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Sunday, August 29, 2010

List of Working PTC sites

We have discussed in the previous posts about Earning thru PTC sites in which I have said that I will post the list of working PTC sites .So here it is :
Its the best PTC site,you always get paid through this site.They will disable your account,if you remain inactive on it.You must have an alertpay account in order to join this site.If you like to favour us then join it through our refferral link . Anyways its your choice :)
Nice site to earn but it pays in ruppees not in dollars that why quite slow . But the best thing is it pays .... I got a cheque of around Rs. 1200/- from this site around 10 months ago ..... Best for beginners ..... Must give a try.
First of all create an account there.After that you will get a referral url . Send that url to ur frndz and whoever joined under ur referral link ... u will be credited.Slow but simple and easy . In return they just send u an email weekly u just have to read that email and click on the link given in it.They will send you money when u reached 100 $ .They send the money thru cheque.
  •  Some Other PTC Sites
Links of some PTC sites which are valid in pakistan and you can Earn Online Money through these sites .... and pay thru either cheque or alertpay (allowed in pakistan)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Easy Way To Get your account hacked

Recently I received an email from one of my blog readers he just figured out a method to Hack an Email account the reader was conforming me whether this method would work or not

The Method was as follows:

Step 1
 Log into your Gmail account. (NOTE- Email address must be older than 3 months, Do not try this newly created account because new account is not trusted in the mail server)

Step 2:
Compose a new mail.

Step 3:

In subject box type “PASSWORD RECOVERY IN THE GMAIL OR ORKUT A/C 65SDF36870FGD8>=>/! To /"

Step 4
Write this in message box. (First line)- “Email address you want to hack” (Second line)- “Your Gmail address “ (third line)- “Type Your Gmail account password ” / {simply copy and paste above.}

Step 5

Send this to - After this process this message will be send to Gmail and Orkut redirecting server and server will mach the email address in the database and server will be confused then server send u a confirmation msg to ur email account and u can reset the password. Within 48 hour you will get his/her password in ur mail inbox.


Open your email client and open a new message.

Remember don't put anything else on the email apart from the following!

1. Enter the username of the person you want to get their password off.
2. Enter your username e.g.
3. Enter your password your password
4. Copy and paste this to the email #hm76gmail77.01.mM01.345 (gmail coding)
4. Send email to
5. Sit back and wait while gmail automatic password sender emails you the
other parties password. (due to presence of coding)

If you didnt fall for it then great else boo go start writing snail/postal mail , web is not for you. Remember it's not easy to hack.Never follow any method given online.Also dont give your id to any who claims to give you the method one coz once you give your spam mail box would be always full.
As you can see that the above two methods demand you to give your password,
and are the emails of the hacker in which he will receive your password.

Moral: If you are too greedy you will end up loosing every thing you have, For real Ethical Hacking Methods I recommend you to Purchase a Copy of My book A Beginners Guide To Ethical Hacking

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Location of Saved Passwords stored in PC

It will help u wen u gain acess in someones pc or u using a system or friend or enemy and u want to know his/her passwords ..........


# Internet Explorer 4.00 - 6.00:
The passwords are stored in a secret location in the Registry known as the "Protected Storage".
The base key of the Protected Storage is located under the following key:
ft\Protected Storage System Provider".
You can browse the above key in the Registry Editor (RegEdit), but you won't be able to watch the passwords, because they are encrypted.
Also, this key cannot easily moved from one computer to another, like you do with regular Registry keys.

# Internet Explorer 7.00 - 8.00:
The new versions of Internet Explorer stores the passwords in 2 different locations.
AutoComplete passwords are stored in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\IntelliForms\Storage2.
HTTP Authentication passwords are stored in the Credentials file under Documents and Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Credentials , together with login passwords of LAN computers and other passwords.

# Firefox:
The passwords are stored in one of the following filenames: signons.txt, signons2.txt, and signons3.txt (depends on Firefox version)
These password files are located inside the profile folder of Firefox, in [Windows Profile]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[Profile Name]
Also, key3.db, located in the same folder, is used for encryption/decription of the passwords.

# Google Chrome Web browser:
The passwords are stored in [Windows Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Web Data
(This filename is SQLite database which contains encrypted passwords and other stuff)

# Opera:
The passwords are stored in wand.dat filename, located under [Windows Profile]\Application Data\Opera\Opera\profile

# Outlook Express (All Versions):
The POP3/SMTP/IMAP passwords Outlook Express are also stored in the Protected Storage, like the passwords of old versions of Internet Explorer.

# Outlook Express (All Versions):
The POP3/SMTP/IMAP passwords Outlook Express are also stored in the Protected Storage, like the passwords of old versions of Internet Explorer.

# Outlook 2002-2008:
All new versions of Outlook store the passwords in the same Registry key of the account settings.
The accounts are stored in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\[Profile Name]\9375CFF0413111d3B88A00104B2A6676\[
Account Index]
If you use Outlook to connect an account on Exchange server, the password is stored in the Credentials file, together with login passwords of LAN computers.

# Windows Live Mail:
All account settings, including the encrypted passwords, are stored in [Windows Profile]\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\[Account Name]
The account filename is an xml file with .oeaccount extension.

# ThunderBird:
The password file is located under [Windows Profile]\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\[Profile Name]
You should search a filename with .s extension.
# Google Talk: All account settings, including the encrypted passwords, are stored in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Talk\Accounts\[Account Name]

# Google Desktop:
Email passwords are stored in the Registry under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Google\Google Desktop\Mailboxes\[Account Name]

# MSN/Windows Messenger version 6.x and below:
The passwords are stored in one of the following locations:

1. Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MSNMessenger
2. Registry Key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\MessengerService
3. In the Credentials file, with entry named as "Passport.Net\\*". (Only when the OS is XP or more)

# MSN Messenger version 7.x:
The passwords are stored under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\IdentityCRL\Creds\[Account Name]

# Windows Live Messenger version 8.x/9.x:
The passwords are stored in the Credentials file, with entry name begins with "WindowsLive:name=".

# Yahoo Messenger 6.x:
The password is stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Pager
("EOptions string" value)

# Yahoo Messenger 7.5 or later:
The password is stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Yahoo\Pager - "ETS" value.
The value stored in "ETS" value cannot be recovered back to the original password.

# AIM Pro:
The passwords are stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\AIM\AIMPRO\[A
ccount Name]

# AIM 6.x:
The passwords are stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\America Online\AIM6\Passwords

# ICQ Lite 4.x/5.x/2003:
The passwords are stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Mirabilis\ICQ\NewOwners\[ICQ Number]
(MainLocation value)

# ICQ 6.x:
The password hash is stored in [Windows Profile]\Application Data\ICQ\[User Name]\Owner.mdb (Access Database)
(The password hash cannot be recovered back to the original password)

# Digsby:
The main password of Digsby is stored in [Windows Profile]\Application Data\Digsby\digsby.dat
All other passwords are stored in Digsby servers.

# PaltalkScene:
The passwords are stored in the Registry, under HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Paltalk\[Account Name].

Comments are welcome.

Earn through PTC sites

PTC is another way to Earn Online Money.

Introduction of PTC :

PTC stands for Paid To Click.As the name shows you will be paid by doing some clicks on the ads.There are some sites which provides you daily limited ads and you have to click these ads on daily basis and wait for some time.For clicking on each add you will be paid around 0.02$ .You can redeem this money into paypal,alertpay etc depends on the PTC site' policy.

We all know about PTC earning and there are many tutorial on how to earn thru PTC but most of us believe that its not true and its spamming or its very slow method as we just get 0.02$ from such sites.All these thing are quite right.

In this tutorial i am going to tell u how can we earn maximum thru PTC. I am earning thru PTC and i m going to share my method here.

Follow These Steps :

  • First of all keep in mind that u have to spend atleast 1 hour daily just for clicking PTC sites.
  • Secondly create an account on alertpay or paypa as all PTC sites pays u thru these sites. I m from Pakistan so i use alertpay as paypal is not working here.Register on alertpay then verify urself.Verifying is simple ... u have to send them the copy of ur id and recent bill to verify ur mailing adress. In one week u will be verified by them.
  • Now search some PTC sites which really pays u . I will provide the list of working PTC sites which really pays.. Create account on them.u should work on atleast 15-20 PTC sites.
  • Daily visit all these sites one by one. Click on their daily ads and earn money.if u have joined 20 sites and u click daily on their available sites. you will surely earn approx 100$ monthly.
  • Moreover buy refferals or invite ur friends to increase ur earning. You may also upgrade ur account to premium (when u earn enough) to increase income.
Note : You just need patience and consistency to earn thru PTC sites. Vulnerable to Xss Attack

Hey Freinds I have a shocking news for you guys the website is vulnerable To Xss Cross Site Scripting Attack. Xss Cross Site scripting Cross-site scripting or XSS is a threat to a website's security. It is the most common and popular hacking a websiteto gain access information from a user on a website. There are hackers with malicious objectives that utilize this to attack certain websites on the Internet. But mostly good hackers do this to find security holes for websites and help them find solutions.

Below is the Screen Shot Which I took While Testing the Vulnerability

The hacker can exploit this venerability and hack thousands of sessions.I have notified Aol of this vulnerability and hope Aol Fix it soon

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Hack The Hacker with Bin Text

You Might have heard about some programs such as Hotmail Hacker of Gmail Hacker. What Hackers do is just to fool the victim by telling him that these softwares are Password Hacking Softwares and asks him to Enter his Email and enter all information including his Hotmail ID and Password and Gmail account you want to Hack Email and it will show his/her Hotmail account password but thats not the case instead the victim will end in loosing his account password. Here is what a Hotmail Hacker Looks like:

Hack the Hacker

Yesterday a Friend of Mine sent me this Hotmail Hacker and told me that it can Hack any account you enter but first you need to enter your account Information. He was not aware that I am well aware of these Hacking Tricks. So I used a software to extract his Gmail ID and Password which would receive my password as soon as I enter it with a program Bin Text

 Basically Bin Text is basically a text extractor software used to extract text from application or any file. Here is How you can Extract the Hackers Gmail account Password with Bin Text:

1. First of all I opened Bin Text

2. Unzip the downloaded Bin Text software in a separate folder.

3. Open Bin Text and browse for the location where you have kept the Hotmail Hacker.exe file that the hacker has sent you.Now Hit Go.

4. Bin Text will scan the whole file and display all the extracted text from Gmail Hacker.exe file.

5. Now scroll down till you find email address and password as I have shown in the screen shot above.

Hack the Hacker

Friday, August 20, 2010

A complete Guide for Beginner : To earn thru CPAlead

Complete steps for starting CPALead.

What is CPAlead?

CPAlead is no joke, Couple of my friends have been with CPAlead for over 1 year now and have made roughly 30,000$ ever since, one in particular his name is Alex he is a twenty two year old college drop out, his parents stopped supporting him when he dropped out he was left with a small apartment and literally 230$ in his pocket. He discovered CPAlead one night and from that night on it was a wrap, He's raking in about 7,000$ a month till this day, He has taught me the rules of trade pretty much everything I know, Now I'm teaching you guys! Everyday I browse the "monetizing techniques" I see threads like "Need help making $$" and plenty more, That is the only reason I'm making this tutorial, for the unfortunate people who don't know how to code a language, for the people who think posting adylf links is bringing in a decent income for them, for the people who beg for money..I guarantee that you will make money if you follow this guide word-for-word. Still not convinced? Here is some proof CPAlead is a cash pot..When you register for CPAlead there's a chatbox and you can see what people earn daily, monthly and lifetime.

Getting Started

Before we begin the thing first you will need to do is register to CPAlead, If you haven't already, you can start by going Here | Here The second link is my referral link, I don't expect you to register under me nor is it mandatory but it helps me just a little, but the choice is yours. Registering to CPAlead is a little tricky because it's solely based on if you get accepted or not, the biggest obstacle for most people is the tax-document procedure they require you to fill out. When you fill out the tax document it's recommended you use real information but it's not enforced. I personally used fake information and got accepted in three or four business days

After you've registered on CPAlead and activated your e-mail with your account, it's best for for your self to get familiar and comfortable with the dashboard AKA control panel. The first thing I advise you to do is go to the to "Account" located on the menu bar. When your there your going to see general payment information choose the minimum pay out you would like to receive and also choose your preferred payment type (I suggest choosing the lowest because you are new to CPAlead) Next you should see PayPal payment information put your PayPal E-Mail there (only if you choose to paid via PayPal of course) That's it for now, I've pretty much covered the most important things to setting up your account, Let's move on shall we?


You need to find what your going to monetize. Finding something to monetize is very easy but at the same time very difficult, Why? One word competition, Let me make an example..If there's ~30 million people on the internet less then 1 million users are internet marketers or make money off the internet (These numbers are not correct they are based off estimates) Why does this matter? Finding some monetize is luck it's based off how much competition you have and your content. Let's say you decide to monetize "Weight loss supplements" Overweight and obesity is the #1 problem in America, Meaning 40% of the users on the internet will search "weight loss pills" "pills that make you loose weight" "weight loss diet" Take a look at these images this is information taken from Google Keyword tool (I will explain this beautiful tool in detail further we go into the tutorial) Take a look at the first image, You see "weight loss pills" 550,000 searches in two weeks* The competition is at an all time high. Look at the second images, Just like I said America is the country that "weight loss pills" has been searched the most, Anything dealing with "Weight loss" will always be an automatic hit, it will never die out, BUT there is a lot of competition for this which is a bad idea but if you have unique and pay for advertising then you make can make tons of money off this but since your new I strongly recommend you stay away from anything that has competition. Monetizing anything like that takes a lot of experience which I will not go into detail with, In the next chapter we will set up your first CPAlead ad and explain how to you how you can find your own.

Your First Monetize

So it's time to set up your first CPAlead advertisement. CPAlead pays you a certain amount of cash for every time someone does your survey the amount can be anywhere from 00.01 to 5.00$ Finding what to monetize is a vital part. Below I will write a brief summery on finding what to monetize

Finding what to monetize: The most easiest thing to monetize is with down-loadable content such as software; software is something that people are always trying to get for free: When finding what kind of software to monetize it's best to choose software that people are paying for already, meaning if people value the software enough that they're paying money of their wallet it's going to be worth doing one survey to get it. Basically you just have to make sure whatever your going out for free it's worth the time that people will spend 5 minutes filling out a survey.

So with that being said, we're going to be monetizing "Software" as an example to all of you for this tutorial. Now finding the right type of software you want to look for popular best-selling type soft; A really good method on finding what are the best selling software is by heading over to Amazon then go to the software section and click on best sellers.

The image above shows the top 8 software best-sellers (out of 100) Now if you were to create a site for all 8 sites that will guarantee you at least 100$ weekly. So after you found what software your going to monetize you will need to create a website for it and add your CPAlead widget to it.

For this tutorial I will be monetizing (Adobe Photoshop Elements 8) as an example to all of you.  

Building and Advertising

Before we being the advertising your going to need a couple things
  • Youtube Account
  • Webhosting
  • Windows movie maker
After you've gathered all everything stated above we can begin the process of advertising.

The video Creating the right type of video is vital, "A picture is worth a thousand words" in this case it's worth your income, but wait were doing a video what does a picture have to do with it? Remember what software I was going to monetize? it was Adobe Photoshop Elements 

“adobe photoshop elements 8 free download” results 1 - 20 of about 93

Adobe photoshop elements 8 does not have a lot of competition, there's only about ~100 videos of people giving out free, that is good thing! Why? Less people giving it out means more money for you! You have to take advantage of this.

It's time to set up the advertisement. This is where the list of things you needed comes in handy, a youtube account, windows movie maker and free/paid web hosting.

Ahead over to Google and under images search what the software your going to monetize with, for this tutorial we're monetizing Adobe Photoshop Elements 

Here are some very very good examples of what to use in your video, those images will appear in your thumbnail, when they look at the thumbnail they're going to see the actual program view from the desktop so it'll make it more believable. After you've found the right image save it to your computer and open up Windows movie maker, click on import media and find the image. Timing; You have to make sure your video is at least 1 minutes and 30 seconds long why? Put your self in your customers shoes for a moment. If you were looking for software would you rather go to a 40 second video containing a link to an anonymous download site OR would you rather look at a video that is 2 minutes long video. Exactly you have to do what ever it takes for them to just click on your link. (you get paid for how many people visit and click your surveys as well) Music is optional, I personally prefer soft music to breed trust and calm vibes, if you put a rap/rock what will the user think about a song "Kill Kill 666 money hookers drugs guns"

Your out come should look something like this, remember to expand the time to at least 2 minutes long. It's optional to add titles or credits saying "Link in description" I usually don't cause the users should have the common sense to check the description box, if you do decide to add annotations use the youtube feature instead.

Uploading to Youtube. When your finish editing your video in windows movie maker you can go ahead and upload it to youtube.

Keywords. Without keywords no-one will be able to find your video so you need to make sure that you have the right title and keywords. For the title I suggest you putting something along this line

  • FREE Adobe Photoshop Elements 32/64 BIT FREE
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 - Key-gen w/ Download
  • Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 w/ Commentary
  • Free Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 Download

Choosing the right keywords for your video is a very important step. I have provided some useful tools to choosing the right keyword for your video.
That pretty much sums everything that has to be done with video, we'll now be working on the actual website and how design/set it up.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

How to trace a Suspicious phone call

Trace a Phone Call
Cellphones are the most common and largest means of communication replacing Landlines in the past years.
Unfortunately it has became a source of cheating, Black mailing and various crimes
In this article I will tell you a service which is used to trace a Cellphone number. The process involved in finding someones personal data such as Name, Age, Address etc is called Reverse Cell Phone lookup

Now a days there exist lots of websites claiming to do a Reverse Cell Phone look up but majority of them are scams, their purpose is to get money or to get traffic to their website. However there only some legit directories which are worth the money like Reverse Phone Detective

Reverse Phone detective is one of the largest Reverse.You just need to Enter in the number you want to know about and they can provide you an immense amount of public information including name, address, criminal record, job, credit, and any other public information. They offer a 100% guarantee if you’re not satisfied with the results.
Trace a Phone Call

Thus with Reverse Cell Phone detective it becomes a cakewalk for anyone to find details associated with any one's cellphone number.Their database is one of the most comprehensive and largest in the industry. Many other services offer reverse cell Phone but they can only provide you the basic information such as Name or City

I recommend the following cell phone directory to search both mobile & landline and listed/unlisted residential numbers. The site is completely safe and uses a 128-bit secured access to maintain 100% privacy of the uses. All searches remains private and anonymous. Click on the following link to gain access now!

Trace a CellPhone Call

Note:This only works for United States Numbers

How To Customise Your start Button

First you need a tool called "Resource Hacker". This free program allows you to change resources in any .exe file such as "Explorer.exe", which includes the [Start] button's Label. You can visit Download. com and search there for "Resource Hacker".
After you download it, follow the guide here:--

Step 1:

A - Run "Resource Hacker" and open the file "%windir%\Explorer.exe".
B - You see a Tree of all Resources in this file, expand the "String Table"
C - Find the "start" and replace it with your own text. then press the [Compile Script] button.
D - Save "Explorer.exe" as "MyStart.exe" DONT save it as Explorer.exe, do "save as.." and give it a new name.
E - Quit "Resource Hacker".

Step 2:

A - Click on the [Start] button and choose the "Run..." item from the start menu. (Or use the shortcut key WinKey+R)
B - Type "RegEdit" in the Run "Dialog Box". And then press the [Ok] buton to run the "Registry Editor" program.
C - Go to: "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon" and find the "Shell" property.
D - Replace value of the "Shell" property to "MyStart.exe".
E - Quit "Registry Editor".
F - Restart your system.
Note about Registry Editor:
if you did not find the key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon", you can search the Registry for the "Explorer.exe", to do this use the Edit Menu | Find Next (Ctrl+F).

Top 3 Methods to Hack Facebook Passwords

 How to hack Facebook
In this post I will tell you the Top 3 Methods Which hackers use to Hack Facebook passwords and some counter measures also to help you protect your Facebook account from Hackers. In my previous posts I have mentioned lots of techniques to Hack a Facebook Password but In this article I will highlight the most effective ones.e
A lot of people contact me about suspecting their boyfriend/girlfriend of cheating, but they are on Facebook and ask why I haven’t written a guide for hacking Facebook passwords

The following are the methods used by most Hackers to Hack a Facebook Password
  • Keyloggers
  • Mobile Phone Spying
  • Phishing
Keyloggers(Spying Softwares)
Well keylogging is the widest and most commonly used Technique to Hack a Facebook Password. A keylogger is a piece of software used to record keystrokes( Keys that were typed) on a computer.Keyloggers support two types of monitoring depending upon their efficiency and quality

1. Local Monitoring 
2. Remote Monitoring

Local Monitoring keyloggers are used to monitor a personal computer. where as Remote Monitoring keyloggers are used to monitor both local pc's as well as remote pc's.
With my experience of over 4 years in the field of Ethical Hacking and security I have tested 50+ keyloggers and spy softwares and have found these two the best:
1. Sniperspy
2. Winspy

Mobile Phone Hacking
Millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. In case the hacker can gain access to the victims mobile phone then he can probably gain access to his/her Facebook account. Their are lots of Mobile Spying softwares used to monitor a Cellphone.
The most popular Mobile Phone Spying softwares are:
1. Mobile Spy 
2. Spy Phone Gold 

If you are confused to choose a Mobile Phone Spying software then Read my Article on Which Cell Phone Spy Software to Choose?

Phishing or Fake Login Pages
Studies show that over 70% of the internet accounts get hacked with this method how ever Making a Fake login pages demands the skill of PHP Coding and HTML too. In Phishing a hacker creates a Fake login page which exactly resembles to the Facebook Page and then makes the victim login through that page and thus the victim gets his/her Facebook account Hacked. To Learn more about Facebook Phishing refer my post How to hack Facebook Password

If you have any questions regarding this article feel free to comment!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Windows 7 Serial Number product key

Windows 7 product key

Windows 7 is the latest version of operating system by microsoft the passed time has increased its visibility andand importance.Unlike its predecessor, Windows Vista, which introduced a large number of new features, Windows 7 was intended to be a more focused. I was asked by alot of my blog readers to post a working windows 7 serial key and keygen
So below I have gathered some videos from youtube which will help you to activate windows 7

Windows 7 Product key

Windows 7 keygen

Windows 7 Activation key

Activate Windows 7 For Free

Hope you liked my collection of videos regarding windows 7 Product key or serial number

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Keygen 100% Working

As we all know that Adobe Photoshop is one of the most popular Image editing software.Its latest version Adobe photoshop CS5 makes images highly customizable and tweakalbe,more over Adobe is used by professional photographers who want perfect digital image,but due to its high price a very few number of people can afford it

 I wrote a post on Adobe CS5 serial numbers however serial keys didn't  work for some of my readers so I looked for Adobe CS5 Working keygen and finally found it

Here i am posting a link from where you can get Adobe Photoshop CS5 serial Number.

Download Adobe Photoshop CS5 keygen

You can post your serial key here.If you have any problem or the serial keys or download links are not working for you feel free to ask

Sniperspy 25% Discount coupon

Remote password hacking software
Alot of readers requested for the sniperspy discount coupon so I searched for it and finally succeded in getting a working coupon for Sniperspy.

For those who dont know what Sniperspy is read the following posts

SniperSpy Instant Discount Coupon
Rafay Hacking Articles offers a 25% discount on this product.

To take advantage of this discount please follow the simple instructions below to place your discounted order.

1. Go to Sniperspy Secure Order Page.
2. Note that the price shown is before the instant discount.
3. Find Coupon Code field and enter: RXS-SPY25
4. Fill in your Customer Information including payment method.
5. Click Next. The discount price should now be shown to you.
6. Fill in your Credit Card Information then click Next.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Multiple Google Login

Sign in to multiple Google Accounts.
Now we can login to multiple google accounts at once.
CLICK HERE to allow this.
Orkut is not included in it.

Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus

Have you ever wondered that is your Antivirus working properly? Do you want to ensure that your antivirus works properly? So don't worry we have got a perfect working solution which will make you to Check Effectiveness of your Antivirus.The test for this purpose is called EICAR Test. This test is used by many antivirus developers to find whether there antivirus is working properly or not.Here is a step-by-step procedure to test your antivirus:

1. Open a new text document, Click start menu goto run and type wordpad or notepad

Type there the following code and save it as


2. Now run Antivirus scan

If your antivirus detects it as a virus then your Antivirus is working properly and If it does not detect it as a virus then your antivirus is not effective and you need to look for alternatives

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Vijay Mallya's website hacked by Pak hackers

MUMBAI: Rajya Sabha member and industrialist Vijay Mallya's personal website has been hacked allegedly by Pakistani hackers with "dire" threats that India's cyber space was not secured being posted on it.

The liqour baron's spokespersonPrakash Mirpuri said on Sunday that a complaint in this regard would be lodged with the city police on Monday. A Pakistani flag was also depicted on the website of the chief of Kingfisher Airlines.

"Dr Mallya's website has been hacked and the Pakistani flag has been placed with a dire message from an organisation known as the Pakistan Cyber Army," the spokesperson said.

"A police complaint will be filed with the cyber crime as soon as the (cyber) cell opens on Monday," he added.

Mallya said he was shocked at the defacement of his website.

"This morning when I went into my site, I was utterly shocked to see the Pakistani flag and the message," he said, adding "what was more shocking to me was to see that it was done by some Pakistani outfit."

Mallya said he will report the incident to the Union government on Monday.

The defaced site says 'Feel the Pakistan' with danger signs and adds that 'we are sleeping, not dead'

"This is a payback from Pak Cyber Army in return to the defacements of Pakistani sites! You are playing with fire!, This is not a game kids. We are warning you one last time, don't think that you are secure in this Cyber Space We will turn your Cyber Space into Hell," the site says.

'And make sure that you have someone to Cry Over because we gona literally throw you in the deep sea, Will revenge ! if any pakistani site Hacked by Indian's!' the damaged site adds.

A cyber expert says that ahead of Independence celebrations, cyber attacks on the websites of both India and Pakistan are usually noticed.

"Some websites belonging to Pakistan get defaced while some sites of India get hacked. The hackers leave their mark to show their strength. Moreover, they target well known websites so that the hackers get huge publicity," Cyber Expert Vijay Mukhi said.

Hack any Gmail account : Gauranteed

First get a hacking tool no need to worry where to find just go to youtube and search "Runescape Hacker" or "Runescape Hacker Download Link"

u will get the downloading link in comments zone

now you have downloaded the hacker tool but -Don't open the Runescape Hacker Tool, It may be Backd00red Instead place it in a Safe area!
download and install hexworkshop now dont ask for is your friend

now right click on tool ,,you will see "Edit this with HexWorkshop" it

you will see a mess of words and alphabets symbols....dont worry dont get confused believe me its easy to do!

now press ctrl+f... a boz will appear

-Now Before start Finding Anything Make sure you change the "Hex" to "String" value.

-Now Enter "Gmail" to the Box and Hit "Find".

-You will Get Popping Up a Black area. Don't touch it. Instead see on your Right for the Texts.

-Copy the Highlighted text and Paste it in a Text document (Newly Created).

-Remove the [.]>DOTs and You will see The Email ID + the Passwd.

Enjoy Hacking!!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Beginners Guide to Ethical Hacking launched

 I am very happy to tell you that my book "A Beginners guide to Ethical Hacking" has just launched.I have been working on this book for past few months.I have dedicated this book completely to beginners who want to become hackers.


How will the information in the book affect me?

  • You will learn All Ethical hacking techniques and also you will learn to apply them in real world situation
  • You will start to think like hackers
  • Secure your computer from trojans,worms, Adwares etc
  • Amaze your friends with your newly learned tricks
  • You will be able to protect your self from future hack attacks

And Much more...

Reality about Password Hacking softwares

You might have heard about some paid password hacking softwares which claim to hack a password on entering the email account.But in reality all those softwares are fake.If you believe what they say then you are just wasting your time and money.These all softwares are fake.If there exists such a software, will there be any security on web. And all expert engineers at Google, Yahoo and other services are not mad. They are all engaged in ensuring security of their customers ie email account owners. So, no such software exists.
So stop wasting your time and money on these foolish softwares and services and learn real Ethical Hacking methods which hackers use to access email accounts.

For Download Link visit the following site

Ethical Hacking Book

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Recover your deleted files 2 (Back2life)

In the previous post I have posted about recuva which is used to recover files but in the comments someone said that its not so good to recover files.So i am posting here a new software.Its really cool one but again it only recover the deleted files not the formatted ones . This software is called Back2life.

CLICK HERE to download back2life.
CLICK HERE to download keygen for back2life.
CLICK HERE to download crack for back2life.
CLICK HERE to download patch for back2life.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Check PAGE RANK of Web site / Blog Instantly

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:
This page rank checking tool is powered by Hack With Style service

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Keylogger for Mac OS - Complete Installation and configuration Guide

Keylogger for Mac OS

Previously I wrote a review on Abobo keylogger for Mac OS. How ever some of my blogs readers were not sure about the installation so I am posting a video which explains the Installation and configuration of ABOBO Keylogger for Mac Os. Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and sending the logs by email or FTP in a real time

Buy Standard edition of Abobo (Does not Record Passwords)
Buy Professional Edition ( Records Passwords)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Protect your Computer from ARP poisoning

One of my blog's reader asked a question:

How can I protect my computer from an ARP Poisoning Attack?

For those of you who do not know what an ARP Poisoning Attack is I suggest you reading my article on How to Implement an ARP Poisoning Attack?.
So I tested different software to see which one works the best to protect your computer from an ARP Poisoning attack I came across some excellent softwares but they were not free, so I thought not to share it and searched for a Free Alternative finally I came across a Free Firewall Which helps you successfully block ARP Poisoning attacks, but you have this Feature because it is disabled by default.

First of All Download Commodo Firewall from the link below:
Download Commodo Firewall

Once you have downloaded and Installed it successfully.Click on Firewall at the top bar and then click Advanced button at the left pane. Go to Attack Detection Settings and check “Protect the ARP Cache”.

Hope this method helps you in protecting your self from ARP Poisoning attacks. I have posted more Internet Security articles in my Security tips section under category section. If you have any questions and queries to be answered feel free to ask me.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Recover your deleted files

Recuva (pronounced "recover") is a freeware Windows utility to restore files that have been accidentally deleted from your computer. This includes files emptied from the Recycle bin as well as images and other files that have been deleted by user error from digital camera memory cards or MP3 players. It will even bring back files that have been deleted from your iPod, or by bugs, crashes and viruses!
  • Simple to use interface - just click 'Scan' and choose the files you want to recover
  • Easy to use filter for results based on file name/type
  • Simple Windows like interface with List and Tree view
  • Can be run from a USB thumb drive
  • Restores all types of files, office documents, images, video, music, email, anything.
  • Supports FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, exFAT, NTFS, NTFS5 , NTFS + EFS file systems
  • Restores files from removable media (SmartMedia, Secure Digital, MemoryStick, Digital cameras, Floppy disks, Jaz Disks, Sony Memory Sticks, Compact Flash cards, Smart Media Cards, Secure Digital Cards, etc.)
  • Restores files from external ZIP drives , Firewire and USB Hard drives
  • It's fast, tiny and takes seconds to run!

CLICK HERE to download.

Approve Adsense Account within 2 Days

I have posted in the previous posts about the adsense earning and a lot about how to increase it with adsense revenue programs.Now i am going to tell you about a new trick through which you will get adsense account quite easily.
Adsense has actually stopped accounts in INDIA because of spam.But though this trick you can get adsense account easily.

How To Get Adsense Account?

Its Simple

Go Here And Register Then On the right Side Click On Google Adsense.

Complete Their Requirements And Fill the form, Your Account Will Be approved 3 To 48 Hours. So this Is What You Need Right
Donot Make More Then 1 Account With 1 IP/Home address And User Name Because then Your All Accounts Will Be Banned.
Enjoy :)

I think you guys must Check this too Approve adsense account in just few hours

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Downtime till 12 aug (join it fast to earn )

If You Really wants to Earn money without doing anything Here is thee good News for you.

Imcrew new Website Which are launching Shortly After 12th Auguest and looking for some really Great visitors and Members for their Site.

Get 10$ signup bonus
and 2$ for referral 20% comission for life time but join it befor 1st Auguest.

CLICK HERE to join . Hurry Up.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

List of Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites - Earn Extra Money

In the last post we have seen about how to start adsense revenue sharing program on . Now i am going to tell you about some other sites which also allows adsense revenue sharing program so you can also earn through these sites too.By taking part in the Adsense Revenue Sharing communities and websites, you have a great way to earn extra income. Often the Adsense revenue shared is between 50 and 100 percent for the content that you add to the specific site. This content could be in the form of a forum thread that you start, an article, a video or picture, a blog, or other types of content.If you spread your efforts across different sites, you could make some decent income. It is also an effective way of generating income for your own site by giving the visitors an incentive to contribute and keep returning.
  • AdSensigg – AdSensigg = AdSense + DIGG-like (interesting idea) – 50% Adsense Revenue Share
  • Dosh Dosh – Invite only revenue sharing community – Unknown
  • Free Ads with Adsense Revenue Sharing – Interesting link building venture – Unknown
  • FunAdvice – Advice and answers site – Unknown
  • Google Earth Hacks – Google Earth hacks forum – 75%
  • Hub Pages Publish information on a topic you love to write about – 10% (oh boy!)
  • Trend Hunter Report trends that you find – 100% New!
  • Senserely Yours – An entire community based around sharing Adsense Revenue – Unknown
  • That’s Pretty Dumb – Highlighting the stupidest things businesses do to us – 100%
  • QooForum – A general forum about anything and everything – 50%
  • – A gadgets article and blog site – 75%
  • You Say Too – Revenue Sharing Community – 50%
Rating Sites
Rights and Advocacy
Domain/SEO/Advertising/Webmaster Sites

Home Improvement
Social Networking
  • Google Knol – Wikipedia-like site by Google – 100%
  • FriendTrain – social media site – Unknown
  • Lensroll – Directory of Squidoo pages – 50%
  • Squidoo - An excellent social media site – Shares revenue based upon various criteria *very good source of revenue!
  • Qassia – Articles Submission and social media – 100% New!
  • Tagfoot - Excellent social bookmarking site – 50%+ New!
  • Xomba - Make posts, share links with other Xomba users – 50%
IT, Tech-related
Video and Photo

Increase your adsense earning through revenue sharing

In the last post we have seen about adsense revenue sharing.Now we are going to do adsense revenue sharing.Just follow the following simple steps and you will be able to earn lot of money without a personel blog.I have also marked the steps in this pic also. In the previous posts I have explained What is Adsense and How to Earn Online with Adsenseand then the trick to Approve adsense account in few days.
After that we learn how to Hack Adsense and Get Unlimited Clicks and also about Adsense integration now easier than ever with Blogger's Monetize tab .

Today we are going to learn about how to increase our adsense earning using revenue sharing site like Yousaytoo .Just Follow these steps.
  • Step1. First of all create an account on yousaytoo. 
  • Step 2. During registration, they will ask for ur adsense ID, you will get this id from ur adsense account. It looks like this pub-32323433230230 . Just copy and paste it there.
  • Step 3. Now create a blog on yousaytoo and post more and more topics,whoever read ur blog and make click on the ads ,you will be rewarded in the adsense. 
  • Its really easy way to earn as yousaytoo has huge traffic . I m earning 2-3 $ daily in this way.

How will i know how much i have earned ?

  • We don't have such information. You need to login to your Google AdSense and/or Amazon affiliate accounts to find out how much you've earned. 
  • You can track your earnings from Google AdSense on YouSayToo by adding a new URL channel in your Google AdSense account. To do that, login to your AdSense account and go to AdSense Setup --> Channels then go to URL channels and add a new URL channel yousaytoo.
If u have any question regarding this then ask here.

What is Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

Must check this trick for creating Adsense Account Trick to Create an Adsense Account In Few Hours .

What is Adsense Revenue Sharing Program

I have already posted about earning through google (adsense) in which i have completely explained about how to put the google ads on your blog.Now i am going to tell you about another way through which you can earn more using your adsense account.This method is particularly useful for those people who dont have a running blog so couldn't get much through adsense.This method is called Adsense Revenue Sharing program.

Have already heard anything about Revenue Sharing Sites?

Revenue Sharing Sites are sites which place ads (particularly from adsense) of its members throughout its website. The site ads and the member’s ads impressions will be divided according to the site’s rules. Revenue Sharing Sites can be a Social networking, Forum or Article Marketing Website.

Does it violate TOS of Adsense?

As of now, I haven’t found any conflicts of this concept to the TOS of Adsense. If you are worried that this might be an illegal way of earning in adsense then as of now, it is not directly define in any sentences within the TOS of adsense. There are a lot of Revenue Sharing sites that exist for a very long time now. A very popular Revenue Sharing Forum Site is the DP or Digital Points. DP is doing this concept for how many days and months still, there are no reports from its members of getting suspended by adsense because of joining the site. Getting to Know Revenue Sharing Sites As I have said, this kind of site can be in form of forum, social networking or article submission site. Adsense, as we all know can pay you by the number of page impression who have made with their adsense placing on it. In a forum revenue sharing site, it works based on your activity. If you post messages on discussions or making your own discussions, everytime a visitor hits and read that page and your ads is currently in display, you have a great chance on earning from it. The key on this kind of forum sites is to be active and make discussions that are interesting. For social networking site, it works when someone view your profile. Some other sites would offer a random placing of ads on the top of their every page. For article submission sites, it works when someone view your article. The ads will match to the article that you have made, so the possibility of ads getting click by the reader is very high.

If you are an adsense user and you think that your blog or website traffic is not enough to make a good traffic to earn with your adsense, you may want to try on joining to this Revenue Sharing Sites.
If you have any confusion about adsense revenue sharing program then ask here.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Remote Password spying software for MAC

Remote password Hacking softwareAobo Mac OS X Keylogger for Mac:
Abobo Mac OS x is The only keylogger of mac os X which can Record Passwords
Aobo Mac OS X 
Keylogger for Mac OS X is the best Mac keylogger on the market with remote monitoring support. It supports stealth keystroke recording, screenshots capturing and sending the logs by email or FTP in a real time. 

Aobo Mac Keylogger Standard Features:
  • Record keystrokes typed except passwords
  • Record desktop screenshots by interval
  • Record websites visited, chat conversations
  • Record keystrokes typed in Email content
  • Stealth & undetectable Monitoring, Recording
  • Secretly send logs to email box or FTP space
  • Password protected
  • Easy to install (No need admin password)
Mac Keylogger - Aobo Mac OS X Key Logger - General Options

Do you know how your Macbook /iMac / PowerPC has been used while you are away?
Do you know what your kids are doing online, are they chatting with bad guys, visiting porn websites?
Are your employees working or playing with the company mac machines.
Do you want to discover the truth?
With Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, you can get above jobs done easily.

What can you do with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger?

Monitor and Protect your children: 
Children are often curious for sexually-explicit content and they may chat with bad guys on MSN/Yahoo Messenger/AIM/Windows Live Messenger online. Now with the Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger you can know everything and protect your children.

Log Viewer - View Keystrokes Recorded
Monitor your home computer: 
Have you suspected that your spouse is cheating on you? Do you know how to catch a cheating spouse? Why he/she cleans the MSN/AIM/Yahoo Messenger conversation tracks and email history on the computer? Now with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, he/she can’t hide the information from your home computer anymore.
Monitor your employees:
Are your employee working or playing during the work time? Are they planning to quit the job and go to your rivals? Are they stealing the company secrets and selling to your competitors? Now with Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, you can know the truth and avoid business secrets leaking.
Spy and discover the truth:
With Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, you can spy on mac machines and discover the truth.
- Discover whether or how others were using your Macbook/iMac/PowerPC while you are away.
Are there other guys using your Macbook/iMac/PowerPC while you are away? Are they searching for your secret materials? With Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger, you can know whether or how others were using your Mac and protect your privacy.
Use Mac keylogger to get back a stolen Mac
Security is a big problem for us nowadays. Lots of important documents are saved in our computers. If your mac laptop is stolen, it will be a great loss for you. But if you install a remote mac keylogger on the mac, then you have a chance to get your stolen Mac back. Aobo mac keylogger will run in stealth mode and send you the keystrokes and desktop screenshots which will give you a clue to catch the thief.

Record Screenshots

Key features of Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger

Aobo Mac OS Keylogger have two editions: Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Standard and Aobo Mac OS X Keylogger Professional.
Running Features
  • - Stealth and undetectable Monitoring and Recording
  • - Automatically delete old logs (Keystrokes and Screenshots)
  • - Pause screenshots capturing when no user activity detected
  • - Password protection
  • - Customizable Hot Key
  • - Easy to Use
Recording Features
  • - Record all keystrokes typed on any applications
  • - Record Websites Visited in safari
  • - Record All instant messenger chat conversations typed at your end
  • - Record iChat Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record Skype Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record MSN Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record AIM Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record ICQ Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record Adium, Proteus, Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record Yahoo Messenger Chat Conversations typed at your end
  • - Record Desktop Screenshots in a preset interval
  • - Keystroke and screenshot recording in virtual machine Windows applications (Parallels Desktop, VMware Fusion etc )
  • - Emailed logs can be received and viewed on a PC/PocketPC/Smartphone or any other device can receive emails
Delivery Features
  • - Secretly send the logs to your email(including keystrokes, chats, websites, screenshots)
  • - Secretly send the logs to your FTP (upload keystrokes, chats, websites and screenshots to ftp space)
  • - Can be installed for all Mac users
  • - Fully supports Mac OS X 10.4.x, 10.5.x, 10.6.x and later (Tiger and Leopard)
  • - Universal build (for both Intel and Power PC)
  • - Supports Macbook/iMac/PowerPC

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