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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Chapter 4 : Social Engineering


Social enginering is a very small chapter,it is nt only related 2 internet arena bt it is also related 2 ur social nd general life.u do flirt vd a girl dt is social engineering.saying lies 2 some1 4 making ur own work succeed is also social engineering is nothing else but 2 do some crooking vd some1 4 making ur own work completed.suppose dt der is some1 ur freind nd u want 2 hack his orkut ,then vdout trying 2 hack his password simpally click on forgot password,a general person generally put very comman question here vch is very easy 2 guess if u r his freind,social engineering is a very imp. thing.
let me tell u d first story of hacking.
it held thru social engineering.
in starting wen telephone ws new in d world then d first hacker of d world,just looked at d working method of telephonic service,he found dt wen we call some1 then our reqst goes 2 telephone office then there it originates a specific freequency then it transfer 2 d person 2 whom we r calling.he just made a tofee nd put a small whistle in dt packet of tofee vd saying it is a gift vd tofee.
ppl nd der children started whistling dt whistle,wenever any1 used dt wistle, it produced d same freequency as d telephone server freequncy nd this thing made dt hacker's calls free around d world.

just look at d whole incident,he just thought nd used a small whistle.
it means social engineering is very much imp.,if u r doing something big then vdout taking d help of social enginering u cann't make ur desired work.
suppose dt der is some1 ur freind nd u want 2 hack his orkut ,then vdout trying 2 hack his password simpally click on forgot password,a general person generally put very comman question here vch is very easy 2 guess if u r his freind,social engineering is a very imp. thing,bcoz he is ur freind den in forgot password


[1]social engineering is d human side of breaking in to a corporate network
companies3 d authentication processes,firewall,virtual private networks nd network monitoring softwares are still wide open 2 attackssocial engineering is d hardest form of attack to defend against bcoz it can't be defend vd hardware or software alone.
sometimes wen u open a website then u see der something written like"congrats' u r d 1lakhth visitor click here 2 claim"
on dese places everyday thousands of ppl give der credit cards information easily,
der r 2 types of social engineering
--->posing as imp. user
--->3rd person approcah
--->technical support


these r classified in dese
-->mail/im attachments
-->pop up windows
--->spam mail
dis chapter is over now.
wen u vl do something big in ur future then while planning u vl understand d imporataince of social enginnering.
mind it,4 tracing some1 wen u send som1 a e mail or wen u say him 2 send a file or accept a file 4m him then these things r also social egineering.
we wiill be using this social engineering while sending some1 trojan/keylogger nd 4 many more things.these things vl come in dis course in future.

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