for their mistakes and mark the beginning of a new era. For this is Eid where there should exist nothing but love and brotherhood. Wishing you the love, peace and success. God bless us all! :D

Friday, August 26, 2011

Three Amazing Ways to Attract Traffic to Your Blog

A guest post contributed by Katheryn Rivas, who regularly writes for

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been the hot topic in all areas of the blogosphere for years now. Now that creating and maintaining a blog has become fairly simple, bloggers and wannabe bloggers are all about getting readers and creating traffic. While there are dozens and dozens of tips and tricks to mastering SEO available on the web, these three tips are simple and often overlooked.

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your blog is learning to link intelligently. This is an area that people have significant trouble with (and for good reason). Linking in a way that appears both natural and unobtrusive can be tricky. When you link out in your blog posts, you should always be aware of how the links are related to the content you provide. Not everything that you discuss in you blog will warrant a link. You must determine where it is appropriate to use convention to link and where a little more creativity is necessary. The biggest deterrent in a blog is over-linking, however it is also important to realize that under-linking can have very dire consequences as well. If you mention Wikipedia in a blog post, it is obviously not necessary to link to Wikipedia in general because everyone on the internet knows what it is. However, if you mention a specific page from Wikipedia it is not only good that you link to that page, in fact it is necessary.

Another great tip for optimizing your blog is launching your blog posts without comments enabled initially. Unfortunately, many readers will base what they read on how many other people have read it. We've all done it. You click on a post that has an interesting looking title, scan the page, see that there are no comments, and decide that it's not worth reading. Obviously, this doesn’t always happen, but there is something kind of sad about a blog with 0 comments on every single post. The site looks dead and unpopular. The simple solution turn off the commenting option. This way no one can see that there are 0 comments on your blog. After you submit a post, pay close attention to the number of RSS subscribers you have and the number of unique visitors you have each day. Once your RSS subscribers tops 100 or you get more than 300 unique visits a day open up the comments. Using this technique keeps particularly tech-savvy visitors from judging your blog based on popularity.

Finally, many bloggers underestimate the value of guest bloggers for their site. Having already established bloggers write content for your site will help attract their readers to your page and will strengthen your SEO. Of course, it is important that you choose your guest posts and guest posters carefully. The guest posts that you choose should be relevant to your blog's interests and aims. However, it may also be useful to support guest posts that counter something that you have discussed previously. This way you are catering to all spectrums of the general audience and you demonstrate that you are open to discussion. Fostering varied discussion in your blog can be important to generating more interest in it. Another important thing to look for in guest blogs is links or direct references to other posts from your page. If a guest blogger discusses other blog posts you have written, it will encourage readers to read more of your work and it establishes that that guest writer is familiar with your blog.

Surprisingly HWS Blessed With Page-Rank 3.0!!

Google PageRank-3 Never thought 2011 could be such a blessing in my life! Just within 10 months of its release, HWS has amazingly being blessed with a Google Page Rank 3, which is a measure of a web’s importance in the eyes of the Mega Search Engine i.e Google. Luckily not just the HWS homepage but a lot of internal pages have got PR-2-3!

I am extremely thankful to all my readers for their continuous love, support and dearest motivation. Verily I could not have achieved this without the active participation of our readers because half the credit goes to you guys for gifting HWS with precious content everyday with your lovely and relevant comments. It was also indeed your trust on us that EntreCard restored our account and appreciated HWS’s EntreCard-Buckets Service.

Thumbs up to HWS and thumbs up to all of you for believing and trusting in the Moto of publishing unique content on Blogosphere. I thank Allah and then every single visitor, follower and subscriber without whom this day’s success indeed would have no taste and flavour. God bless you all!

Today’s Lesson:- Be Unique in everything that you do for success itself is coloured uniqely and when success knocks your doors it really feels mind blowing! :D

How to Detect Fake Facebook Profile

In Facebook, things are not all as it seems: there are people who are under false names, pictures, interests and even friends. You look at their profile and think “something here does not fit.” These characters seek to trick legitimate users the purpose of sending unsolicited advertising, steal personal information or engage in various scams.

We present a few simple rules to identify fake profiles on Facebook and prevent you from falling prey to this schemes. It’s easier than you think.
A fake profile of Facebook users actively seeks out others, sending friend requests, liking pages and posting messages on walls outside.
Here is something that stands out: no friends in common. What do you know about this guy? How did he/she get to you? The typical user of Facebook joins the invitation of a friend or relative, and often conduct their activities in a well-defined network. Unlike the case of people coming for other purposes.
First look at such profile os even more strange because it is a profile made ??quick and running, all mask, which knows little and says nothing about the person by which you can relate. No more pictures of profile, or if more are not related to each other and have not been labeled by other users or applications.

Main Features of Fake Facebook Profiles

  • Profile Photo of some Celebrity / cartoon ( Something Unreal) 
Few can resist the temptation to accept the friendship of a good-looking person, especially if the opposite sex and generous areas of skin showing. However, this is the first thing to put on notice. Would the person you know use that picture? You are adding nothing more than junk to your friend list.
  • Single Profile Photo Album

Most fake profiles have only one or two photographs. To give a sense of verisimilitude, the most skilled rogue attempts to fill photo albums of all kinds, but, here’s the problem, the result difficult to get consistent. The images are of poor quality, without descriptions, tags or comments.
  • Too many friends on such Profile

The details of a fake profile, if they have been refilled, are mostly generic and focused on a single topic or set of issues that appeals to a specific audience, and the same applies to the pages. In summary, the fake profile corresponds to a personality extremely boring. But then how is it that has so many friends? A mystery.
  • Analyze the Friend List

Unless you travel a lot or you like learning new languages, the safest thing is you have less than 200 friends and most live less than a thousand miles from home. If the person adds you have dozens of friends scattered all over the world, thinking that it is a fake profile is reasonable.
  • Meaningless and incomplete Profile Information

It generally consists of Friends, Single, Looking for Relationship and profile is Open to all. Even Wall Posts will consist of crappy posts by applications and similar people like you who became victim. These Messages include ” Hello” ” How are you?”, “Do we know each other”, etc. OR Site Advertorials.

What to do if someone adds you do not know

Above all, do not panic! If someone adds you and do not know who he is, because you do not immediately accept the request, is now Facebook allows you to hide the requests instead of rejecting them. Another thing you can do is ask the contact what you know.
And if you prefer not to ask anything, for your name in Google and see what happens. Finally, keep in mind the golden rule of Facebook: just add acquaintances.

How to report Fake Facebook Profile

On Facebook, report and blocking a fake profile is very simple. In the sidebar of the profile in question, click on “Report / block this person” and select appropriate option. You can also block the person (well, you’ll never be able to add).

So, these were some common signals of Fake Facebook profile. As your experience grows, you will become wiser to detect them in just one look.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Disable The New Facebook Chat Sidebar & Recover Old FB Chat

Sometimes changes in the layout of Facebook often gets a thumbs down by the users. Just like how much people hated the new Facebook layout with photo streams above, similarly do people found the new social chat window appearing on the right sidebar as equal irritation. In order to disable this chat sidebar that shows photo thumbnails of friends available for chat and recover the older chat view then lets play with some workarounds.

Disable New and Recover Old Facebook Chat

There are two apps for Mozilla Firefox,Opera and for Google Chrome that does the magic. I will recommend that you try both of them and see which one you like the most.
  • Recover Old FaceBook Chat
This add-on will replace the new social chat window with the older one. You can download the Chrome extension by Clicking Here .

  • Facebook Chat Sidebar Disabler
This add-on performs the exact same operation but with a different style. This one works for smart phones like IPhone or android because it has an Opera version. After installing the add-on in order to toggle between old-style chat and new-style chat, use the Options menu in the buddy list.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Play Angry Birds on Google Plus

Angry birds on Google plusThe most awaited feature of the new social mega giant network has just been uncovered. Google Plus games apps have been just made available to all active users worldwide. The featured games category include the most popular games of smart phones which include Angry birds, city of wonder, Bejeweled, Zynga Poker and more. There are at present a total of 16 games available that you can play online. Most of these games are single player and I am sure multiplayer games are on its way too that will give you even a more social touch.

Games are always a great marketing tool to attract wide amount of traffic and Google knows it well. Facebook games like mafia wars and others have been one of the many reasons why Facebook become so much popular world wide. After games I am sure the next big news would be the Google+ Ads hanging on sidebars of your profile accounts.

How to play a Game on Google Plus?

Simply click the games tab at the top of your Google+ account and then choose a game that you wish to play as shown below,

Google games tab

google plus featured games

To see the complete list of games simply click the All Games link on your left side to see all 16 games available.

Your accomplishments such as high scores, points, and levels passed will be visible to your friends on Google+. This way your friends will know if you have played the game or not. I will be publishing some tricks on how to score high on Google plus games and this will surely let you enjoy free time online.

Your scores will appear live on Games Stream!

Now you can not hide your scores. Whether you receive a gift or curse from Fortuna it will be visible to all your friends in circles so better play hard and leave good impressions. :d

Game stream

Sergey Brin (Google co founder) says that he scored 35390 in level 1-1 of Angry Birds. Do you think you can beat it? Tell him what you can! :p

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Add Country Flag & Frames To Google Plus Profile Photos

Google Plus image tricksWhen it is Google things are always extra ordinary. Google recently added Picnik to Google+ which is a image editing tool to add amazing effects to your G+ profile photos. You can crop, resize, rotate, fix red eye and do a lot more with this cool tool. One of the unique feature of Picnik is that it allows you to add text to your profile photos and not just that, you can also stick your country flag or any sports logo to your photo. You can even paint your profile pic! We edited the photo on the left side using Google+. Lets learn how.

How To Stick Country Flag To Google Plus Profile Photo?

I assume that you have read our previous post on Picnik, if not kindly read it first so that you may know how to launch this tool,

Click the Create button on picnik and then click on Stickers. You will then see many options appearing on the left. Choose your country from the drop down menu under Select Team. Then click con USA Stickers (In your Case it will be your country name instead of USA) A small adjustable image resizer will appear on your image. Simply drag it or expand it to enlarge the flag size. That's it you are done!

Note:- To go back click Undo from top right to undo any editing changes you have made. If you wish to delete the flag then click on the flag and click on the Delete button that appears next to it.

google plus profile photo editing

How To Add Text To Profile Photos?

For Adding text select TEXT from the menu at the top of your picnik tool and then write any text you want in the box and hit apply. You can then drag the text anywhere you want and can also change its size and colors. You can also change the font family.

google plus profile photo editing

How To Add Frames Across Profile Photo?

Similarly Click Frames from the Top and then select any outline you want for you photo. At present only limited frames are available for free and other frames can be purchased by upgrading your picnik account for premium options.

How to Add Creative Common Attribution License?

You can add copyright symbols, no redistribution or no copy symbols using the photo license option.

Go To Stickers again and choose Photo Licenses from the options on the left and then you can play with dragging and resizing again as we did for previous effects.

adding license on profile pic

You can do almost anything with your image to crop or resize the image you can click the Edit button next to create button. Then you will have multiple editing options like eyedropper, auto resize, exposure, contrast, color etc. It is simply a tool you can play with. I hope you found this tutorial helpful and if you have any questions just post us a question and it would a pleasure to help you out with your Plus experience. More Google+ tricks will be published soon so make sure you subscribe to receive all updates straight in your inbox.

Add Cool Image Effects To Google+ Profile Photos In Picnik


Picnik is a great image editing online tool that helps you to add amazing effects to your pictures on Google Plus. You can edit your profile photos by adjusting color and contrast, fix red-eye or even add stickers and text. At present picnik can be used to edit profile photo only and with time I am sure Google will allow its use for editing other photos in your albums. You have complete control on the appearance of your profile pictures now with this useful tool. You can crop and auto fix it to give it a clear look and if you are too patriot then you can even add your Country Flag to your profile pic by choosing the Create Option in picnik as discussed below.

How To Edit Profile Photos in Google Plus?

  1. In your Profile page click the Edit Profile button and then click the link "Change Photo" below your profile picture

  2. Upload your profile photo and click the link Edit Photo in Picnik


3. It will take 1-2 minutes for picnik to load and then you will see an amazing image editing tool in front of you with multiple editing options.


You can rotate, crop, resize, add exposure and colors and fix red eye on your photos. You can try this out and play around yourself. I will recommend that you use Google Chrome for fast editing. If you observe carefully Picnik provides two options i.e. 1) Edit and 2) Create

The first option will allow you to add effects I already discussed and the second option i.e Create will allow you to add stickers and and text to your profile pictures. Amazing isn't it? I will share a detailed post on how can you add your website title or your name to your profile pic. Stay tuned. Have fun! :)

How To Delete Circles In Google Plus?

delete circlesCircles are one of the best features of Google+ that gives you more control over your privacy. You can categorize your friends in different circles and share stuff with people you want. However sometimes you wish to block a person in a specific circle or you may wish to delete the circle completely without loosing the contacts. According to Google+ if you delete a circle then the people in that circles will get disconnected from your updates and will not be able to see your stream updates. However there is a work around which we will discuss here.

Create a Circle

To create a circle kindly read the simple steps on my earlier post which you can read by reading this tutorial:

Delete a circle

To delete a circle simply do this:

  1. Go to your Google Plus account and click on circles

2. Right click on any circle you wish to delete and choose Delete Circle

Delete a circle

Note:- If you do this then you will loose all contacts in that circle though they will still me in your friends list. In order to avoid this choose people you don’t want in the circle and drag them out. A red –1 sign will animate indicating that the person is removed from your circle.

remove a person from circle

Use your mouse cursor and pull out that person from the circle. Do the same for all you don’t want in the circle and wish to remove them from that category. This is how you remove a person from a circle.You have now successfully removed a person from a circle.

Block a person

You can also block a person in a circle by right clicking the circle and choosing Edit Circle

A new window will open. Select a person and then choose more option from the top-right corner of the window as shown below.

block a person

Now select Block. That’s it. Now that person wont receive any updates you share with this circle. Hope this helps most of you. Have fun. :>

How To Invite Friends In Google Plus & Create Circles?

It was once said that the biggest migration that ever took place was from MySpace and Orkut to Facebook and now it's time for social media history to take a u-turn and the biggest migration to place from Google+ to Facebook is yet to occur. Just today we shared a tip on how can you join GooglePlus and today we will travel into this great new social software to discover some more tips step by step. You will learn in this tutorial on how to invite new friends to join Google Plus and create new circles for different social categories.

How to find and Invite Friends In Google Plus?

  1. Log into your account
  2. At the right side you will see suggestions. Click the link that says "Show All"


You can also do this by clicking the Circle Icon that appears at top as shown below,

Find people on google+

4. In the new page you will find a list of friends that you can invite and add to Google Plus. Click the link "Add a new person"


You will be asked for that persons Email ID. Just submit your friends Email ID (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, any ID you want!) , give your friend a name and add him to a specific circle. As shown below,

Inviting Friend in Google+

You will see a Green +1'd button appearing flying into the circle you chose, indicating that your friend has been successfully invited and added to your Circle. That's it!

How to create Circles and add Friends to Circles?

On the same page where you invited friends you will see circles appearing just below the Profile Pictures. You will see a white circle that says "Drop here to create a new circle" Just click it and you can then easily create a new Social Circle by following easy instructions there.

Create Circles

Why not watch a easy to follow video to know more about Google Plus Circles?

Hope this little info proves helpful to most of you. Have fun. Peace out! :)

Read Google Plus Notifications on Your Desktop

Google+ NotificationsDanny has created a useful windows utility software named G+ Notifier. It fetches latest updates from your Google Plus network and displays notifications on your windows toolbar. It is extremely easy to install and use. Since there is no API for Google+ as yet therefore this application uses the Awesomium Web-Browser Framework. User will be prompted to login to Google+ on startup. The browser window is kept open but hidden on your toolbar and G+ Notifier will fetch data and display it to you on a real-time while you work on your computer. At present it is compatible with all latest versions of windows OS. It is an open-source project so you can fully customize it and develop it further using the source code if you are good with algorithm.

Google+ Notifications

How to install G+ Notifier

  1. Download This Zip File
  2. Extract the file using winrar or winzip
  3. Run DanTup.GPlusNotifier.exe to start the application. You can be prompted to download the latest version of .Net framework. You can download it from here.
  4. That’s it you are done!

Now you will be alerted with a pop-up message whenever an activity takes place on your Google+ profile, you will be notified. You just need to click the icon on your system tray to find out what new comment, photo tag, video tag have you received or where have you been mentioned. Have fun! :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

G++ Adds Facebook & Twitter Stream In Google+ With Full Functionality

SGPlus was a Chrome extension reviewed last month that allowed you to bring Facebook and Twitter feeds to your Google Plus stream making the move to the new network a lot simpler. While the extension itself had almost every feature you could possible want, we found one that takes takes it up a notch. G++ outshines the previously viewed extension in two ways; it isn’t just for Chrome, there’s also one for Firefox and the new extension doesn’t have a lag time before it can show your Twitter feed like in the previously reviewed one. You can toggle between feeds by simply checking or unchecking the boxes integrated in the Google Plus interface. The extension lets you see incoming news items from Facebook and allows you to like, comment and share items, it also lets you see your Twitter timeline and lets you reply/retweet from Google+.


Once installed, the extension will add three checkboxes next to Streams in the middle column. The G+ column is already checked, check the Facebook and Twitter boxes to connect your account and your streams will start appearing automatically. You can like and comment on news feeds from Facebook or retweet tweets directly from the Google Plus interface.

Google   retweet

In addition to that, you can toggle any news feed on or off by unchecking the box on top or switch the extension off from the Google Plus interface by selecting the off checkbox next to the extension’s icon on your Google+ page. The extension also adds a Refresh Stream button that allows you to check for new feeds and tweets across all three accounts.

Install G++ Extension For Chrome & Firefox

How To Install Copyright Restricted Packages In Ubuntu

Ubuntu Restricted Extras is a software package for Ubuntu that allows installing essential software which are not pre-installed due to legal or copyright reasons. This meta-package installs support for MP3 and unencrypted DVD playback, Microsoft TrueType core fonts, Flash plugin, and a number of codecs for common audio and video files. It depends on some commonly used packages in the Ubuntu multiverse repository. In this post we will tell you how to install Ubuntu Restricted Extras for your Ubuntuversion.

Note: It is worth mentioning here that packages from multiverse are restricted by copyright in some countries. For more information you can check out licensing details here.

The easiest way of installing Ubuntu Restricted Extras is to head over to the Ubuntu Software Center and type the package name to find and install it. ubuntu Software CenterAn alternative method can be to simply use the Terminal to install the package by using the simple apt-get command given below:

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-restricted-extras

Ubuntu Restrcited Extras In case, you find it hard to install Ubuntu restricted Extras package in Oneric Ocelot, you can check out the Launchpad link given below to download the active development build.

Download Ubuntu restricted Extras Package

How To Delete And Disable Recent History In Ubuntu [Tip]

Whenever files are accessed in an operating system, a log of recently accessed files and folders is created. While this can be handy to reopen recent files and folders quickly, it can also become a privacy issue for some users. Unlike Windows, where it’s fairly easy to find recent documents (as explained here), Ubuntu users often find it hard to find the recently used documents. Moreover, some users might want to prevent the logging of recent history. In this post we will tell you how to delete recent history in Ubuntu and how to disable recent history logging.

To delete recent history, open the Terminal and enter the below commands:

rm ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlitezeitgeist-daemon --replace

Note: Activity.Sqlite is basically a file located in the share directory with the path: ~/.local/share/zeitgeist/activity.sqlite


To prevent new items from being created, use this command:

echo -n > ~/.recently-used.xbelsudo chattr +i .recently-used.xbel

You can revert the changes to enable logging again by using the following Terminal command:

sudo chattr -i .recently-used.xbel
This tip was posted by multifo at Ubuntu Forums!

MuteTab – Find And Mute Tabs That Are Playing Audio In Chrome

When you start browsing, you open multiple tabs at once; depending on how many links you find interesting you can end up with some twenty tabs open in a single window. But what if one of those sites you open has either a noisy flash banner, background music or videos that auto play? Finding and tracking down the tab might not be easy from those twenty or more tabs and this might be all the more annoying if you’re listening to a podcast or just trying to work in peace. MuteTab is a Chrome extension that lets you list down all tabs where the audio is playing (with options to mute them) without having to find, visit and mute them individually.


The extension adds a music note icon next to the URL bar. Clicking the icon opens a pop-up that lists all tabs that have any audio playing. Each page is listed with five options; Show, Mute (unsafe), Mute(safe), Restore, Close. The Show button brings the tab to front, the Restore button replays muted audio and both mute options stop audio.

MuteTab Options

You can also restrict the extension so that sound stops playing on tabs that aren’t active and only plays in the current tab. The extension doesn’t just stop videos but also works on Flash games and sites blaring out sound you might find annoying. The extension isn’t always able to restore the sound it mutes which is why it has a separate option to not mute sites it can’t restore sounds on.

mutetab context menu

The extension also lets you quickly stop and play audio across all tabs from the right-click context menu. The extension detects tabs with audio across different windows and not just the one you’re currently working in. Sadly, it couldn’t mute audio played on or from Grooveshark but managed perfectly with YouTube.Link

Install MuteTab Extension For Chrome

Download Subtitles For Any Movie via Drag & Drop With pysubd

Most of us find subtitles online, download them, extract them, and then copy them to the Movie or TV Show folder where the video is residing. What if you want to automate this whole process with a simple drag and drop? pysubd is an ingeniously simple yet robust python-based subtitle file downloader that automates the steps you take to find and download subtitles of movies and TV shows. The application is suitable for those who hate finding subtitle files from a never-ending search results of various online sources. pysubd relies on for finding and downloading subtitle files.

Just drag and drop a movie file over the main interface and it will start searching for best quality subtitles and download them in the same folder where the movie file is located. Both the movie file and the subtitle file name will be the same. pysubd supports all well known video formats, such as, .avi, .mkv, .divx, .mp4, .ogg, .rm, .rmvb, .vob, .x264, .xvid.


Apart from drag and drop, you can also click Browse to select a video file. It is an open source application that works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download pysubd

Mishra Reader – Metro UI Based Google Reader With Smooth Animations

Mishra Reader is an simple, elegant and an intriguing WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) based Google Reader client for Windows with a ability to display total number of unread items in system tray. Since the application was developed on one of the best application UI design renderer for Windows, you will experience smooth animations while switching between different sections under its unified interface. The interface is designed keeping Metro UI elements in mind; you will get to see minimal Metro UI navigation buttons, scroll bars, screen titles, etc. Apart from its looks, it is very responsive in terms of fetching RSS subscriptions’ updates off your Google Reader account.

After installing the application, login with your Google account details to let it start fetching RSS subscription list.

mishra 1

The Subscription window shows all of your subscriptions, however, after login you will be taken to unread section to first look at those latest items which you haven’t checked out yet. In main window, you have options to edit the current subscription URL, name and category. The button next to Edit marks all your current feeds as read.

mishra reader1

In contrast to other Google Reader clients, it opens article in its own window rather than in default browser. However, if you want to open the source link in default browser, you can click Internet Explorer button present in between feed navigation buttons.

mishra reader2

The application resides in system tray, keeping you informed about total number of unread items.

feeds unread

By default, Mishra Reader fetches 10 items per request. Nevertheless, you can change the number of items to be loaded from Options window. Mishra Reader is open source and works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Download Mishra Reader

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