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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Command Prompt Tricks+Hacks Premier | part 1

Hey guys how you been ? Hope you rockin it ;-)
Its been requested to make post on Command prompt commands , usage and other tricks. So i'll cover this part in parts .
Anyway if you want to know how to get IP then i have already posted on that , here is the link

>>Get IP of remote PC

Basic commands

  • dir : it lists all the files and directory in current location
  • cd : it takes the control to specified path. eg- suppose you are at c:\> and you type command cd users\public then it'll take you to c:\Users\Public>
  • cd.. : it takes you one directory back
  • systeminfo : it gives you all the information like processor,speed,hotfixes,RAM,hard-disk etc
  • md  : it makes a folder of a name which u have to specify. eg md hello
  • color : sets the color of command prompt and its text
  • echo : it displays the message 
  • echo message >> name.txt : it saves the message you have written to a file ,in this case , name.txt. 


you can use command shutdown with various parameter . eg >>shutdown /s

  • /l : it loggs you off
  • /s : it shutdowns the computer
  • /r : restarts the computer
  • /a : it aborts the shutdown. suppose you have used shutdown /s . it'll shutdown the computer in less then a minute and within that minute if you use shutdown /a then the shutdown process will be aborted
  • /p : turn offs the computer without any delay
  • /h : it hibernates the computer 
  • /s /c message : this combination shutdowns the computer with a message which you have to specify
  • /m : it is used to shutdown a remote computer but for that you have to know the login ID and Password of remote computer :-)


  • command /? : this is used to get the information about the specified command . suppose you want to know about md then you have to type md /?  and it'll display the information about that command.

These are very basic commands remember these . In next post i'll start batch file programming.  batch files are really interesting :-)

Hope you enjoyed this .. thanks for reading :)
Stay Tuned !!!
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Help is the best command for me. The biggest savior in the programming, tuning for the second part.

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