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Thursday, February 25, 2010

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Thursday, February 11, 2010

15 tips on How to survive as a hacker

This article will show you some of the top ways the best hackers use to keep themselves hidden and out of jail and survive as a hacker,First of all i want to make one thing clear to all that this is not a site which exite hackers but this is developed to help innocent people not getting trapped by hackers,Most of hackers do not take care of the following things and get caught and result in troubling their selves and also their families so below are 15 tips to survive as a hacker,Educational purposes only,written for begineers

How to survive as a hacker - Tips

Never Disclose your Identity:
Never tell any body that you are a hacker even your friends or your relatives,you must keep it a secret

Use Proxy:
Never hack without a proxy

Be Careful:
Never let FBI enter your house without a search warrant.

Never Hack from your home:
Never hack from your home always use net cafe for these purposes

Wave to cops

Use Fake information:
Never use your real name in any sort of conversation or in any signup

Never keep weak passwords:
Do not keep a password which is already present in the dictionary or a password which is very common
etc your pet name,Your country name etc

Password tip:
Dont use same password twice for maximum security

Of course:
Never hack from the same computer twice if possible

Hide your Ip:
Hide your Ip address to avoid your chances of being traced,i have made a post on Hide your IP address

Use Firewall:
Always use a Good firewall such as zonealram

Change your Ip:
Change your Ip address daily if possible,I have wrote an article on How to change your Ip address

Use fake information while signing up:
Dont enter your personal information eg your address,your number etc while
Using social networking sites like orkut,Facebook etc

Most importantly:
Always have a panic button that mass deletes your questionable content

OF course:
Never let the FBI in period.

Yet again:
Always use a Proxy when doing anything remotely illegal

You must say to yourself that you do not follow one of these rules your chances of getting caught are high,This is why the most hackers are caught they forget to hide their identity,hope you liked the post.If you think that this article is worth kindly pass the comments

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Exploits - The core part of Hacking

Hi readers today i will explain you some of Hacking basics and tell you why exploits are called the core part of Hacking,without knowing basics one can understand Hacking,Core meant here is the most important part of Hacking,so in this tutorials i will put some light on Exploits.

What are exploits?

An exploit is a piece of software of chunk of data that takes advantage of velnurability or bug in order to cause unintended or unanticipated behavior to occur on computer.

Types of exploits

Exploits are of many types but the most popular ones that are commonly used are as follows:
  • Xss(Cross site scripting)
  • Sql injection
  • Clickjacking
  • DDos attack
  • POC attack (Proof of conect)
  • Spoofing

XSS(Cross site scripting):

Cross-site scripting or XSS is a threat to a website's security. It is the most common and popular hacking a website to gain access information from a user on a website. There are hackers with malicious objectives that utilize this to attack certain websites on the Internet. But mostly good hackers do this to find security holes for websites and help them find solutions. Cross-site scripting is a security loophole on a website that is hard to detect and stop, making the site vulnerable to attacks from malicious hackers. This security threat leaves the site and its users open to identity theft, financial theft and data theft. It would be advantageous for website owners to understand how cross-site scripting works and how it can affect them and their users so they could place the necessary security systems to block cross-site scripting on their website.

Sql injection

SQL Injection involves entering SQL code into web forms, eg. login fields, or into the browser address field, to access and manipulate the database behind the site, system or application.
When you enter text in the Username and Password fields of a login screen, the data you input is typically inserted into an SQL command. This command checks the data you've entered against the relevant table in the database. If your input matches table/row data, you're granted access (in the case of a login screen). If not, you're knocked back out.

DDos attack

A denial of service attack (DOS) is an attack through which a person can render a system unusable or significantly slow down the system for legitimate users by overloading the resources, so that no one can access it.this is not actually hacking a webite but it is used to take down a website.
If an attacker is unable to gain access to a machine, the attacker most probably will just crash the machine to accomplish a denial of service attack,this one of the most used method for website hacking.

POC(Proof of concept)

In computer security the term proof of concept (proof of concept code or PoC) is often used as a synonym for a zero-day exploit which, mainly for its early creation, does not take full advantage over some vulnerability.


This attack was made on twitter,After the micro-blogging site immunized its users against a fast-moving worm that caused them to unintentionally broadcast messages when they clicked on an innocuous-looking button, hackers have found a new way to exploit the clickjacking vulnerability.
The latest attack comes from UK-based web developer Tom Graham, who discovered that the fix Twitter rolled out wasn't applied to the mobile phone section of the site. By the time we stumbled on his findings, the exploit no longer worked. But security consultant Rafal Los sent us a minor modification that sufficiently pwned a dummy account we set up for testing purposes.
The exploit is the latest reason to believe that clickjacking, on Twitter and elsewhere, is here to stay, at least until HTML specifications are rewritten. No doubt web developers will continue to come up with work-arounds, but hackers can just as quickly find new ways to exploit the vulnerability, it seems.
That's because clickjacking attacks a fundamental design of HTML itself. It's pulled off by hiding the target URL within a specially designed iframe that's concealed by a decoy page that contains submission buttons. Virtually every website and browser is susceptible to the technique.


According to wikipedia spoofing  In the context of network security, a spoofing attack is a situation in which one person or program successfully masquerades as another by falsifying data and thereby gaining an illegitimate advantage.

How to find exploits

There are couple of methods and tools to discover exploits.


The above figure is of a software called as exploit scanner,Exploit scanner is a tool to check if the website is velnurable to the attack or  just need to enter the url and it will tell you whether the site is velnurable or not.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

How to protect your computer against spywares and keyloggers

I have been publishing a series of articles introducing you to some best Remote password hacking softwares and keyloggers,Most of people frequently ask me on How to protect your computer against spywares and keyloggers.

Spywares like Sniperspy and Remote spy are almost undetectble by an antivirus program,to protect your computer against these harmful spyware,Rats and keyloggers you need to install a good antispyware program

The following are some of the major risks of spywares:

1. Spyware programs are designed specifically to monitor and record your behaviors, such as track websites you visit online, or monitor your use of other web-based programs.

2. Hackers mainly use spywares to steal sensitive information such as email passwords and credit card data. So it is a must to have an anti-spyware installed on your computer. Antivirus isn’t just enough today!

3. Spyware is also capable of performing activities such as completely shutting down your computer, or permanently erasing or damaging files. Valuable client files could be destroyed in a blink of an eye, making this type of spyware threat high-risk.

Spywares are more dangerous than viruses so which antispyware software to choose?

Rafayhackingarticles Recommends the following Antispywares:

1.Spyware Cease:

Spyware Cease offers the technology-oriented protection against the latest spyware threats like keyloggers, Trojans, adware, malicious cookies tracking, browser hijackers, worms, phishing attacks and other malicious Internet Tracks & Password Thieves Cleaner One simple click to delete malicious cookies from your computer system so as to clear Internet Tracks completely and minimize password thieves to protect your privacy!spyware attacks

Spyware cease antispyware program has following features:

Real-Time Guard:
Spyware Cease offers the real-time guard function to protect your PC from potential threats, minimizing interruptions. Spyware Cease will inform you by displaying a popup on the bottom right of the screen, whenever any program attempts to modify registry, so that your PC is always protected against spyware threats.

Deep Scan:
Spyware Cease will completely scan your system registry and hard drives for spyware programs that installed on your PC. The free full scan will identify and list all threats.

Powerfully Remove Spyware 
After scanning, Spyware Cease will clean up all malicious spyware programs that can continually generate unwanted popups, slow down PC speed, and hijack homepage, etc. The spyware programs include but are not limited to:

Note: Please save and close all files or settings before deletion, for Spyware Cease will end up all running tasks firstly in order to completely remove spyware threats.

Auto & Scheduled Scan By default,
Spyware Cease will run a quick scan to the System Processes, Windows Directory and Users Directory for spyware programs. This is the most reliable way to clean up threats on your PC and restore your Internet confidence. Automatic scan can be scheduled by setting Schedule Task and Start time for the program to meet your need.

System Analysis 
 By diagnosing PC System drivers, System process, HOSTS files, System services and Windows registry, Spyware Cease will generate a text that shows all Windows system information. You can receive a customized solution for your specific problem on your individual system, once you forward the Analysis Report and Scan Results LSR.lsr to Spyware Cease support team.

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link:
Spyware cease.

Another alternative to Spyware cease is noadware,it is constantly updated to identify he latest threats to your privacy. The software will scan your PC for different Spyware, Adware, Dialers, and Web Bug traces. These items not only create nuisances in the form of popups, system slowdowns and crashes, but many items actually record personal information about you, such as credit cards, social security numbers, or other sensitive information.

For more information on this program and download details visit the following link
3.Zemana Antilogger
Zemana AntiLogger now covers pretty much every aspect of Windows including registry modification and dll injection prevention and protects Windows from other spyware-related techniques with Anti-Keylogger, Anti-SreeenLogger, Anti-WebLogger and Anti-ClipboardLogger tools of its own. Another useful feature this apps has is while-list approach (in contrast to Anti-Virus blacklist approach) meaning it automatically recognizes "safe" programs and does not treat them as "suspects"
My words on Zemana Antilogger. Grab it and do yourself a favor. Although with a similar goal like majority of Anti-Virus apps, this little utility offers much more advanced and different approach to protect one's computer from malware.
For more information on this program and download details visit the following link

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hide your IP address

Your IP is exposed when ever you visit a website,when your Ip gets exposed it becomes easy to trace you and find out your personal information,Hackers can use your Ip to gain access to your personal files and documents and even can get into your paypal,alert etc accounts,Hide the Ip is a Software which masks your IP with one click and you can surf web anonymously,on the other hand Hackers can use this software to hide theiridentity and not get caught,its benificial for all and i recommend that every Pc should have this software installed
Hide the IP to be the best one. It’s ease of usereliabilitywide range of optionsspeed and unmatchable price were on top when compared to that of the remaining IP Hising softwares on the market.

Key Features of Hide the IP:

Hide IP Address »
 Single click to completely hide your Online Identity. Others will see a fake IP address masking your real IP, thus, protecting your privacy.

Select Your Physical IP Location »
You decide which country will be indicated as your origin by simply choosing from a country list. We have hundreds, hourly updated, IP addresses available for use.

Anonymous Web Surfing »
You are protected from hackers who will be tricked by your fake IP instead of your real. They will never be able to find any information about you by tracing the fake IP.
Send Anonymous E-mails » Hide your IP in E-mail headers. Be protected while sending emails from Yahoo!, Hotmail, GMail. Upgrading to Platinum Service add-on will protect you in Outlook!

Bypass Website Country Restrictions » 
Surf websites which are restricted for your country. Surf in forums on which you were banned.

Supports Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, Opera.
So what are you waiting for? Download the free trial and test Hide the IP on your computer now! For more information on Hide the IP visit the following link.

Hide the IP

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