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Sunday, May 20, 2012

How to Contact Facebook ?

Hello guys hope you all are fine and happy. I was busy in my MS exams because of which I couldn't write any article for such a long time. Anyways here I am with a new article. Hope it will help you in some way.

Have you ever tried to contact Facebook to report a problem with your account or report a bug? It can be as hard as trying to draw blood from a stone. Here is a list of links that can help make contacting Facebook a little easier. Just note that you are not guaranteed a response from Facebook as their motto is You get what you pay for.










News Feeds

Home Page



Disabled Account

Lost Content After Reactivated Account








Copyright Infringement

(These links are correct at the time of publication)
If you have found another Facebook contact form that I have missed.. please leave a comment below.

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Do you know what kind of contact form to use when their security check doesnt work? They sent me to this page where they will send me a code on my phone, but it doesnt. And my email is redundant, so that doesnt work either. If you got a proper contact form for that, it would be very useful.

Otherwise, nice list :)

@above Thanks for appreciation .... and i think there's no such form , u should check for the most related form and try on it .... Gud luck

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