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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What is Adsense ? Earn Online with adsense

Many People Here Wish To Earn Online But Most Of Them Are Just Fake Sites Which Provide Online Earning.Here Is A Simple And Easy Way To EARN MONEY ONLINE. Its Not About Increasing Your Referals To Earn Money Or Something Else. You Can Earn Through Google Every Day As Much As You can.

Google Is A World Wide Popular Website So They Wont Cheat You. What You Have To Do Is Simply Make A Site And Start Displaying Ads Provided By Google And You Will Start Earning. ..You have seen these ads on many sites like ads by google.In our site HWS you can see google ads above and below of all posts.
Many People Know About Google Adsense But Others Do Not Know So Its A Nice Method To Earn Online.For Those Who Dont Know About This Simply Follow These Steps And You Will Know How To Do This.

1st Step

  • Make A Gmail Id

2nd Step

  • Go To Blogger And Make A Blog On Forex. 
  • Collect Data On Your Blog About Forex. I Recomend Forex Becoz Forex Adds Can Earn You The Maximum.

3rd Step

  • After Making Your Blog Go To Adsense And Fill The Form For Registration.
  • Remember Give Your Complete Name And Adress And Correct Address Because You Recieve Checks And PIN Code At That Adress.
  • And Also Give Your Blog URL You Just Created.

4th Step

  • After A Week Or Before That You Will Be Registered By Adsense Then Go To And Activate Your Account.

5th Step

  • Go To Blogger And Sign In.
  • Open Your Blog And Click On Layout.
  • Click On Ad Gadget And Then Select HTML Script

6th Step

  • You Have To Put A Counter On That Blog , Advantage Of That Counter Will Be Known Later. 
  • Search On Google "Counter For Free" And You Will Get Many Site For Free Counter. 
  • Then Fill The Form Their And Copy The Code And Paste It In That Gadget OF HTML And Save It.
  • NOw You Will See A Counter On Your Blog As Well.

7th Step

  • Again Click On Layout>Add Gadget> Adsense. 
  • And Select The Type Of Banner You Want To Show Ads And Add Them Thats It. 
  • Save It And You Are Ready To Work Now.
  • Whoever clicks on ur ads u will get money


  • Remember Never Click On YOur Own Add Becoz Your Account Will Be Closed Immediatly. 
  • If Anybody Form Gets Rejected Dont Worry Register Again With The Same Process.


Hope you guys like it and if you got your adsense account do let me know .... :))

About the Author

I am XEO Hacker, the founder of Hack With Style (HWS). I am blogging since 2009 before that I just search things and now I am sharing my knowledge through this plateform.I'm also a freelance writer on topics related to Website Hacking,Website Optimization (SEO), blogger customizations and making money online.
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please tell me the procedures in details.. i am not able to give my url to google adsense even when i have made my blog

Plzzzzzzz Sir can you explain about Forex. I did nt understand this step

Yes dear you are right. We can use any publisher programe to earn money. But i believe only google adsense because with the help of google adsense I am getting daily around $300 via my website .

In starting i am getting only $1 in a week. Soon I had started R&D with my site and understand the behavior of users. Now I am fully aware that where should I use my add for maximum click. If you are running adsense programe, check where you should paste your add for maximum click. Please check and advise me that how can i get more click.

I set my target to get more than $1000 in a day till Dec. 2013. I am working on two websites like and . Both websites are running on wordpress with good ranking.

I advise to enroll in Google Adsense but avoid to click because if google count any suspicious click it will block you for life.

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XEO Hacker

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