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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 6 : Softwares and Cracking

Well,this chapter may seem some funny in starting bt bcoz d course has been started vd 100% basics there4 itis very much essential 2 describe it.
softwares r nothing else but complicated programmes written in many laungugaes nd in assembly laungugage,softwares just tells 2 ur hardware nd 2 oder softwares 2 follow a specific work,today in dis modern arena there r milion of softwares available,
some of dem r freeware nd some of dem r shareware.
a freeware software is a free of cost software,u may get any freeware software on download.con,
bt most of d softwares need money 2 work on ur computer,in dis era 4 a specific work der r many softwares der4 all d companies who makes softwares givesu a demo version of a software,demo version comes 4 free,suppose dt ider is a software vch cost is 99$ then u can get this software 4 free also bt in dt case u vl get only demo version,demo version does nt contain itself all d function of dt software nd demo version comes 4 15 days/30 days,after of dt u cann't use dt software again.
u cann't imagine a comuter vdout software.
till here we talked only about leegalthings.
let's moov 2 cracks,crac/patching exe/working serial r provided 2 u by hackers .if a software needs money then in dt case byapplying its crack u may use dt software 4 free,bt this is really nt leegal bt in dis modern era many ppl r doing this there4 de webmaster ignore this crack thing.

now,der r some softwares vch crack u can not search.
actualy,after installing dese softwares de software need 2 connect vd internet nd then at d server of dt software maker comapny they wathc,that u hv bought this software or it is crack,but this thing is only vd very few softwares.
in dis modern era a person upload d software's crack on a website nd then other ppl download it.some person also upload cracks on torrents,torrents can be downloaded by using torrent downloader ,a good torrent downloader is "bit torrent"u can get bittorrent on

as i previously told u dt a cracker is a person who only searchs tricks on internet ,nw if u can search softwares crack on internet easily then u can say ursekf a cracker,u vl be awarded vd d name of a cracker if u can search softwares crack on internet,
see,in dis modernm era nearly all d softwares r uploaded on rapidshare .com or on torrents.
whoever upload,generally he gives its link on his forum or blogspot
der4 nowwards wenever u vl be needing any software's crack,all u need is to search 4 d below string nd u vl get ur desired software.
inurl:forum intext:rapidshare intext:software's name
hit enter nd u vl get ur software very easily.
4 searching on torrents use dis
inurl:torrent intext:software' name

Relevant sites :

IF U VANT 2 rapidshare links then go on,
nd 4 searching on torrents go on these sites,,
enjoi freinds .now u can say urself a successfull cracker.
see,seo vl give u d exact result ,this is nt necessary,SEO just increases d chances of getting something easily.
somtimes SEO does nt give a proper result.nvr mind dt.
4 searching software's on rapidshare u may use dese sites

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