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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Chapter 8 : Phishing ( The fake page )

Sorry guys ,I was little busy thats why cant post it . Anyways now its here ...


First i wanna tell u what is phishing .... Suppose you want to hack the facebook account of anyone , then to hack account u make a fake page of facebook which looks like the original one but is attached to your site .... u send this page to your friend saying anything like "hey new version of facebook,check the hidden pics of girls " . Now he must try to login on it . once he typed his pass and click login,he will redirect to the original facebook and his id and pass which he typed on the fake page will come to your online account . He even doesnt know that he has been hacked . Enjoy it.

How to do phishing :

How to create fake webpage in order 2 get da victim pass.

The Following File Includes Most Of The Famous Sites Fake Pages.First download it

  • eBay
  • Facebook
  • Gmail
  • Hi5
  • AIM
  • Hotmail
  • Yahoo
  • My Space
  • Paypal
  • FLV
  • Photo Bucket
  • Rapidshare
  • Runescape

CLICK HERE to download file .


** Suppose you want to hack facebook account then open faceboook folder.Each Folder Contains 4 Files -
  • Index.html - clone of facebook login page 
  • Run.php - processing php file joins 1 community and stores login details
  • One Gif image
  • ld.txt - where login details will be saved
** Now upload these three files (except image file ) to a free webhost site with PHP installed.
** Send the site link of index.html to the victim and when he login on it the password comes to Id.txt


If you have any problem,feel free to ask .

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i can't get this stape

* Now upload these three files to a free webhost site with PHP installed..plz explain id

any free webhosting site with PHP installed.One of the best site is :

dear the phisher for the facebook has not the graphics... can u plzz upload the latest..

I dont think this method will not be very effective, because the URL will seem to be there any better method?

its fake page bro , when you are sending this link to ur frnd u can say anything like "hey check this! by logging here you can see hidden fb photos" or something like this .

Fb phising pages..(WITH GRAPHICS)
want any other website's phishers then juts giv me a cmmnt..;)

@haxeeb .... what problem are you getting ..... btw phishing is an old technique .... try tabnabbing .... if u want to hack facebook .....

but still if u need help in phishing then tell me what error u r getting ???

Hello XEO Hacker,

Greetings, I just came around your site this morning and I must confess its a nice place to be.... They say hacking is fun but to me Hacking is passion... Lol I want you to add me on yahoo messenger we get alot to discuss. My ID Thanks

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XEO Hacker

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